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Free Fire Season 50 Elite Pass Bundle Leaked

The FF Season 50 Elite Pass Bundle has now started to leak out. The spread of many leaks regarding the FF Elite Pass Bundle for the next season is happening because it is now the end of June 2022.

Of course, many Free Fire players are already waiting for the Free Fire Elite Pass Bundle for Season 50 in July 2022. According to the news circulating, the Bundle that Garena presents is very cool and exclusive. What does it look like? Better, you should read this article to find out!

Free Fire Season 50 Elite Pass Bundle Leaked

Launching a leak from booyah, Garena will present a Bundle for Elite Pass Season 50 Free Fire with a Cyborg theme. Although the theme is Cyborg which in fact is very thick with the feel of a robot. The look of the Bundle doesn't have too many cyborg elements.

As usual, Garena presents two Bundles for female and male characters for the Elite Pass Free Fire for the latest season. Both Bundles have a very cool yellow and black color dominance. You can see how it looks in the image above.

The male character bundle looks cool with a simple and simple design. The combination of black and yellow looks to make the Boy's Bundle look elegant and luxurious.

Meanwhile, the design of the female Bundle is even simpler and minimalist. Unlike the male Bundle, which has a lot of accessories, the Bundle for the female character is only paired with black feathers on the shoulders and neck. Makes this girl character Bundle look so charming.

In addition, on the sleeves, Garena also added accessories that make this Bundle the sleeves beautiful to look at.

Seeing how cool and charming the FF Season 50 Elite Pass Bundle is, are you interested in getting it? You need to know, that both Bundles will be coming to Free Fire starting on June 27, 2022. So, don't miss the chance to get them!

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