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Windah Basudara Attends MPL ID S9 Day 2 Playoff Match, RRQ Hoshi Comeback EVOS Legends Games

MPL Season 9 is very popular with unique meta-issues. Not an in-game meta, but an out-of-game meta created by the participants to increase their fighting spirit during the competition. For example the Bigetron Alpha Botak meta, ONIC cap meta, Alter Ego meta book to the BA aka Brand Ambassador meta competition.

On the second day of the MPL season 9 playoffs, RRQ Hoshi brought Windah Basudara, their BA who is known to be the most phenomenal. Known for her cuteness while streaming, Windah sat right in the front seat as RRQ struggled to beat its eternal rival, EVOS Legends.

RRQ Hoshi almost fell into the lower bracket, but Windah’s support managed to bring back Raja’s troops to make a comeback until the score changed from 2-0 to 3-2 for RRQ Hoshi.

On the sidelines of the match, Windah looks very busy serving the requests of the fans at the MPL Arena to just take pictures.

“First time watching here, it’s really fun. Too bad I can’t scream. The sound is gone,” he said. The conversation occurred when RRQ had just won the third game, opening hope for them to equalize the score.

Windah continued her support for RRQ Hoshi by calling out “Prok, prok, prok! Guys 1-2 guys, there is still hope for RRQ. So for RRQ Kingdom, please give your support, watch it directly on MPL official because we have to catch up, guys. Let’s go lets go! Viva RRQ spirit!” he shouted.

Skylar who was met in the post-match interview agreed that Windah’s support added to their enthusiasm.

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