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Edith Mobile Legends, The Outcast Girl Guardian of the Demon Gods

This time we will share information about the story of Edith Mobile Legends that players rarely know. Edith herself is a robot that has the ability to defend and attack well. With the abilities he has, this hero is suitable to be one of the deadly cores.

From this big appearance, it turns out that Edith doesn't only function as a Tank. In its use, you can use Phylax in two hero roles, namely as a Tank and a Marksman. Well, his function as a Marksman is obtained from his Ultimate skill.

In the story, Edith is from the Celestial Palace, and she is one of the people sent by the Ancient One to guard the Demon Gods. Edith can also ride a Mecha Guard, named Phylax which can give her the sacred power of Primal Lightning.

Before sharing the story of this hero, it's a good idea to first identify each of the skills contained in Edith. This Mobile Legends hero has a deadly skill which is certainly very annoying during the war.

To master this new hero, of course, you have to know and learn every skill contained in this hero. Here are Edith's skills that you must master:

Passive Skill Overload – After using this skill, it will be overloaded for 3 seconds. At the same time, Attack gives a chain Lighting effect and propagates damage to 4 opponents.

Skill 1 Earth Satter (Phylax) – Throws a punch hitting the ground and gives Physical damage and a knock-up effect.

Skill 1 Primal Wrath (Edith) – Issues a Damage area in the form of magic damage. The increments came out in the next 0.5 and 1.5 seconds.

Skill 2 Onward (Phylax) – Do a dash in the specified direction, if the dash hits the opponent then Phylax will throw the hero over his shoulder.

Skill 2 Lightning Bold Edith – shoots electricity at the target. Gives magic damage and immobilizes the effect for 0.8 seconds

Skill 3 primal Wrath (Ultimate) – Edith leaves Phylax's body. Make it able to get Shield and change basic attack to range and skill

Story of Edith Mobile Legends

At a time when the world was just being created, the Ancient Ones built the Celestial Palace on Sanctum Island in the Sea of ​​Hope. The island is part of an underwater volcano. Rocks and coral islands are scattered around the island, and the surrounding waters are shrouded in a thick fog, which causes many ships to sink.

Secluded and undisturbed, the island is the ideal location for ancient wonders. The Ancient Ones built temples and industrial centers with their extraordinary abilities and technology.

When the Celestial Palace started functioning, the mechanisms of the temples on the island received a surge of energy from the palace, and thus, the islands on land began to coordinate with the palaces in the sky.

Before the Endless War broke out, the Ancient Ones tried to control the people in the Land of Dawn. They sent Kaja and Uranus to restrain the Demon Gods and imprisoned them in the Temple of Thunder on Sanctum Island, where a leader loyal to the Ancient One would ride his Mecha Guard “ Phylax ” and watch over them.

The mecha derives its power from Primal Lightning, a unique magic that can control lightning with the Ancient One's power and can only be used by creatures created from the Ancient One.

Among them were Kaja and Uranus who was in the Celestial Palace, along with the girl on the Sanctum Island. The girl's name is Edith. He received the gift of immortality and divine power from the Ancient Ones and punished the prisoners with Primal Lightning.

The Abandoned Girl

Just hearing his name could make even the most powerful Demon God tremble in fear. After the Endless War broke out, the Ancient Ones disappeared using the Twilight Orb to seal off light and darkness. Edith, the immortal Primal Warden, fell into a deep sleep as her masters disappeared.

Times change and some survivors of the sunken ship appear on Sanctum Island. These poor people strive to survive on the barren island, and many explore the island finding only limited resources.

After a violent earthquake, the ruins of a temple are revealed. These ruins were buried deep in the valley and burned by a lightning strike. While looking for scrap metal, an old man found the place. But what he found was a blonde girl lying in the middle of the rubble of the building. He could be struck by lightning at any time.

The old man risked his life and brought the girl back to the fishing village by the sea. due to her head injury, the girl can only remember her name, Edith. The old man adopted him as his son, and they lived together in the small village.

Edith's adoptive father loved the girl very much and cared for her with all his heart. Edith can walk around the village when she is not helping with her homework. But the old man had one rule. He was unable to go to the area near the valley. She had a feeling that one day she would lose her child there.

When Edith was bored, she would often look up at the Celestial Palace. The villagers said that it was the palace of the gods, and sometimes he could see half-birds flying in the sky carrying thunderbolts.

But every time he saw them, an uncomfortable feeling always arose in his heart. So he always ran back home and into his father's warm arms, who comforted him while patting him on the back.

Memories That Are Coming Back

Ten years passed, and the old man grew weaker and weaker. All the other kids grew up, except for the unchanged Edith, still as young as when she was first discovered. In order to survive, he must break the rules he made himself. He took Edith to find the scrap metal in the rubble at the bottom of the valley.

Having failed to find anything outside, the old man took the plunge and went inside the temple with Edith. The deeper they walked, Edith felt that her memory was coming back. Suddenly lightning struck as a giant sword flew toward his father.

Edith dashed forward and stopped the swords with her strength, sending them crashing to the ground and splitting rocks with her thunderbolt. Amidst the fire and dust, an Elemental Giant in golden armor appeared in front of Edith.

“ You left your job, Edith! "

It was Uranus, the protector of the Celestial Palace. At that moment, remind Edith back with the story of her past until it filled her mind. The Ancient Ones, Priests and Priestess, the temple, the Demon God. He screamed against the memory, but his mind was already filled with his past. The earthquake woke him from his sleep, and it was this old man who took care of me.

“ Scram, intruder !” Uranus waved his hand in front of the old man, a bunch of swords flying toward him. In a flash, “Phylax” came at Edith's call, and stretched out her strong iron fist to catch all of the swords.

Edith spoke of "Phylax" the Mecha, " Let my dad go ."

Uranus shouted at the Mecha in front of him, “ Traitor !”

Amidst the ruins of the temple within the valley, Edith and Uranus were fighting fiercely, roars of lightning resounding across the mountains as lightning and thunder struck each other, destroying pillars and stone statues.

As their battle progressed, a bird-like Celestial Palace Protector, Kaja, flapped his wings and descended into the ruins. “ Stop this stupid fight! The Celestial Palace is in danger! "

Edith's Return to Celestial Palace

They looked up at the sky, and as expected, Edith couldn't feel the energy from the holy city anymore. Not long after, chunks began to fall from the sky. In the blink of an eye, the majestic Celestial Palace began to crumble.

As the palace collapsed, the shrine on Sanctum Island was unable to receive the energy from above anymore, and the sealed Demon Gods began to flee. Uranus gave the command in a loud voice. Kaja and Uranus stayed in the valley to guard the other Demon Gods. Meanwhile, Edith rides "Phylax" and brings her father back to the village.

When Edith looked at her terrified and trembling father, she couldn't hold back her sobs. After ten years of living with the family, he was no longer the cold and ruthless Primal Warden. I am his only child, his future hope. How will he live if I leave now?

But the Land of Dawn is facing new dangers due to the collapse of the Celestial Palace. Edith must fulfill her duties as the Primal Warden and hunt down all the runaway Demon Gods. Goodbye, dad! Trust me, I'll be back one day. I promise!

Every time a Demon God messes up the world, Edith and “Phylax” will get there in an instant, punishing the forces of evil without mercy.

In between battles, the girl will come out of “Phylax” and look towards the far northeast. Beyond the horizon, mountains, rivers, and seas, on that deserted island, an old man would also gaze at his daughter with deep longing.

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