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Combination of Charge Buster Free Fire Weapons 2022

Free Fire has released lots of very cool latest updates for you to try right now. Even the presence of a 5 Combination of Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) weapons, is indeed very new and we can try. As a combination to help players compete, the enemy will not dare to face you later.

Because in a game like this, it feels like it will be more challenging, for example, there is an Event and Mission. Every mission that we complete in this game, it will immediately provide the main prize which is much more challenging for us to play.

Because the appearance of the Charge Buster Free Fire Weapon does feel good and makes you even stronger. Have a strong ability to face every opponent, so that later you will have an advantage in using the weapon more easily.

Moreover, if you know 5 Combinations of Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) weapons, it will indeed support Slot 2 or 3 to compete. Because this weapon includes close range, players can have a very clear and better game advantage.

Combination of Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) Weapons


According to us, the first one is Groza, it is suitable to accompany the Charge Buster Weapon so that it can have long-range attacks. Because Groza has very high Damage, Range, and Rate of Fire to finish off enemies so easily.

But for example, Groza with the Charge Buster has certain points, so you have a backup too. Because we won't be using weapons from close range forever, then Groza is very good if you use it for medium or long distances too.

The Combination of Charge Buster Free Fire Weapons is MP5

This is a Charge Buster combination that really becomes a Rusher in the Free Fire game. Because MP5 has a lethal firing speed, then Charge Buster, which once hit the enemy, will immediately get quite deadly damage.

Now MP5 itself can be a backup weapon for players so that when Charge Buster fails, it can be swapped immediately. Given the position in use is also almost a short distance, then things like this that support each other between these weapons.


As a medium and long-range weapon, it's good for Charge Buster, we choose Scar for that. Even a weapon that is strong in battle from the past until now, surely at this rate you won't be confused about it anymore.

Because the ability of Scar's own weapon is very strong, it even helps players not to have trouble using it. For example, if you use Charge Buster but fail to kill the enemy, then it will definitely become more fun and easy. Considering the Deadly Scar Weapon in Free Fire, it really fits.

Free Fire's Charge Buster Weapon Combination is AWM

This really depends on the player, considering the AWM Free Fire Weapon Damage really supports the Charge Buster. As a very strong and deadly weapon, of course, this will help players not to be too difficult when using it.

For example, when fighting an enemy in an open area, use AWM to give the first attack so that the enemy is dying first. When they use Gloo Wall, then immediately use the Shotgun Charge Buster so they can give damage when we approach the enemy.


Then next you can use MP40, so you can do damage with Charge Buster more easily. Because the MP40's ability to Rush together with Charge Buster is very strong, so you will give different strengths.

Including the MP40 weapon which will be a backup, when the Charge Buster is not hit or has been hit by the enemy's body. You have to be careful when you use it later because Rush uses 2 SMG Weapons and the Shotgun is sometimes difficult.

Because you already know 5 Combinations of Charge Buster Free Fire (FF) weapons, then you won't be confused when using them. As a powerful and lethal weapon, it will give you convenience against enemies using this combination.

And you have to know Tips for Using Charge Buster Free Fire Weapons, so you can give a very deadly attack to every opponent. It will become even more exciting if the player tries the game without any difficulty at all.

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