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5 Main Tasks of Hero Core in Mobile Legends 2022

Talking about online games, surely everyone agrees that Mobile Legends is one of the most popular online games. One very important role in this game is the core, because the role of being a core is to bring the key to victory for the team. So, this time we will discuss the main task of the core in Mobile Legends.

Because this core is the key to victory for the team, we can confirm that this role is very difficult. because if you don't play the core role as well as possible, you can be sure your team will lose.

The following are the main tasks of the Hero Core in Mobile Legends

Curious, what are the main tasks of the core in Mobile Legends? If so, let's look at the discussion below.

1. Protect the Turret

The main task of the first core in Mobile Legends is to protect the Turret. Actually, this one task is not just for the core, but for the whole team. In addition to protecting our turret from the enemy, you also have to destroy the opponent's turret.

By destroying the opponent's turret, the space for farming will be wider, so our team will be richer and buy items faster. While the enemy team will find it difficult to farm so that the items they have will take a long time to buy.

2. Helping a Troubled Team

The main task of the core in Mobile Legends is to help teams in trouble. For those of you who don't know, the cores should not stay in one lane as much as possible, they have to rotate each lane.

By helping a team that is in trouble and often kills enemies, the enemy build will take a long time to finish. While the build of teammates will be completed quickly, that way, you and your team will more easily win the match.

3. Control the Game

The main task of the core in the next Mobile Legends is to control the game. As we mentioned in the previous point, the core task is to guard the turret, destroy the opponent's turret, rotate and help the team.

In addition, the core must also give a signal when it's time to attack and when it's time to retreat. With a good game and minimal mistakes, you can convince your friends that you can lead them to victory.

4. Killing the Hero Core of the Opponent

Then kill the opponent's core hero. Now this one task is a very important task, there are many advantages if you can kill the opponent's core of course.

First you can make the enemy's mentality weaken, increase the chances of winning the match, make the opponent poorer and of course make your teammates more confident.

5. Bringing Victory to the Team

The last is to bring victory to the team. Now the main task of a core is to make the team win the game, to be a core, you must have extensive knowledge.

Besides that, a core must also be good at playing, because he has to push the opponent's turret quickly, kill the Lord quickly, get Turtel and kill a lot of enemies, so the opponent can't do anything to fight back.

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