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5 Ways to Get Battle Emote Layla Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. And there is a way to get the Battle Emote Layla Mobile Legends (ML), you can try that right now. As one of the coolest Battle Emotes so that we can show one of Layla's annoying faces.

Moreover, the missions that appear in this Mobile Legends game, there are already many and can be completed immediately. So that you can immediately get this latest gift so that you will have a great gift that is so cool right now.

Then there is also a Mobile Legends x Transformers Part 2 Collaboration which is so exciting, so you can try to get it right away. As one of the most attractive gifts, you will not find it difficult to have all the latest gifts like this now.

You can immediately try How to Get the Battle Emote Layla Mobile Legends (ML) so that you have an annoying Battle Emote. The thing is, from the appearance of Emote Layla, it will definitely look cooler for you to use right now.

How to Get Battle Emote Layla Mobile Legends (ML)

1. Login game Mobile Legends

We have to log in to the Mobile Legends game first, so we can get the Battle Emote from the current Hero Layla. Actually, this Battle Emote does have several ways, they are not too difficult and can be a bonus if you can have them.

2. Enter the Shop to Get the Battle Emote Layla

Players just need to enter the shop first, so they can get the Battle Emote Layla easily. Because from here it is sold separately at a price of 79 Dm only, but for the Bundle it's only 316 Dm in total.

3. Event Draw as a Bonus Prize

Even from the Event Draw that appears in Mobile Legends, sometimes you can get the Battle Emote Layla. Even though in conditions like this it is also a bonus and it is not certain to get the Emote prize.

4. Redeem Code or Other Events Also

Then there is also the Redeem Code in this Mobile Legends game, as well as some of the most recent events that are currently available. As one of the additions that already exist today, of course you can just finish it or exchange the code.

5. Battle Emote Enters Prep

If you have already got this Battle Emote, check the Prep section right away. If you can immediately use it as a Battle Emote in a match, then when you use it there may be some interesting events from here.

The emergence of features such as the Battle Emote shows the player's expression, so this is a very interesting new thing. Moreover, using Layla's Emote which is all annoying, including Layla's LOL Battle Emote with her big-mouthed laugh.

Then together using the Battle Emote, you can use the Action Emote Layla Mobile Legends for other additions. As one of the most powerful and challenging methods like this, it won't feel like all of that will be missed by you later.

Because you already know how to get the Battle Emote Layla Mobile Legends (ML), it won't be a problem to have this anymore. It is the most popular Battle Emote in the game, and it makes the opponent's emotions and looks like it has something funny.

There's even a Best Battle Emote in Mobile Legends , so you can use it right away in this game now. Showing various expressions to the enemy, will provide a different sensation for us to do.

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