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5 Painful Weapons in Bomb Squad Mode Ranked Free Fire

One of the new modes that are present in Free Fire is Bomb Squad 5v5 Ranked. In this Bomb Squad Mode, you will be divided into 2 teams, namely the Offense team and the Defense team. The Offense team has the task of blowing up one of the Bomb Sites, while the Defense team is tasked with preventing the Offense team from blowing up the Bomb Site.

In addition to good teamwork, one of the tips to win this Bomb Squad mode is choosing the right weapon. Well, for those of you who want to play in Bomb Squad mode, here are we presenting recommendations for the sickest weapons in Bomb Squad mode.

Recommendations for the Worst Weapon in Bomb Squad Mode

Strong characters are also very influential in Bomb Squad mode. If you don't have the strongest character in Free Fire to play in Bomb Squad mode, you can top up the Free Fire diamond first.

Because to have the strongest character you are required to exchange it for a number of diamonds. If you already have the strongest character, you can combine the following weapons to win Bomb Squad mode.

1. M1887

The sickest weapon in the first Ranked Free Fire Bomb Squad Mode is M1887. This Shotgun weapon has deadly damage and is very reliable for close combat.

With the M1887, you can finish off your opponent with just one bullet. So don't be surprised if this M1887 is the deadliest weapon in Free Fire.

2. MP40

In this 5v5 Ranked Bomb Squad mode, you'll be doing close combat more often. Well, one of the best melee weapons in Free Fire is the MP40

This weapon has painful damage and a very high Fire Rate. MP40 is also classified as the deadliest SMG weapon in Free Fire.

3. AK

One of the strongest AR weapons in Free Fire that you can rely on for the 5v5 Ranked Bomb Squad mode is the AK. AK has sick damage and a high enough fire rate for an AR weapon class.

Despite having great abilities, this weapon has a drawback where the Recoil of the AK itself is very high. So you have to control it well so that the attack can hit the opponent.

4. AWM

If you prefer to fight from a distance, then the AWM is the right weapon for you to use. This sniper weapon can kill the enemy with just one bullet.

But one thing you have to remember, the Bomb Squad map itself is designed for close combat. So if you want to use AWM, then you have to find a comfortable position to finish off your opponent.

5. AC80

The next most painful weapon that you can use in the Free Fire Ranked Bomb Squad mode is AC80. This Marksman Rifle weapon has a sick Damage and a fairly high Fire Rate.

For AC80 itself, it is very suitable for you to use for medium to long-distance battles. With this weapon, the enemy can be directly knocked with just one bullet.

Well, those are some of the sickest weapons that you can use in the 5v5 Ranked Free Fire Bomb Squad mode. Do you have your favorite weapon or not?

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