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Do not move! These are the 5 Best Irithel Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends

One of the strongest Marksman heroes who have extraordinary abilities is Irithel. This hero has great skills and abilities and is able to finish off his enemies very easily.

Even so, there are many ways you can do to defeat this hero. One of them is to use the best Irithel counter hero in Mobile Legends.

Well, for those of you who want to know what heroes can be relied on to counter Irithel, you can immediately refer to the article that we present below!

Recommendation for the Best Irithel Counter Hero in Mobile Legends

To be able to get the following heroes, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top-up first. Because to have these heroes, you have to exchange a number of diamonds.

1. Kaja

Kaja is the first reliable hero recommendation to counter Irithel Mobile Legends. This Hero Support is indeed famous for its ability to easily kidnap opposing heroes.

You can use Kaja's Divine Judgment skill to kidnap Irithel and kill her with her teammates. With Kaja, Irithel is guaranteed not to be able to move freely.

2. Eudora

One of the Mage heroes who can do instant kills is Eudora. With just one combo, Irithel can immediately die in front of Eudora.

Especially if you use the right Eudora build, of course eliminating Irithel will be easier and faster.

3. Saber

Irithel himself has a weakness in the Crowd Control effect, now you can use one of the best Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, namely Saber to finish him off.

Saber himself has a very strong Crowd Control skill and can be relied on to finish off Irithel with just one combo.

4. Franco

The next Irithel counter hero recommendation is Franco. Franco is a Tank hero who has extraordinary abilities. With his abilities, you can kidnap Irithel's hero to be killed by team members.

Especially if Irithel has been hit by the Bloody Hunt skill, it will be difficult for him to escape.

5. Aurora

Besides Eudora, Aurora is another strongest Mage hero that you can rely on to counter Irithel. As we know, Aurora has a very deadly Freeze ability.

Even a group of opposing heroes can be easily frozen by Aurora. Moreover, if you use the sick Aurora build, it is certain that Irithel can be killed in one combo.

Well, those are some of the best heroes that you can use to counter Irithel Mobile Legends. Do you think there is a hero that you often use or not?

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