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Who is the Creator and Maker of FF? Let's Find Out Here!

Have you ever thought who created the Free Fire game? Of course, this has occurred to most of the players who played the game. The success of Free Fire itself is undeniable.

Even now the game has been downloaded more than 1 billion times worldwide. Free Fire is also very popular in Indonesia. As a FF player, of course you know who the creator or FF Maker is a must-know thing.

In this article, Halogame will tell you the person who created the most phenomenal game today. Curious? Let’s find out below.

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Who is the Maker of FF Games?

Free Fire Creator

Who is the Maker of Free Fire Game
Forrest Li | BusinessIndonesia

It is known that Free Fire is a game created by a Singaporean named Forrest Li. That’s right, he is not Indonesian, even though Free Fire is so popular in this country.

Basically Free Fire was developed by Garena. Of course, the success of Free Fire cannot be separated from Garena’s role in consistently updating their game.

Forrest Li is a 41-year-old businessman from Singapore. Currently, he owns a 14% stake in SEA, a Singapore-based company. Currently, the shares of SEA are valued at USD 1 billion or around IDR 14 trillion.

However, Forrest Li is actually not 100% Singaporean. Because according to information, he was born in China but chose to become a Singaporean.

Subsidiary of SEA Group Limited

Who is the Maker of Free Fire Game
Forrest Li | Free Fire Mania

Garena itself is known to be a subsidiary of SEA Group Limited. A company based in Singapore and Forrest Li is one of the key people in it. In addition, Garena itself has several studios, one of which is 111 Dots Studio which is in charge of developing Free Fire.

Now, That’s FF Game Maker. So from now on, don’t be misinformed again. Many Free Fire players think that the creator of the game is from Indonesia. Moreover, Garena is based in Indonesia.

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