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Mobile Game Counter: Side Officially Released

Mobile Game Counter: Side Has Officially Released. If you follow the development of mobile games, of course you know that lately there is a lot of buzz about the game Counter: Side. This game was developed by a studio that includes former game developers Closers and Elsword, so it’s only natural that the public has higher expectations for Counter: Side.

Counter Side is a mobile RPG that carries the genre “strategy action RPG” and “urban fantasy RPG”. This game tells of an army called Watch Counters who are assigned to eradicate a creature named Erosion aiming for Eternium. When first released, there will be around 100 characters, all of which can be obtained in the game. Each character also has a different illustration and background sound.

The concept of this game may be more inclined towards strategy where you are asked to lead a military company that has various troops.

This game has now been released but unfortunately only released in South Korea. Players from Indonesia have not been able to download it from the Play Store. But don’t worry, you can still play it by downloading it from QooApp.

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