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Here are 5 Strongest Mobile Legends Tanker Heroes That You Must Use Games

Carrying out a tough task in each war, here are a series of Mobile Legends heroes for the tanker role.

As an important role, the initiation of a tanker must be done to achieve victory for the team. especially for you, here we recommend a mobile legend hero commonly used for tank roles:

Tanks have a special task to withstand every enemy attack in the war that occurs. No wonder tankers are often the recipient of the most damage in each war.

Uniquely, currently in META Mobile Legends, there are several tanks that can be used for various roles. Throughout the last MPL Season 9, pro players often used tank heroes as junglers

Carrying out a tough task in every war, here are recommendations for mobile legends heroes for tanker roles. Which hero do you want to use?

1. Khufra

Montage heroes like Khufra are the right choice to face agile heroes like Ling to Fanny. Khufra’s 2nd skill allows this hero to cancel the dash of these heroes.

2. Johnson

The duet of Johnson and Kadita which was introduced in the 9th season of MPL did attract attention. This hero has many skills with Crowd Control effects. Troublesome, Johnson is also known as the most flexible hero who can do combos with other heroes.

3. Baxia

The sick damage from Baxia makes this tank hero so flexible in META now, in some matches, this hero is even used as a jungler. The thick blood and fast movement make Baxia so scary.

4. Franco

After being buffed in META now, Franco is the right hero for you to use as a tanker. This hero has a slick Crowd Control effect with an on point hook.

5. Atlas

As a tanker, Atlas with a deadly Crowd Control effect is very reliable to use during war. Stun from skill 2 Atlas will certainly be very terrible if it is hit by two opposing players.

That was the recommendation for the Mobile Legends hero for the tanker role. Of the 5 heroes above, which hero are you interested in trying?

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