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Aldous Mobile Legends, The Tough Knight Guard Minoan

This time we will share information about the story of Aldous Mobile Legends that players rarely know. Aldous himself is the  best fighter hero  because he has high damage when entering  the late game. His thick shield  and fast mobility also make  this hero  often chosen during  push rank.

Aldous is strong enough against thin-blooded heroes, such as Mage, Marksman, or Support, it's likely that Aldous getting Savage is certainly getting bigger. Therefore, it is interesting for us to discuss the story of the hero Aldous in  Mobile Legends .

So, want to know the full story? Here we have summarized information about the story of Aldous in the Mobile Legends game. Instead of lingering, just look at the following information.

The story of Aldous Mobile Legends

The Origin of Aldous Power

Skill Aldous Mobile Legends

Before sharing the story of this hero, it's a good idea to first identify every skill found in Aldous. This Mobile Legends hero  has a deadly skill which is certainly very annoying during war.

To master this new hero, of course, you must know and learn every skill contained in this hero. Here are the Aldous skills that you must master:

Contract Transform (Pasif)

Aldous has a passive called contract transform which will give him an immune shield. The cooldown of passive Aldous Mobile Legends is 5 seconds without any reduction.

Contract Soul Steal (Skill 1)

Gives a Damage and BUFF to this hero to make it easier to get staking. This skill has a cooldown of 4 seconds, cannot be reduced by any attributes or items.

Contract Explosion (Skill 2)

Skill 2 aldous gives a CC which is very useful when targeting a marksman hero who wants to run away.

skill 2 explanation is that Aldous takes a defensive position for 2 seconds to get 30% damage and 20% movement speed for 2 seconds and this can be canceled manually. Then deal a physical attack of 100-200.

Contract Chase Fate (Ultimate)

Ultimate skill aldous deals a blink damage and locks the target. The cooldown of this ultimate is 60 seconds. Can be reduced to 50 seconds depending on the item you use.

This ultimate skill is almost like yi shun-shin to open all maps and get a view of the enemy's position for 5 seconds. During this time Aldous can use his skill again to fly towards the locked enemy.

The story of Aldous Mobile Legends

In ancient times, there was an ancient kingdom called the Minoans. This kingdom is in the Western Desert. In addition, in this kingdom there is a labyrinth that stores extraordinary energy and strength. The Minoans have always revered the labyrinth because it contained a giant Minotaur statue.

In order to always be blessed, the Minoans worship the giant statue. Every day, every time, the Minoans always guard the mysterious labyrinth strictly. They don't want bad people to use it for their personal gain. But after a few years, the Minoans no longer guarded the labyrinth.

Because the current maintenance system has been replaced by experienced contractors. At first the contractors kept the mandate given to them to guard the labyrinth. However, as time went on they no longer did their job well.

That's because after they saw there were a lot of very valuable Jade (a type of diamond) from the past in the labyrinth. Because the Jade made the contractors leave their jobs as labyrinth guards.

Indirectly, corrupt practices occurred among contractors and the Minoan empire could be destroyed instantly because of this practice. However, it turns out that there is one contractor who is not tempted by Jade and continues to do a good job. He was a man named Aldous.

The Origin of Aldous Power

Because the situation was out of control, God was furious. He came down from heaven to punish the land. In an instant, the Minoan Kingdom was destroyed, damage was everywhere and many victims fell. The only survivors were Aldous and the Minoans.

At the same time, Aldous accidentally gains power when the God destroys the Minoan Kingdom. Aldous received two opposing powers. This causes the flow of his body to change form. The arms of Aldous enlarged and his skin grew long scales.

It makes everyone who sees it will feel fear. Aldous who could not accept the power had fainted for some time. Upon awakening, Aldous saw that his surroundings had been razed to the ground while the labyrinth he was guarding was sealed by a mysterious power.

The events they experienced made the Minoans agree to make Aldous the guardian of the labyrinth. Meanwhile, the Minoans will travel to the Land of Dawn to solve the mystery of what happened to them.

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