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5 Battle Spell Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Then try 5 Battle Spell Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends (ML), will support this Hero to be even stronger. It wouldn't even be too difficult to face the enemy, because Beatrix had such a powerful Spell.

Moreover, the Beatrix hero that you use when used during matches, will make the team have a very good Marksman. So that the battle will not be difficult at all, as long as you can use it properly and correctly.

That's why Tips for Using Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends , so that you are not too difficult to face this enemy. Because the ability of Hero Beatrix itself is strong, so you won't be too difficult to master the use of this weapon easily.

Then try 5 Battle Spell Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends (ML), will make Beatrix even more complete and perfect in strength too. You will definitely have a power that can't be considered disappointing for you to use later.

Battle Spell Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends (ML)


For the first Spell, this is indeed quite good for Hero Beatrix, but only for certain weapons. That's why Beatrix herself uses Inspire on a weapon called Nibiru, because it has a very fast total attack when you use it.

Inspire also has an additional strong attack Buff, so you can master Duel when using this Spell with Nibiru. Especially if, for example, Build Beatrix itself is complete, so it won't be too difficult for you to face the enemy.


One of the Battle Spells that will make your Hero blink quickly, will definitely protect Beatrix easily. Because Flicker's own abilities match all Beatrix's Weapons, as well as battle conditions even though his Skill 2 is also almost the same.

It's a spell of choice too, so Flicker itself is very easy for you to use when competing. Even being a Top Pick for a Spell from Beatrix until now, it's no wonder that many Mythic also use this Spell as well.


Because the damage from Beatrix's attack is so great, so Execute is also pretty good for you to use. Because the use of Spell Execute Mobile Legends will give a very high True Damage when competing later.

In any type of weapon for Beatrix, it will definitely become easier when you use it. That's why when the enemy is dying and we can immediately use it, so as not to confuse Execute with Hero Beatrix.


Beatrix can indeed be a Hyper, but it's rare for us to find her in games. Of course the Retribution Spell is very helpful, it can even give one power to flatten the Forest Monster very easily.

But you have to be able to determine what colored Spell Retribution is, so you can follow the game better. Because it will make Beatrix invincible, and get support from this Spell when attacking enemies.


Remember that Beatrix is ​​one of the most targeted heroes in a match, because of her damage and agility. That's why Beatrix is ​​also suitable for using an Aegis Spell so that later enemy attacks will not be felt at all.

So, there are also Tips for Using the Aegis Mobile Legends Spell , so you don't lose easily and are on time. So that the battle will also become more final, in fact it will make Beatrix easier for us to use.

Because you already know 5 Battle Spell Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends (ML), then make sure to play correctly and don't be careless. Because the Spell's power is so great and helpful, we will get better at dealing with existing enemies.

Then understand also the Hero Combo Beatrix Mobile Legends , it will definitely become easier to use when competing. The battle conditions are quite unmatched, will definitely make you and this hero stronger with the Combo and Battle Spell.

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