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Which Weapon Should You Choose?

In the RPG genre, the Monster Hunter series has an open character progression with various options. Consider choosing class specifically before playing, this game gives you the opportunity to become a “jack of all trades” aka versatile. Simply put, players can switch skills setskills, even weapons at will!

Weapons have the greatest influence in determining the next move during the fight. Weapon selection is also useful for considering the type armor which will be used. Monster Hunter Tips: World itself has 14 types of weapons. However, which weapon is the most suitable for you?

If you are confused about choosing, the discussion about Monster Hunter World weapons the following can be a reference!

Weapon List in Monster Hunter: World

monster hunter world weapon tree

Every Monster Hunter World weapons has its own advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of characteristics and attacks. Come on, check out a brief description of each weapon below!

  1. Dual Blades — Light, but can be used for very fast attacks.
  2. Hammer — Slow, but can deal high damage attacks.
  3. Long Sword — Agile and suitable for close combat.
  4. Great Sword — Giant in size anddamage high, but slow.
  5. Sword & Shield — Good mobility, balanced and suitable for beginners.
  6. Lance — Strong attack and defense.
  7. Hunting Horn — An easy-to-use long-range support weapon.
  8. Light Bowgun — High mobility with continuous fire.
  9. Insect Glaive — Agile, plenty buffand can attack aerially.
  10. Switch Ax — Fast, versatile, and powerful damage elemental.
  11. Gunlance — Limited range with high attack power.
  12. Heavy Bowgun — Slow, but delivers damage very strong range.
  13. Bow — Fast and deals long range attacks with debuff.
  14. Charge Blade — Powerful, fast, versatile.

Well, apart from the general list of weapons, you can also check Monster Hunter World weapon tree for each type. Click here to learn more.

Best Weapon in Monster Hunter: World

monster hunter best weapon

After knowing the collection of unique weapons above, which one do you think is the best weapon? Let’s read the order Monster Hunter best weapon following!

Dual Blades have spending potential damage which is quite good and can produce consecutive combos. However, using this weapon is the same as giving up all your defenses.

This weapon is quite multifunctional and its use is relatively easy to understand. Long Sword can reach long distances, attack continuously, and is suitable for various challenges.

Light Bowgun is suitable for players who like long range play style and high mobility. This weapon can be loaded with various types of ammunition, each of which gives a different effect.

As the most complex weapon in MHW, learning the Charge Blade takes a long time. However, when you understand it, your struggle will not be in vain. Charge Blade has two modes, namely the form of an ax, and the form of a sword and shield.

Monster Hunter World weapons this one is very versatile, giving damage per second, does not hinder movement, and is equipped with unlimited ammo. Even so, the Bow requires in-depth knowledge, both about the weapon itself and the monsters to be fought.

Heavy Bowgun has a very wide range at once damage per attack is high. However, keep in mind, this weapon will slightly limit movement and you will have to reload the ammo yourself.

Another weapon that has two forms and applies a system phial. Switch Ax is very agile, versatile, and can reach and give damage pretty good. When activating sword mode, the system phial will store energy and release it as damage when attacking.

If talking about weapons with damage per attack is the highest in the game, the answer is Great Sword. Although less agile and requires you to position your character wisely, this sword can block attacks.

Gunlance is one of the Monster Hunter World weapons The most interesting one that emphasizes solid attack range and defense. This weapon is very strong to attack the body parts of monsters that are difficult to destroy. Although his mobility is quite poor, his protective abilities are second best in the game.

Lance is the best defensive weapon in MHW with the ability to withstand attacks while still moving. His attacks are good and have a fairly wide range. The downside? You have to know the enemy’s weak points and experience some resistance when moving.

Hammer is a weapon that is quite unique. This weapon is heavy and can only deal -type damage blunt to give stun on the enemy. However, as it turned out, these characteristics did not reduce its mobility. You can even run while carrying this weapon.

Do you like high mobility weapons? If so, Insect Glaive is very suitable to be installed on your character. This weapon is combined with Kinsect and each gives its own effect, such as debuff on monsters or healing buff to teammates. The Insect Glaive has a wide range and can attack in the air, but damageit’s small.

Weapons it can attack while holding back damage. Indeed, it took a long time to sharpen the sword because it was so easily blunted. However, Sword and Shield can be categorized as balanced and suitable for use by beginners.

Hunting Horn took the first place. Like a Hammer, this weapon can give stun on enemies with consecutive attacks. Each attack can intertwine and form a melody. This melody will give variety buff to teammates. You could say, the Hunting Horn is the most creative weapon in MHW.

Actually, nothing Monster Hunter World weapons which completely outperforms the other types. It all comes back to the style of play, the types of monsters you fight, and the number of players involved in the game. However, after reading the reviews above, there are definitely weapons that will catch your eye and suit your needs.

Which weapon will you choose? Come on, write the answer and the reason in the comments column!

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