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Xbox CEO Reveals Their Toughest Competitor

Microsoft’s Vice President of Gaming, Spencer said that currently the main competitors of the Xbox are not traditional consoles like Sony and Nintendo. Then who is the main rival Xbox today?

Spencer revealed that with the development of cloud gaming technology, Sony and Nintendo are no longer the main rivals for Xbox. He considers the two traditional consoles lagging behind in this sector. Currently Google and Amazon are aggressively developing their cloud gaming technology, and Xbox considers the two to be more worthy of being called main rivals for now compared to Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft is currently preparing Azure as the foundation or foundation for their cloud gaming. Azure itself is currently trusted by many large companies in cloud computing matters.

Spencer firmly believes in the bright future of cloud gaming as well as Xbox. It is hoped that this technology will be able to overcome problems or obstacles that are often experienced by gamers such as hardware limitations.

For now, cloud gaming is still far from being feasible for playing games. It requires a fast connection, high data downloads, and not to mention the input lag problem which is the biggest problem of cloud gaming for now. Even companies as big as Google are still struggling with this problem. But if this problem can be overcome later, it is likely that traditional consoles will indeed be left behind.

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