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5 Ways to Get Emote Drop Kick Free Fire 2022

Free Fire has released lots of interesting latest updates for us to try. And there is a way to get Emote Drop Kick Free Fire (FF), it will indeed give a lot of prizes. If for example, we can have this gift, then as one of the rare Emotes which is very cool.

Never stop having lots of prizes and the latest events, players are also excited to keep playing later. Even in these conditions, it will also be very clear, because all of them will continue to have some cool missions for you to play now.

In the latest mission from the Bomb Squad 5v5 Free Fire Event Schedule, it turns out that there are lots of new prizes that we can use. As one of the many and very interesting prizes, for the players, there are also some good prizes that we can use easily.

Then there is also How to Get Emote Drop Kick Free Fire (FF), it can indeed make you later get prizes like this. Especially for the Emote too, it will make you stronger yourself with it so we have no trouble for you to use it too.

How to Get Emote Drop Kick Free Fire (FF)

Enter the Free Fire Game

First, you have to enter the Free Fire game first, so that you will soon find the Emote Drop Kick. The presence of this new Emote appears on June 2-16, 2022 to come.

Choose the Luck Royale and Faded Wheel Features

Then we can choose the Luck Royale feature that already exists so that you can find the prize soon. Even the Emote Drop Kick appears on the existing Faded Wheel feature, so we can use it.

Clear 2 Prizes before Spin

If you want to do this Spin, then you have to delete 2 prizes first. But Esportsku gives advice to all of you, to get rid of the gifts you already have as new ones now.

Spin Starting from 9 Diamonds to Get Emote Drop Kick

Then you will start doing Spins from the price of 9 Dm only, so we can get the Drop Kick Emote that you must find. But remember the more prizes we will get, the prices will start to rise and maybe up to 1000 Diamonds.

Gift Vault Entry

Then we can go directly to the Vault section, so we can see the Prizes from the existing Drop Kick Emote. Of course with the presence of the Emote, will give a lot of good gifts. Then just use the Bundle, so you can use it right away.

The presence of a new event with prizes like this is indeed a very cool gift. It is certain that the appearance of the Rarest Free Fire Emote will be an advantage for players to be able to have one of them right now.

If what Esports I know is that this is the Latest Free Fire x Lucha Libre AAA Collaboration, so you won't have a hard time facing the enemy. An Emote that will be difficult for us to get again, so this is a good opportunity for that.

After we already know How to Get Emote Drop Kick Free Fire (FF), you will miss that now. Because there are still some new things that we do have, you yourself will definitely make yourself not confused about having them.

Then understand the Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, so that later you can get the main prize more easily. Because these tips will make you stronger later, you won't be able to miss this at all.

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