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Zeys Predicts This Team Will Win the MSC 2022 Event Games

Evos Legends coach Zeys predicts which team will later become the MSC 2022 champion.

MPL ID Season 9 ended the league and brought two teams from Indonesia to win a slot in the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022 tournament.

The two teams were RRQ Hoshi who won MPL ID season 9, and Onic Esports who took second place.

In addition, Malaysia will later send Todak and Orange Esports to MSC 2022. And many teams will participate in the tournament.

When doing a QnA on his Instagram, Zeys was of the opinion that RRQ Hoshi could be the MSC 2022 champion in the future.

“RRQ wins M Series in my heart. But in my opinion, RRQ won MSC 2022,Zeys wrote on Instagram.

This also answers the question that if Zeys becomes the coach of RRQ Hoshi, the team can certainly become world champions 3 times in a row.

Looking at RRQ Hoshi’s current performance, no doubt they are on fire and there is definitely a good chance to become the MSC 2022 champion.

RRQ Hoshi’s gameplay in MPL ID Season 9 was so impressive that they became the hardest team to beat.

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