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Guide to Using Hero Xavier Mobile Legends 2022

This time we will share information about the Xavier Mobile Legends Guide so that you are better and not a burden. The presence of Xavier shocked Mobile Legends players with his skills. Xavier has a long skill range and a large area. Not only that, the damage from this one hero is also very painful when the stack is full.

Previously we have discussed the skills possessed by Xavier. We can also conclude that Xavier has similarities with the character Gojou Satoru in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

Currently everyone is trying to find a way how to play Xavier optimally. Here we've rounded up all the things you should want to know about Xaiver, the Defier of Light.

Interesting Facts about Xavier Mobile Legends

In addition to knowing the abilities of Xavier, of course you also have to know interesting facts about this hero. For those of you who are curious, here are interesting facts about Xavier Mobile Legends:

Xavier's 1st Skill Range is Unlimited

Xavier's 1st skill will damage the opponent in a straight area, uniquely this skill will not stop as long as it still hits the opponent in its area. In addition, this skill will also inflict damage if it hits a hero in the grass as long as it is still in its path.

Combo Skill 1 and 2 OP

If you use this skill combo, skill 2 will change to form a circle area and give an Immobilize effect. The area is large and will give a CC effect to all heroes in the area without limitation. It's reminiscent of Luo Yi's combo skill.

Passive No Limit

Xavier will give the opponent a stack paradox, if the stack is full (3 stacks) then the opponent will be immobilized. All heroes in the passive area will be affected by this effect without any restrictions. This passive will also be very helpful when Xavier's hero is being chased by an opponent or chasing an opponent.

Using Xavier Mobile Legends Skills

To bring out the full potential of Xavier, you must understand all the skills he has. It's important to understand when to use certain skills at the right time so you can take full advantage of their functions.

Transcendence (Pasif)

Transcendence is Xavier's most advantageous passive ability. Even though this skill is passive, the effect will only be active if you manage to attack your opponent with Xavier's active skill.

Every time you attack with an active spell, the next skill that hits the enemy will have higher damage along with other advantages. One of the biggest advantages is Xavier's ultimate, Dawning Light. Not only does the ultimate get a lot of additional damage, but the cooldown is also reduced by 4 seconds.

Infinite Extension (Skill 1)

Xavier's first skill is a magic bullet spell that pierces the enemy, dealing magic damage. With a fairly short cooldown, 6.5 seconds, Infinite Extension can be used continuously to attack while on the lane or to farm creeps efficiently.

In addition, you can maximize the potential of Infinite Extension by attacking more targets because the flight distance of this skill increases when attacking an enemy target or Mystic Barrier––which is launched by Xavier's third skill.

Mystic Field (Skill 2)

Mystic Field is a skill that makes Xavier very strong during team fights. Casting a magic space, enemies inside this space move 50% slower while Xavier and his team move faster.

So, if you feel that a team fight will occur, make sure you use this skill as quickly as possible. Also remember that Xavier's other skills can also interact with this magic space, enlarging the Mystic Field, dealing damage and also controlling enemies.

Dawning Light (Ultimae)

Xavier's ultimate skill is a ray of light that deals considerable damage to all lined up enemies. Although it is difficult to attack many enemies with Dawning Light due to its small area, we recommend using Mystic Field first to slow down the enemy's movement speed and make it difficult for them to dodge this skill.

Recommended Build Xavier Mobile Legends

Given that Xavier is a hero who relies heavily on spells, it is important for you to buy items that strengthen his abilities as an attacker or damage dealer. Although many players want to play Xavier like a tank, this method is not recommended

Because if you use the meta then you will not be able to rely on Xavier's ability as a strong attacker. Here are the build recommendations that you can use for Xavier:

Enchanted Talisman

Xavier can take advantage of EVERYTHING the Enchanted Talisman gives him. From mana regeneration to cooldown reduction, Xavier needs everything. This makes the Enchanted Talisman very important to Xavier.

Clock Destiny

In addition to the increase in Magic Attack, Xavier can take advantage of the increase in HP as well, as survivability is one of his weaknesses.

Lightning Truncheon

Works well for Xavier because of the extra damage he takes from his total mana. Think of Lightning Truncheon as Xavier's total damage booster––a must for Xavier in the middle lane.

Ice Queen Wand

The Ice Queen Wand can function as a companion to the Clock of Destiny which also provides the ability to survive with Magic Lifesteal. Slowing enemy movements and magic attacks are also useful for Xavier.

Xavier's Progress During the Game

Reliable Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players know when their hero is strong and when they have to avoid a fight. Here's a guide to Xavier Mobile Legends that you can apply so you don't become a burden during the game.

Early Game

For the early game, Xavier must maximize farming and not play aggressively because he has no escape ability. Use Infinite Extension to kill creep waves and get as much XP and Gold as possible.

Mid Game

Towards the mid-game, Xavier's strength began to show. This is when Xavier's damage starts to increase and you can play more aggressively. Try to think about your steps and move in places where you can hit other lanes because some heroes are still weak at this point and you can interfere with them.

Late Game

During the late game, Xavier's total damage is still relevant but you must have high map awareness. Because during the late game there will be several heroes who can compete with Xaiver in terms of damage and also most heroes have full items, endangering Xavier's safety.

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