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Wildland Walkers, These are Myriad Prizes

Entering August 2022, Free Fire players are ready to welcome the newest Elite Pass FF, namely “Wildland Walkers”. This is an elite pass for the 39th season. So, what are the attractive prizes on offer? Is there a promo for purchasing the elite pass this time? Of course you can buy using UniPin and take advantage of the promos there.

For FF players, using an elite pass can be a distinct advantage. By using the elite pass, we can get various prizes. Such as: certain rewards/gifts, can access elite challengeget an increased gold limit, and lots of prizes worth 10,000 diamonds.

Elite Pass Wildland Walkers Prize Row

Here are the various prizes available in the elite pass series this time.

  • Wildland Walkers Pickup Trucks,
  • Fiery Scarecrow Bundle,
  • Treatment Gun Scarecrow,
  • Backpack Lantern of Doom,
  • Wildland Slasher,
  • The Walker Emotes,
  • Surfboard Wicked Broomstick,
  • lootbox walker’s fury,
  • The Blazing Scarecrow Bundle.

You can buy a row of attractive prizes at a price of 500 and 999 diamonds. 500 diamonds for elite pass and 999 diamonds for elite bundle. For purchasing FF diamonds, you can take advantage of the service flash top up available on
fill in elite pass FF August 2021

Not only that, this elite pass is also equipped with an Elite Pass Exclusive Chest, in which there are 2 new prizes and various other conventional items. The two new prizes available include:

  • Skin Blazing Scarecrow for male characters,
  • and Skin Fiery Scarecrow for female characters.

How, so more interested to have it? If you want to buy, you can immediately get a diamond with a top up via UniPin.

Quick and Easy Way to Top Up Diamond FF

To top up FF, you can use UniPin. Later you can pay via Indomaret/Alfamart, you can pay using credit, pay using bank transfer, use UniPin vouchers, or pay using e-wallet (such as GoPay, OVO, DANA, and others). If you want to top up FF through Indomaret, you can first buy a UniPin voucher at the nearest Indomaret.

Here’s how.

  1. Go to web, then go to the page Free Fire top up.
  2. Enter it in your FF account, then select the nominal diamond to be purchased.
    top up ff unipin
  3. Next, determine the payment method you will use.
    top up payment method ff
  4. If you have, just continue to confirm the purchase and you can immediately pay using the payment method that was chosen.
  5. After the payment is successful, the FF diamond will immediately be added to your account. Then you can immediately use the diamond to purchase the desired elite pass.

If you want to top up cheaper, you can also take advantage of the latest promos on UniPin. To check the latest UniPin promo, you can check here: UniPin’s newest promo.

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