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How to Overcome the Latest 2022 FF Banned Devices!

Having trouble Banned Device FF? Here is the solution to the problem.

Winning in a battle royale themed game is not easy. With your own capital or with a team, you have to fight almost dozens of people at once in one place. You have to beat everyone to win the game.

However, difficulties like these are what make battle royale-themed games interesting to play. This is also the reason why Free Fire has now penetrated 1 billion downloads worldwide.

Because of the difficulty of winning the game, not a few Free Fire players use shortcuts. That’s right, by using Cheats in the game. As a result, like it or not, their account was banned by Garena.

Most of them had to lose their favorite Free Fire account. In addition, Garena also does not hesitate to ban FF players’ devices if they are caught using the FF cheat.

But calm down, because in this article Halogame will provide a solution to this problem. We’ll tell you how to Overcoming Banned Device FF easily. Curious? Let’s see below.

How to Overcome the Latest 2022 Free Fire Banned Devices

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1. Using Multiple Clone Apps

How to Overcome the Latest 2022 Free Fire Banned Devices
Free Fire | Retuwit

The first way you can use is to use an application called Multiple Clone. This application has been around for a long time to solve the problem of banned devices, including Free Fire.

Just Download the App Multiple Clone and Install as usual. But there are many versions that you can choose from, the best version is based on the smartphone you have. After successfully selecting the version, run the Multiple Clone Application.

Use the application to clone your Free Fire game. The process for doing this is fairly easy and simple for beginners. Wait for the process to finish and try playing your Free Fire again.

2. Using the Xposed Virutal App

How to Overcome the Latest 2022 Free Fire Banned Devices
Free Fire | Youtube

First of course you have to download the application Virtual Xposed. This application will later help you in overcoming the problem of banned FF devices. Just click on the link we have provided above.

If the download process is complete, try running the application. Swipe to the top menu and select Xposed Installer. On this page, you will be given a tutorial for using the application. Just follow what they tell you.

Finally, your task is only to open the Free Fire game. However, to try whether it works or not, you have to use a new Free Fire account. You will not be able to open it with the old account because it has been banned by Garena.

Now, That’s How to Overcome the Latest Banned Device Free Fire 2022. We need to remind you that you cannot return your FF account that has been banned by Garena. However, you can solve device problems to play the game again.

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