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While In The Philippines, Mobazane Conveys His Intention To Play On The INT Blacklist Games

It was widely heard that Mobazane would move to Southeast Asia some time ago, not long ago the jungler from the BloodThirstyKings team had just arrived in the Philippines. He came to watch the Philippines playoffs live and did an interview there.

He was asked about the possibility of playing for the Philippines team. Playing in a region with a tight competition scheme such as MPL PH has become Mobazane’s dream. He admitted that he was interested in defending Blacklist International. It’s just that there is a condition that their flagship Jungler Wise has not returned from a break.

Uploaded from MPL PH’s Instagram, Mobazane said if he could join the MPL team in the Philippines, he would choose the International Blacklist because it suits his playing style.

“If I can join the MPL PH team whose playing style suits me, I think I’ll choose Blacklist International if Wise hasn’t made a comeback because they’re currently struggling with their new jungler. I think I can help them,” said Mobazane.

After winning M3, Blacklist was cursed by M World for failing to qualify for the MPL PH S9 Qualifier. Apart from the curse factor, Wise and Ohmyv33nus this season also had a big impact on the Blacklist’s performance.

Next season with the presence of M4 qualifiers like the V33-Wise duo will return. Mobazane also announced that they will be defending BTK again for the M4 again. However, it is possible that there will be a surprising transfer, especially since Mobazane wants to take part in the Southeast Asian region.

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