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70 Latest Cool Bundle Lists Free Fire 2022

Free Fire always releases lots of new Bundles which of course you can get in the game. Even with the Latest Free Fire (FF) 2022 Bundle, maybe one of the Bundles has quite a lot of fans. Because the Bundle that you will use must be good.

Moreover, some of the updates that have appeared in the Free Fire game now, are quite satisfying and must be had now. There are still many new things for players to get to, of course, it is very cool for you to try to play all of them.

Because now there is also a schedule for the Booyah Day 2021 Free Fire Event which is quite exciting, even from here you will get lots of prizes. Including for everything and will be for the better, to be able to try a variety of things for more and more.

Even for the presence of the Latest Free Fire (FF) 2022 Bundle, of course with something like this you have 75 cool Bundles too. Of course, you can already find everything in the game, because it has been released and maybe you will be interested in using it.

New Free Fire (FF) 2022 Bundle

Bundle Cobra

For the first one, you definitely know about the Cobra-themed Bundle, one of the best Evolution bundles. Even from here, it can also be seen that the Bundle is indeed quite rare because it is present at certain types of events in 2021.

His presence is also indeed with Shirou in 2021, even the type itself is not gold or purple but Red. This is a pretty interesting Bundle because if you want to open other cooler versions of the Bundle, you have to be certain from Ranked.

Bundle Incubator Netherworld

Then for the presence of a Bundle called Incubator called Netherworld, it will appear in 2021 with a new system. It comes with a newer system, even the Netherworld itself is really good enough to be used in matches.

Of course, his presence in 2021 now, gives a pretty good impression for you to use in the match later. Even at the beginning of the release, it was indeed very interesting for you to use it on the better Boy or Girl characters.

Bundle Faith

Faith is a Bundle that seems pretty good for those of you who often play it safe because the theme is also Persian. Apart from playing safely and quietly, it will symbolize that this Bundle user will become the strongest Assassin.

Then the Faith Bundle itself gave it a much more Green color, appearing in 2021 and entering the Mystery Shop. Of course, this makes us even more special when we use the bundle for Boy or Girl characters.

Bundle Attack Titan

Attack Titan is a Bundle that turns out to be the latest collaboration of the Free Fire game with Attack on Titan. Of course, this is one of the most exclusive bundles and is only available at that moment, even though this bundle is very interesting for us to use later.

Its appearance is indeed in 2021, even the presence of Attack Titan itself brings several other collaboration bundles as well. In the anime itself, the owner of Attack titan is Eren, but unfortunately what appears in this game is only Attack Titan.

Bundle Armored Titan

Then there is a bundle called Armored Titan, who doesn't expect that this Bundle also appears in the Free Fire game. This is still included in the same collaboration if this is not Eren but Reiner in the Anime.

The Armored Titan itself has a pretty good impression, it even has a slightly brighter impression when we use it. Of course, with the presence of the Armored Titan Bundle in 2021, this also includes exclusive items and we can't get it anymore, right?

Levi's Bundle is the Newest Bundle of Free Fire 2021

Levi is one of the members of the highest Squad in the anime Attack on Titan, even his presence also appears in this Free Fire game. It can be seen that Levi uses a 3D Maneuver when entering the game, then performs a titan attack style.

To get this Bundle, you first have to go through the Faded Wheel, that's the only way you can get it. But now no one knows, because the bundle is limited and only appears in the Attack on Titan Collaboration.

Bundle Mikasa

Mikasa also got a new bundle that appeared during the collaboration at that time, of course with the presence of this Bundle you can buy it directly. Even the presence of the Mikasa Bundle is quite interesting because you only need to see the Shop and it has been sold for 1200 Dm.

This is the cheapest of all the Attack on Titan Collaboration bundles, even you yourself will feel lucky with the bundle. Because for now, it has been deleted from the Shop, so those who have bought it and used it on the female character are perfect.

Bundle Saitama

We didn't expect that the Free Fire game actually dared to take such a surprising collaboration, directly with One Punch Man. Because things like this Saitama Bundle finally appeared in the game, in 2021 players can get through favorite events too.

It did appear at an event called Mystery Shop, who would have thought that the Collaboration bundle came from here. Then after the Mystery Shop was finished, it turned out that Saitama's Bundle appeared in the Shop, the price itself was 1200 Dm which was quite expensive from the Event.

Bundle Genos

Not wanting to be left behind by his Sensei, Genos, who is a Saitama student, also follows in his footsteps in the world of Free Fire. Of course, the bundles fall into the same collaboration category, that's why the Genos Bundle is quite popular for players to use as well.

If you want to know, Bundle Genos is present in the Mystery Shop, and after the event ends it appears in the Shop. But if the type problem is clear, if Saitama Legend, meanwhile, is Epic and can be separated, the bundle set is different from Saitama which puts everything together.

Bundle Blue Wave

Through an event that looks quite new, it turns out that the Blue Wave Bundle we can have from the event. Yup, this is one of the coolest Bundles, to make your Cowo character look much different from other ordinary characters.

Has a light blue appearance from top to bottom, especially a view that is not too far from a war cyborg. This will reappear in the Free Fire game, it's just that it will definitely go through a paid event for sure.

Bundle Ryu

Street Fighter is the next collaboration for the Free Fire game, has released 2 Special Bundles and the first one is Ryu. Yup, a very cool Bundle, it even has an incoming Animation that has its own Sound Effect with the style of fighters and Kicks.

Ryu, who is the main character of the Street Fighter game from the beginning until now, did appear, which became the attraction. Those of us who use Bundle Ryu themselves will look much more different, to reappear probably won't be possible because it's rare.

Bundle Chunli 

Chunli was also present in this new collaboration for the Free Fire game, there is not much difference between this bundle and the original characters of the game. But for the matter of how to get it, of course, you have to pay, but you won't regret having a Bundle like this.

Because it can be seen from his appearance that it is clear that Chunli is quite charming, even in matches she is also very beautiful. Not letting go of the characteristics of the original characters, is the main point of this Chunli bundle for players to get in the game later.

Bundle Incubator Safari Riot

This bundle is indeed present in a feature called collaboration, even for viewing it doesn't need to be so festive. From here, we'll see that Riot's Incubator Safari itself raised the used Cardboard Theme, then finally turned it into a cool Bundle.

It's just a shape like an animal theme, then there are certain effects that players can receive from a Bundle like this. This Bundle is indeed quite unique and creative, there's no mistaking it if Esportsku releases later it will spin to get it.

Bundle Superchargers 

High electric power and it won't be easy to be distracted from anyone now, maybe the Superchargers bundle is really satisfying. Even this bundle that appeared in 2021, looks very cool and quite deceived many people when it was first released.

Initially, many would have thought that this bundle would become an Incubator, but it isn't and now the Weapon Incubator theme appears. But in terms of shape and model, it doesn't disappoint for you to pull and get it in the game.

Bundle Mystic Evil

An Evil Force that appears in the Free Fire game at the Booyah Day 2021 Event. A character named Leon and also other characters will fight evil who is the second Boss, namely Mystic Evil.

This is the female character Bundle that appeared in 2021 to be precise in November, her presence is indeed quite cool. Makes those of you who always use Girl Characters later, will have a very powerful and very strong appearance in the game.

Bundle Bone Rager

In the latest Bundle Evolution from the Free Fire game, Bone Rager appears with a new master named Leon in the Free Fire game. The power of the Bone Rager itself is as interesting and different as the Cobra if it is more of a ruthless Skeleton type of power.

You need to remember that the Mystic group originally had this Bundle, then made it into a Tournament. But he didn't accept that when the Bundle was used Hayato finally got noisy until Leon finally used the Bone Rager and defeated the Mystic leader.

Killspark Shinobi Incubator Bundle is the Newest Free Fire 2021 Bundle

Another new Incubator that is present in the Free Fire game, Killspark Shinobi shows Modern Ninjas who have unparalleled powers. Even the presence of a Killspark Bundle Incubator like this, it makes you more interested in rushing.

Playing safe is also not a problem with a Bundle like this, because what we know is that Ninja also plays hidden. Coming in 2021 and of course has a lot of fans, because there is a rear Effect that is quite unique.

Incubator Bundle Operate Sheng

The power of the very famous Drama Opera, this is an Incubator which was inspired by a famous Drama Show. Even in the animation itself, when 4 characters appear using this Incubator, they manage to defeat a Demon King.

It will indeed appear in 2021, but if it comes back again, we can't really know when it will happen. Because it can wait its turn for release, it will wait a little longer.

Bundle Airspeed Ace

A Bundle created by very high speed, Airspeed Ace gives a very interesting impression for you to use. Even from the appearance itself, it is quite simple, in fact, it looks good enough for us to use.

It does appear as a slightly Japanese-themed Bundle, but in terms of appearance, you really won't regret it if you get something like this.

Bundle Dragon Spy 

Present in a feature called Diamond Royale, Dragon Spy is a female character bundle that seems very interesting. Having 2 themes from the bundle that relates to Chinese culture and the smartest spy, that's Dragon Spy.

Even this bundle also has a Pair in the game but of course, the way to get it is a little different. Even if you have both bundles now, it means you have to start playing with friends so that the two agents carry out a mission together to win.

Bundle Airspeed Awe

After the presence of the Cowo, then also came the Bundle Airspeed, which was the female version. You must know that the appearance of this Bundle is not too different, it even has a design that is almost the same when you use this Airspeed Awe Bundle on the female character later.

At the beginning of the existence of this Bundle, it turned out that we got it for free, through an Event Token collection mission which of course was quite a lot. It's easy for players to get, let alone collect tokens like this, you can do it every day during the event.

If you experience lagging time when you want to get the Bundle, then use the feature called Shop and buy it directly. That way you will immediately buy it by following the price on the Shop feature later.

Bundle Dragon Master

The Cowo character will be someone who is quite good, of course with this Bundle will make him stronger to face opponents without fear. Because what we can know is that this Dragon Master Bundle is a partner of Dragon Spy, it looks pretty cool and it can even make you better.

Even the colors are White and Gold, there are even some accessories that are quite expensive seen in the bundle called Dragon master. Of course, it will be one of the best parts that you shouldn't miss, you start right away and use Dragon Master right now.

Because it has a pretty good bundle, it will make the character more interesting to compete later. Dragon master will make the Cowo character look very strong because it's a good opportunity for you to use it if you really like the design of this Bundle later.

Bundle Wildfire Vagabond

The power of a Cowboy who is layered with the power of Fire in the Free Fire game is indeed the best. Players should know that this Wildfire Vagabond Bundle will be released in 2021, lots of players like the bundle and even now, many are wearing the clothes.

Moreover, my Esports is based on playing experience, this bundle is very cool for you to use on a male character. But it will be up to taste whether you like it or not with the bundle so use it in the match later.

Then for the Wildfire Vagabond Bundle, it can also be seen from top to bottom if the Cowboy characteristic does exist. It just feels a little different, because it contains the element of hot fire which will make your attacks release fire to burn the opponent.

Bundle Wildfire Rouge

The pair from the Bundle is called Wildfire Vagabond if this one is Rouge one of the Female Cowboys with Fire in all of his hands. Having an appearance that is no less cool than Wildfire Vagabond, of course, will make the female character look very cool.

Also appearing in 2021 through a free event, it becomes the most important point of a bundle called Wildfire Rouge. Of course, his presence is quite satisfying for all of us and has every appearance so impressive.

Especially when using this Bundle and displaying a very cool animation for you to show your friends. Shooting a wanted poster, it turns out that Rouge itself is being targeted by many people because the price of his head is very high when he is in this cowboy era.

Bundle Brokebone Sheriff

A very cool shape and appearance from a Bundle called Brokebone Sheriff, of course, you will love the shape and appearance of a hero. If in Western culture, it is the Sheriff who acts as a policeman who will help people and in the case of Cowboy there are 2 types of good and evil.

The presence of this Brokebone Sheriff's Bundle appears in 2021, not even too far from the presence of 2 Bundles named Wildfire Vagabond and Rogue. Of course, with the presence of this Bundle Brokebone Sheriff, they will attack the Wildfire Gang to make all peace.

This Cowo Bundle is indeed very cool, completely covered from the face to the clothes we use in the game. It's the right choice if you want to not be too famous for the character when playing later.

Bundle Brokebone Deputy

The Sheriff's version has appeared which means we can find the Deputy Version. The presence is also the same in 2021, it's just that the process of getting the Bundle can be seen as the difference between Pay and Free. Of course, those of you who see it will like the female character using this.

Because of the appearance that we can find for Brokebone Deputy itself, it is very satisfying for the appearance of the character that we will use when competing later. So if for example, this Bundle reappears, make sure to get it and you can use it right away.

Bundle Keyboard Warrior

Then next is a Bundle that comes from a Feature called Gold Royale, coming in 2021 and being the best Gold Royale for now. Even for us, we can see for ourselves that this Warrior Keyboard Bundle has a simple appearance, even only wearing an open jacket and keyboard on its body.

This will make the character very cool for you to use in matches. Facing many opponents is also not a difficult thing if you use things like this now, because we can prove our strength to others so that we can win much easier.

Bundle Girl Next Door

A girl bundle that has a relaxed theme like a holiday, Girl Next Door is a partner of the Keyboard Warrior Bundle. It has a different way of getting it, but this appears at the same time of release, which is 2021. A very beautiful bundle then has the appearance of a girl who wants to play.

If you want to get this bundle, you can just visit the FF Shop and immediately use the process to get the prize right away. That way the exchange from the FF Token will immediately give you Bundle Girl Next Door if you really want to have it. But the name is also free, it's better if you just take it first.

Bundle Spa Vacation

When else will your Free Fire characters get a proper vacation, now if the female character uses Spa Vacation, she can definitely do something like that. Has a pretty attractive Bundle appearance, because from the head of this character already wearing a towel and also on his body which is fully covered with Holiday clothes in a Spa.

Of course, by showing this Bundle when competing, it will give a quite different impression from other players. Even to be able to get the Bundle, it's not too difficult, players only need to use the FF Token and then exchange it in the Redeem section to be able to get the bundle immediately.

Bundle Spa Holiday

It still has the same theme as Vacation, but in this case, the language is cooler and maybe you will be more relaxed when playing. So the Spa Holiday Bundle is indeed quite good and is included in the Gold Royale which is good for you to use in matches.

Its presence is indeed in 2021, but in terms of appearance, it is second to none. Still under the Warrior Keyboard, but the Spa Holiday Bundle that we can use is very interesting and doesn't give too much effect or a lot of accessories that are quite crowded on the clothes.

Now the most unique and quite funny part too, on the head you will wear a Pickle Glass. For maintenance people, things like this will make us have to close our eyes and if we compete but don't look ahead, it is just as dangerous. But because of strong character instincts, glasses or blindfolds are also not a problem

Bundle Sunscale Slither

A Bundle that appears in 2021, specifically for Girl Characters, and also has a very impressive effect when you use it. This Sunscale Slither Bundle has a Snake-themed theme, even when this character is at war there will definitely be a golden Snake head effect.

It is indeed an option for players to get in this Free Fire game, it will even be the best part for you to use when competing later. Since we know now that the Sunscale Slither Bundle itself is very powerful, you should be able to start playing better than before from now on.

Because for the newest character, which is strong for the female character as well, it will make you guys better than before when you compete later. Because it can provide the right opportunity so that it can make the opponent less difficult.

Bundle Sunscale Serpent

If this is the version for the Cowo character, I can even say that my Esports version is a very large Snake when you use it in matches. Of course, with a Sunscale Serpent Bundle like this, will make things even better the next time you compete.

Because under certain conditions, it will also give you the right opportunity so that you can make the battle more stable. The appearance of the Sunscale Serpent Bundle also looks different from other cool Bundles, using a Modern appearance and glasses as well as a Snake head Effect that will appear on the head of our character.

Indeed, the 2021 Bundle is the most powerful against small enemies, because this in itself looks quite deadly in facing them without any fear at all.

Bundle Newbie Devil

Now, this is a Bundle that tells the story of a Newbie, a Devil who has just gained one great power. Moreover, for its presence starting from 2021, for those of you who already have the Newbie Devil Bundle, you are indeed lucky because the appearance is quite cute when used by the female character later.

So from top to bottom, you will see a character who is full of teenage clothes. From the Hats and Masks section, then for Hangout Clothes with friends and of course the addition of Devil's Tail on the back of the clothes.

This makes Bundle Newbie Devil very strong, not even too scary for the current Girl character. If you really like the bundle, then it's time to have it and spin it if indeed the event is back again in this Free Fire game.

Bundle Rookie Devil

As for the next Bundle named Rookie Devil, it turns out to be one of the eldest brothers in a gang named Devil. Previously, you must have known that there was a Bundle Newbie Devil, now it turns out that his name is Rookie Devil or he is quite experienced as well.

Of course, with the presence of this Bundle in the Free Fire game in 2021, of course, it is quite satisfying for players because of its shape and appearance right now. With this, you will also feel even more excited to face the enemy, because the Rookie Devil already knows everything.

For its appearance in 2021 and the Faded Wheel, of course at that time many also had a Bundle like this because it looked very cool. That's why you guys will like it because the Rookie Devil itself is pretty good for us to use.

Bundle Merciless Necromancer

The power that is achieved in an advantage in the power of the Necromancer, finally something like this appears in a Bundle called Merciless Necromancer. The meaning of the Necromancer itself was a Skeleton Monster, even one that often summoned such a monster. Then Merciless himself has no mercy on anyone.

Appearing in 2021, at the beginning of its release there were indeed a lot of players who wanted to have a Bundle like this. Because from the shape itself it is very cool, has long hair and Royale clothes but has an evil element because the name is right now.

Even if my esports can be judged by playing experience, it seems that there are no problems when using the Merciless Necromancer Bundle. Because of the light shape, even if you want to make it cooler, you must use Facepaint or Hair, it's really fitting.

Bundle Ruthless Jinx

Then for the very strong Pair of Merciless Necromancer Bundles, namely Ruthless Jinx, if you can only attach this to the female character, right now. Even for the shape and appearance itself, it is true that Ruthless Jinx is not much different from the Cowo version.

It's coming out in 2021, but the way to get it is a little different than what we expect you to do in the game later. As for my own, this girl's bundle has a fiercer face because it might be the effect of the Facepaint bundle. Her hair is long white, then her clothes have decorations on the right clothes.

That's what will make you more ready to release full power in the game later. Because from the shoulder itself, it can be seen that this bundle has a lot of strength in its body so that it can be immediately released when it is doing battle in the game.

Bundle Persia Valor

A bundle with the theme of Persian power in the Free Fire game finally appears and players can use it to compete against strong enemies. Even from here, it can be seen that the Valor Prep Bundle is very Royale, has glasses and Cool Hair, and also dresses like a famous and rich Prince.

Mid-year this Bundle appeared in a Web Event, it made many people curious to have it. Moreover, what they took from this Bundle was only from the glasses section, that's what impressed Persian Valor and there are many more interesting things that we can find through this Bundle later in the future as well.

The strength of the sultans, of course, from this bundle, can be read from the style that you can get when a bundle like this when competing later.

Bundle Persia Prowess

If this is for the Life Spouse Skin from Persian Valor, yup, its name is Persia Prowess, and its presence in this Free Fire game in 2021. Even though this bundle comes like Sultan, a very rich person, it turns out that the Persian Prowess Bundle is one of the free offerings. Free Fire in a new event.

Yup, it's quite surprising that you can use it in this Free Fire game, but still, according to my Esports, this is the most appropriate choice. The female character bundle is very cool, even you will like it if you use Skin like this in battle.

If you really want to have it but don't have time, then there is one option, that is, you can just check it in the Shop right now. So that later you can immediately have a mission and immediately have this skin by buying it too.

Bundle Gray Ambush

Free Fire Token Rank is also a good place for those of you who want to get cool Bundles, including this Skin called Gray Ambush right now. Being one of the Bundles that will appear in 2021, it even has a fairly cheap exchange price from within the Free Fire Redeem Shop right now.

Using the Bundle will make you like someone who often participates in war. Because the clothes are covered by other players, and no player will know that we are using the Bundle in the Free Fire game now.

There is only one thing that players really have to do before using the Gray Ambush Bundle, collect a lot of Rank Tokens first. Because for the exchange we need from this Bundle will not belittle at all.

Bundle Snappy Si Hiu

If you are looking for a Bundle called Snappy the Shark, of course, it has appeared in a feature called Diamond royale and is now in the Magic Shop. This Snappy The Shark bundle is indeed quite good, but unfortunately, many Free Fire players don't really like it because of the type that turns out to be fused from top to bottom.

That's what makes Snappy the Shark Bundle less interested and very lonely. Including for exchange from the Magic Shop, for people who like this bundle, it's not a problem because you can buy it right away. In a game, indeed everything will be cool for you to use later.

Bundle Mr.Nutcracker

Wooden Doll Toys that get life force in the Free Fire game, are indeed one of the best choices for you to use when competing against the enemy. It turns out that Mr.Nutcracker will help players, suddenly installed, and will give all of you defense for Mr.Nutcracker like this.

At the beginning of the release of the Bundle in 2021, it even appeared in Diamond Royale and became one of the favorites of many players because of its appearance and shape. It's very different from the Bundle called Snappy the shark, even you yourself will see that this is separate and can be combined with other Bundles.

That is the most important point in this cool Mr.Nutcracker Bundle. The appearance that initially looks boring, turns out to be good and interesting enough for you to use in the game too. If you miss the bundle, you can just check it in the Magic Shop section right now.

Bundle Earthshaker

One of the Rampage themes that appeared in 2021, the bundle called Earthshaker is really good and has special effects when you use it. Because in later battles, this bundle will issue a shield effect from the back.

Then having colors that are identical to Yellow and Green, this bundle is the most interesting when the Rampage event appears. Free Fire players can get the bundle only by completing missions, so it's very clear that you can also have this bundle for free.

Bundle Frost Sabertooth

Still having one theme with the 2021 Rampage, you can also get a bundle called Frost Sabertooth through an event called Faded Wheel. It's one of the pretty cool bundles, and it has its own effect when you're using it in the match later.

Of course, by presenting the Frost Sabertooth Bundle, all of you will have the power of a powerful Ancient Lion. That's what players can find from the Frost Sabertooth bundle, appearance and maybe some effects, and a cool mask that you can use when competing later.

Bundle Vermillion Whirlwind

The female character who uses the Vermillion Whirlwind Bundle is indeed quite good and strong. Even to immediately use the Bundle, it is now very good so that we can use it when dealing head-to-head against the enemy in that match using a large hot fire.

The theme of this bundle is Fire Phoenix, yup it's different from the others because it has an Effect when you jump later. A wing will appear that will seem to be flapping downwards so that players can look like they want to fly up using the power of this smoldering Phoenix.

Bundle Azure Stormbringer

The storm that occurred because of memory and a trial period that was so vicious, made the owner of this Azure Stormbringer bundle of power feel burdened and raged. Of course, you know that this bundle called Azure Stormbringer appears in 2021 and provides a Rampage Theme at the time of its release.

This bundle will issue a Dragon on its body, even though this is quite obvious when you are wearing it directly. Azure Stormbringer has also been Esports, I know that this appears in an Event Spin which is quite expensive, but not too far from luck Royale because it is in this feature.

But actually getting this bundle is not a mistake, because many are also very satisfied with the effect of the bundle when they use it in the game. Not so boring it seems because there is a dragon that comes out of its body and becomes the leader of the Event Rampage 2021.

Bundle La Parka

One of the Bundles that appeared in the latest Free Fire x AAA Collaboration, it turns out that you will see this appearance as something new. showing an if from this Bundle is like using the power of a wrestler who will never lose. This is a good opportunity, so we won't get used to it when we use bundles.

The appearance of this bundle is also through the Moco Store feature, it is even labeled as Collaboration which may not appear again. So you also have to be able to only get the bundle from there. From the looks of it, it's really cool and really cool, especially when you use it with characters who are ready to beat people up.

Bundle Panda Pyjamas

Its appearance is indeed present in the Royale Feature called Gold Royale, you can only have it immediately from that feature. Even if you have to go back, it will make you look a lot more relaxed. Because of the appearance of this Bundle, it is clear that we are wearing pajamas with a shape like a panda.

It's a great Bundle, but you only have a few moments to get your hands on the rewards later. As an opportunity to have a gift like this, we must immediately prepare and look pretty cool using the bundle's appearance very well to make the character funny.

Bundle Aerostar

A Bundle which is still a collaboration as well does look like something new and we can try it right now. Because this is one of the clothing parts of a wrestler that is quite exposed. So those of you who use a Bundle like that will make you really cool, of course.

Including seeing that the Aerostar Bundle itself, will definitely make your character visible with all of that. Even for the fact itself that the Aerostar Bundle itself is a collaboration skin with Lucha Libre AAA which is quite famous. These are all well-known, so you too have to be prepared with those gifts.

Bundle Smart in Green

The strong appearance that comes from the Green color bundle like this, will make you invincible at all. Then with some things to be able to also face the enemy very clearly. Even the Smart in Green Bundle itself is a free part of a new event that already exists.

It looks really cool with an appearance like that, so you will also make yourself even cooler. Included with the Smart in Green Bundle itself, you'll soon have a very nice gift.

Bundle Bonebruiser Scorch

It does look better and cooler than the appearance of the Cowo character, it turns out that Bundle Bonebruiser Scorch will make you cooler. Even by making you even better, because the appearance of the Bundle will certainly give something very clear to a game like this too.

Appears in an event that you must have because it uses a part of the appearance that is quite clear. Even the character, will release a smoldering fire and burn everything easily. So that the game and also make your character more stylish.

Bundle Shadow Striker

The power of the shadow that will make you invincible at all, even for the Shadow Striker itself does look very impressive. For those of us who use the Cowo Character later, it will definitely look very cool and have a quite different appearance.

Of course, by appearing at such an event, it would be something really cool to face a lot of enemies no easier. Because indeed with an appearance Shadow Striker will be something very good to be even better than before.

Bundle Shinobi Ignite

The power of a very strong Shinobi with the name Shinobi Ignite is very strong and does look so deadly when you use it. Looks like a cool Bundle that you must have because it will make you a good opportunity because there are also several things like this.

Even from his appearance and display of demonic power, it was so strong that the enemy wouldn't be able to fight it alone. Because this is also a pretty cool 2022 Bundle, it appears in a Shop and you can have it anytime. The price is also the same as other Mythic bundles.

Bundle Shinobi Ablaze

The girl has appeared in the Free Fire game, now it's the guy's turn to carry the name Shinobi Ablaze while fighting. Giving it a cool name and the effect of the fire is so fiery, even Shinobi Ablaze appears in a Web Event and this is included as something paid.

It really looks like the use of the Bundle, so you will also get stronger with things like this. It won't be too difficult with something like this, it will definitely make your character have the most dangerous ONI power when competing later.

Bundle Hip Kid

Making a character's appearance look stylish, of course, that way we won't be too difficult with things like this. Because indeed the appearance of the Hip Kid bundle also looks quite different from something terrible. But if you want to have an appearance that looks really cool, it's definitely Hip Kid that already exists.

At first, it looked free, but unfortunately, now it is no longer available and will be released in the Shop soon. So that's what you will see, as a cool gift that definitely looks very interesting.

Bundle Cyber Deity

Beautiful color from a bundle like that, it looks like one part of the appearance of the Bundle like this too. Even with its appearance of it, it will give off a glossy color that attracts attention very well to give it something much cooler.

This is a Bundle that appears in a Shop, it will be something that is easy for us to have whenever we want. The price is also equivalent to upgrading to make you even cooler later.

Bundle Little Canary

Become a new bundle that carries the theme of Collaboration with a Brazilian Football Team. It turns out that it presents a new Little Canary Bundle and has a very cool shape for you to use when competing later. The shirt is a special jersey from Brazil.

Then the head does look quite interesting, like the Mascot with the Chick's head which has a pretty serious face. So those of you who want to target and use all of that as a collection, it will definitely be something very cool like this too.

Bundle Purple Might

Showing a very strong female wrestler, even with the presence of the Purple Might Bundle will make you invincible. This is also a part of the Free Fire game Collaboration as well, something that won't look ordinary. Even for Bundle Purple Might itself, it has a very cool appearance.

This is a very good bundle, for sure you will like it even more if you use this bundle. Because of its hidden appearance, it even makes it easier for us to defeat many enemies using a Bundle like this.

Bundle Super Gamer

A Bundle that is part of Selected, it turns out that Super Gamer is indeed the rarest thing right now. Being a very cool 2022 Bundle, of course, you won't miss any of this. The best part is to be able to have a bundle that already exists now.

It turns out that from his appearance as the best gamer, he has some special effects when you use it in matches. Like showing that this world is like an Arcade Game, it has a variety of cool movements and effects that we can use in the game.

Bundle Champ In Green

Becoming a special Bundle that is also present after Indonesia Free Fire Brings Gold and Silver at the 2021 Sea Games. Of course, giving it to the players, so they can get this very good Champ in Green Bundle. And become a new thing that is free for us to have later.

A very cool free gift for you to have, as a new look and an opportunity to make it a Collection. It's a cool bundle that we really have to have, because maybe if it's gone again, it's going to be quite rare.

Bundle Haven Warrior

It is certain that with the appearance of FFWS 2022 itself, the Haven Warrior bundle became the latest part of its release in the update at that time. Being an FFWS Sentosa Event which is also very lively, of course you won't miss some of the prizes from this available event mission.

Classified as something that is quite cool and good, surely you will look very strong this way. Because the Haven Warrior's appearance itself has a cool shape and appearance, so you will be better Green because of things like this.

Bundle Tidebreaker

The power of the waves from the deep ocean even becomes something strong enough for us to use in the Free Fire game. Bundle Tidebreaker is indeed very cool with a blue appearance and very strong Wave animation in defeating many enemies.

Especially having Colors that flow with something special, Bundle Tidebreaker is really cool. Even when you move or standstill, it will emit splashes of water from its body.

Bundle Burning Leo

Possessing the power of a smoldering Lion, Leo's Bundle Burning power itself was great. Showing true strength, even when you bring it into the match will definitely be the strongest. Hair and clothes that are slightly lit are the main attraction.

His presence in the Free Fire game is something that is so cool, especially since this Bundle was originally free. So many people like it, it is indeed the best for us to make as a collection though.

Bundle Roaring Gun Fighter

Featuring a Bundle with a street lord theme, the Bundle Roaring Gun Fighter even has a really cool appearance. Because this appearance appears for one of the female characters, it is really suitable for you barbarian players.

Having something cool for you to use with the look is already a good thing for us to have. Because of the Bundle Roaring Gun Fighter, it makes you even more excited to fight the enemy with this.

Bundle Ferocious Gunman

It will be a very cool Ferocious Gunman Bundle, so you yourself will definitely not be easily defeated. It has the appearance of a Theme like Roaring Gun Fighter, but only in a Cowo Version with the name Ferocious Gunman.

Despite that, they're all pretty cool and powerful enough that you're intrigued and don't want to miss them. As a skin that is classified as interesting, it even makes us stronger with the strongest Red Gunman power.

Bundle Raindoll

Especially with the Raindoll Bundle to play in tandem with very heavy rain. My Esports can also say that Bundle Rainoll itself has something that cannot be missed if you really look really cool with that appearance with Bundle Rainoll right now.

If you can see that the Raindoll Bundle is for Boy and Girl characters too, so you can apply it to 2 gender characters at once. So this is what makes us look cool because it's the Raindoll Bundle that we can use too.

Bundle Soiree Gentleman

The appearance of a character who uses the Player Bundle of a Circus is indeed very strong. Even his ability to overcome many opponents, use a ridiculous trick that will bring all his opponents down. Has the name Soiree Gentleman and that is her nickname in the Free Fire game.

Even its presence in a Diamond Royale Feature introduces this bundle for the first time to players. Being a very cool main prize, there is even a cool appearance with Attractions using Festive when they first meet.

Bundle Soiree Lady

Still, a couple with Soiree Gentleman, only for Soiree Lady is a Magician who is smart enough to use Tricks. So that the battles that you do with this Bundle, will definitely become a place of manipulation and lead to fun magical excitement.

Not even that different from Soiree Gentleman, because this Lady appeared in a Diamond Royale Feature for us to spin too. Making the appearance of the Bundle as elegant and cool as it is, will definitely make you stronger than before.

Bundle Coral Trouble

Shows a Bundle with an Orange color shape, like Coral on the ocean and this is also very pretty. The Coral Trouble Bundle itself can only be used on the female character, but for the Boy version, it will be different from something like that later.

Because it shows that Coral Trouble will become a free bundle, even appearing at the biggest discounted event. It became something that the players remembered the most, so they were also increasingly excited to continue playing the game.

Bundle Phoenix Knight

The most powerful knight to face many enemies without any mercy, even for the Phoenix Knight himself there is no match. Of course, the latest Bundle, which will be present in 2022 itself, is one that is quite interesting for us to get. Because of the event, it turns out that players will only have a fairly cheap price.

The appearance is so elegant when you use it, as one of the good bundles to be a collection. But after being present at the event, maybe you guys can find it again in a new event that will come of course.

Bundle Cyber Guardian

As a guardian of Cyber ​​power in his home, Cyber ​​Guardian is a very cool Bundle for you to use. Even from their appearance, he is also quite strong in the face of many enemies.

Of course, together with Bundle Cyber ​​Deity, the ability of the two of them will finish off the enemies who dare to go against the will of the two powers. Surely it will make players with great strength, will take and choose this bundle as one of the clothes to compete.

Bundle Strapped Trance

Even the appearance of a very cool Strapped Trance Bundle, even made the players look cool. If this is a Bundle of the female character, so we may also be interested in using it and wearing it when competing.

At the beginning of its appearance, the Bundle Strapped Trance itself was quite good for you to use. Included as a free Bundle also in the Event, you must complete the mission in order to just get it. Each thing is pretty easy, it won't take too long to have each of these gifts.

Bundle Antiquated Warrior

If you are a formidable player in the face of many enemies, then the Antiquated Warrior Bundle is something that is suitable. Classified as one of the really cool looks for us to use on the Cowo character from the bundle.

So that you also won't be too difficult to have it, even present in a Redeem Shop FF Token feature for us to have. Like a bundle that appeared in 2022, it turns out to be very good and we can use it anytime we want.

Bundle Dauntless Commander

The power as a war Commander without any fear, the Dauntless Commander that we know the ability to play. Even this bundle has a Classic style which is strong enough to deal with many enemies when faced with something like this.

Including the Dauntless Commander Bundle that has appeared so you won't make yourself weaker. Because it was at the beginning of its appearance from Gold Royale so you won't be too difficult with it.

Bundle Untamed Demilady

Then the appearance of the presence of the Untamed Demilady Bundle as a new Bundle from 2022 so that it is stronger. So that you will also give a lot, indeed giving a cool appearance as an Angel and a Devil to the female character. Even if it's from one color it's pretty cool, so you won't have any trouble with it.

Gives a really cool Bundle, because your strength will also become more overpowered better. So those of you who use the cool Girl character, maybe Untamed Demilady is very good.

Bundle Dusklit Slayer

Giving strength as an exterminator, Dusklit Slayer will make your female character even stronger. It doesn't even make the character very weak, it even gives a red color to give a faster victory also in the face of enemies.

Because by providing the Dusklit Slayer Bundle it is far superior, even its appearance in the Free Fire game is quite cool. It's not that hard, it gives great strength so that the battles that are sufficient in dealing with it all are even better.

After knowing the Latest Free Fire Bundle (FF) 2022, it means that you are also ready to be able to get all the bundles. Some we can get back and some we can't, because both are quite good and will give a different impression.

Even for now you can also know the 30 Best Weapons in the Free Fire Game , of course with this you can compete better. Because for the weapons in this game, of course, all of them are strong and have a very good effect for the player to use later.

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