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Win Playing Mobile Legend, Try Using This Magic Chess Hero Combo

The Mobile Legends game is still one of the most sought after by the younger generation. No wonder Moonton keeps doing updates so that this game is still loved. One of them is the emergence of a new mode called magic chess. Interestingly, this mode is equipped with various characters magic chess hero unique and can be combined to produce combo strongest.

What is Magic Chess?

strongest magic chess hero

Simply put, magic chess is a form of game mode Arcade in Mobile Legends. Well, in this mode, you will fight using a chessboard measuring 6×7, Little Commanderand combo synergy of the heroes used.

No different from fashion ranked, you can still raise ranking in fashion magic chessstarting from Warrior, Elite, Master, Grand Master, Epick, Legends, and Mythical Glory. In addition, you will also find many types of hero synergies, such as Marksman, Weapon Master, Mage, Elementalist, Targeman, Wrestler, Guardian, Shape Shifter, Assassin, Cyborg, Dragon Altar, Elf, Monastery Of Light, The Western Expanse, Celestial, Blood Demon, The King, Northern Vale, Eruditio, and Abyss.

Each synergy also has various abilities. So, you also need to know what are the abilities of the hero and their synergies so that you can make combo hero magic chess best in the game.

Best Commander Magic Chess

magic chess best commander

Little Commander is a character who serves as a strategist so that he can win the game. Each character has different abilities and of course very influential on the course of the game. Following commander best magic chess which you can choose:

  • Benny. Has a shape like a tiger and is a commander strongest in magic chess. His abilities are freezing trap, king of beasts, and hunter instinct.
  • Eggie. Commander shaped like a bird’s egg that just hatched. Eggie has the ability exonomize, heat of battle, and
  • Abe. Similar to Akia, only smaller in size. Abe has three abilities, namely anger, deadly strict, and
  • Remy. Little commander This tough one has a shape like a rabbit. Her ability is money grubber, finance genius, and gold life.
  • Buss. This magic cat includes commander favorite because of his unique ability, that is bone to the weak, waste not want notand the midas touch.
  • Connie. Commander best magic chess It’s shaped like a very cute pink sheep. His ability is let’s play, i want all of them, and one more.
  • Yuki. This snow mage also became one commander best magic chess for having skills in the form of deadly snipe, absolute loyalty, and
  • Mavis. Commander with a shape like a black bat with the ability to form gathering strength, my soldiers attack, and a matter of life or death.
  • Pao. Mini dragon with formidable abilities. You can choose one of skills The following pie: shields up, magic circle, and dragon’s gift.
  • Ragnar. Mini and cute version of Franco’s hero who has skills in the form of regen, defenseand recovery.
  • Eva. A little fairy with the shape of a deer. Eva has the ability in the form of coordination, toughness,and
  • Harper. Commander best magic chess which you definitely get default. Harper also has three cool abilities, namely shields, blocks, and

Best Hero Magic Chess

best hero magic chess

After knowing commander magic chessyou also have to know who the best heroes are magic chess. No different from commanders, choosing the right hero will make you win the game easily. The options are:

  • Chang’e. This hero has burst damage large so that it can be used as a hero carry in If you choose Mage synergy, burst damage will be even bigger. Basically, as long as the position is good, you can use it as a character hypercarry.
  • Odette. The price is quite expensive, which is 5 gold. No wonder Odette is one of the hero magic chess best. However, this one hero will only appear in slot 7. So you can get it immediately, use commander Buss 3.
  • Karina. This hero is quite difficult to beat, especially when using crystals Marksman. Worthy of being called a hero magic chess strongest, you can put Karina as hyper carry because it will give damage which is very powerful even if only using attack items.
  • Freya. best heroes magic chess This is very suitable for use with synergy Northern Vale. You can combine it with commander Benny, Remy, or Eggie.
  • Irithel. Even though it’s very tough if it uses energy Astro Power or Marksman, Irithel’s position remains to be decisive. However, you should know that Irithel will be great when wearing crystals Gunner or
  • Zilong. This hero will be very strong if you activate synergy Weapon Master or Cadia Riverlands.
  • Thamus. Hero that you must use if you choose synergy Weapon Masters.

Best Combo Choice of Hero Magic Chess

magic chess hero combos

So that you can win the game, have commander and strong heroes are not enough. You should know too combo best hero magic chess. Here are the options:

  • 6 archers, 3 AstroPower, and 4 Assassin. You can use Little Commander Remy 3 because it’s easy to get
  • 6 AstroPower, 4 Abyss, 4 assassins, 3 Weapon Master. You can use Commander Buss 1, 2, or Remy 3
  • 6 Astro Power and 4 Swordsman. Choice Commander recommended for combo this is Buss 1 or 2.
  • 4 Wyrmslayer, 4 swordsman, and 4 Wrestler. You simply activate 4 Wyrmslayer because it is difficult to get a hero.
  • 6 Wyrmslayer, 6 gunner, and 2 Wrestler. Combo This one is very difficult because you need slots, crystals, slots and blessing. Pay attention too positioning if you want to activate combo

Well, that was the review and choice commanderheroes, and combo best hero magic chess the best that you can use to win the Mobile Legends game. To make it more fun, give it skin best for your hero. You can top up diamonds to buy skin easier targeting via UniPin. There are many choices diamonds and various payment methods that you can choose. Have a nice play!

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