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What is Point Blank Rank? Know the Sequence and EXP Required

One of the computer games on line FPS genre (first person shooter) which is liked by many gamer is Point Blank. Games from South Korea, which was developed by Zepetto, has been played by millions of players from various parts of the world.

Challenging and exciting, that’s the impression that describes games Point Blank. In addition to enjoying the game, you will also be more motivated by the rank system that is applied. Point Blank Rank indicates the level of point blank players based on the results of the game.

Rank Function on Point Blank

zapetto point blank rank
Source: Satriabaja

In the Point Blank game, players will be represented by a character (char). When a new game starts, char have a low rank. The more you play and the more you win, the more points you can raise in rank char. Interestingly, the higher the rank char, the rifle used is getting better. This greatly affects the accuracy of the shot.

It could be said, the ranking system in Point Blank is similar to the rank in the military world. Beginner players usually have a rank Newbie. To move up the ranks, players can buy mission cards and finish it. After that, players will get experience which can increase rank. So, the more experience owned, the faster the player will rise in rank.

Not only char players who are grouped by rank, but also the clan they occupy. Clan is a group of players consisting of several teams. Each team usually consists of 5-6 people. Clan formed based on the interactions that occur in the game. In the team at clanthe players can set the strategy so as to win the battle.

Char Point Blank Rank Order

highest rank point blank

Well, so you can play games this is more exciting, it’s good to know the rank order of Point Blank 2022 that applies to char.

PBExp Terms.Need Exp.
Senior Trainee2,0003,000
Staff Sgt. Grade 121,0009,000
Staff Sgt. Grade 230,00011,000
Staff Sgt. Grade 341,00013,000
Sgt. 1st Class Grade 154,50016,000
Sgt. 1st Class Grade 270,50019,000
Sgt. 1st Class Grade 389,00021,000
Sgt. 1st Class Grade 4110,00024,000
Master Sgt. Grade 1134,00027,000
Master Sgt. Grade 2161,00030,000
Master Sgt. Grade 3191,00033,000
Master Sgt. Grade 4224,00036,000
Master Sgt. Grade 5260,00041,000
2nd Lt. Grade 1301,00046,000
2nd Lt. Grade 2347,00051,000
2nd Lt. Grade 3398.00056,000
2nd Lt. Grade 4454,00062,000
1st Lt. Grade 1516.00068.000
1st Lt. Grade 2584,00074,000
1st Lt. Grade 3658.00080,000
1st Lt. Grade 4738.00086,000
1st Lt. Grade 5824,00093,000
Captain Grade 1917,000100,000
Captain Grade 21,017,000107,000
Captain Grade 31,124,000114,000
Captain Grade 41.238.000121,000
Captain Grade 51,359,000151,000
Major Grade 11.510,000181,000
Major Grade 21,691,000211,000
Major Grade 31,902,000241,000
Major Grade 42,143,000271,000
Major Grade 52,414,000311,000
lt. Colonel Grade 12,725,000352,000
lt. Colonel Grade 23,076,000391,000
lt. Colonel Grade 33,467,000431,000
lt. Colonel Grade 43,898,000471,000
lt. Colonel Grade 54,369,000521,000
Colonel Grade 14,890,000571,000
Colonel Grade 25,461,000621,000
Colonel Grade 36,082,000671,000
Colonel Grade 46,753,000721,000
Colonel Grade 57,474,000781,000
Brigadier8,255,000, minimum 5% of top ranking
Major General12,834,800, minimum 4% top ranking
lt. General17,059,000, minimum 3% of top ranking
General36,150,000, minimum 2% of top ranking
Commander124,000,000, minimum 1% of top ranking

The Exp obtained will be added to the previous Exp so that the result becomes the total Exp which will be a requirement for obtaining a new title. Based on the total experience gained, there are also Point Blank rank others, namely:

  • Brigadier with a total experience of 8,255,000 or at least in the top 5% of the ranking.
  • Major General with a total Exp of 12,834,800 or at least being in the top 4% of the ranking.
  • General with a total Exp of 17,059,000 or at least in the top 3% of the ranking.
  • General with a total Exp of 36,150,000 or at least in the top 2% of the ranking.
  • Commander with a total Exp of 124,000,000 or at least in the top 1% of the ranking. This is highest rank of Point Blank.

If observed, the higher the level of the player in point blank, the greater the Exp points needed. So, you need extra consistency to reach higher ranks.

Point Blank Clan Rank Order

rank point blank 2020

Besides char player, clan also have a different order of rank. To advance in rank, there is a requirement of Exp needed. Here’s the full review.

  • Newbie needs 24,000 Exp to level up.
  • Grade 1 trainees required 40,000 Exp and Grade 2 required 48,000 Exp.
  • Novice Grade 1 required 56,000 Exp and Grade 2 required 72,000 Exp
  • Support Grade 1 required 80,000 Exp, Grade 2 required 120,000 Exp, and Grade 3 required 160,000 Exp.
  • Grade 1 required 120,000 Exp, Grade 2 required 200,000 Exp, Grade 3 required 240,000 Exp, and Grade 4 required 280,000 Exp.
  • Grade 1 required 320,000 Exp, Grade 2 required 360,000 Exp, Grade 3 required 380,000 Exp, and Grade 4 required 400,000 Exp.
  • Grade 1 required 480,000 Exp, Grade 2 required 560,000 Exp, Grade 3 required 640,000 Exp, Grade 3 (silver) required 720,000 Exp, Grade 3 (gold) required 560,000 Exp.
  • Grade 1 required 640,000 Exp, Grade 2 required 720,000 Exp, Grade 3 required 800,000, Grade 3 (silver) required 880,000 Exp, and Grade 3 (gold) required 960,000 Exp.
  • Grade 1 required 1,840,000 Exp, Grade 2 required 1,120,000 Exp, Grade 3 required 1,200,000 Exp, Grade 3 (silver) required 1,280,000 Exp, and Grade 3 (gold) required 1,600,000 Exp.
  • Grade 1 required 1,920,000 Exp, Grade 2 required 1,440,000 Exp, Grade 3 required 2,560,000 Exp, Grade 3 (silver) required 2,880,000 Exp, and Grade 3 (gold) required 3,200,000 Exp.
  • Grade 1 required 3,520,000 Exp, Grade 2 required 3,840,000 Exp, Grade 3 required 4,160,000 Exp, Grade 3 (silver) required 4,480,000 Exp, and Grade 3 (gold) required 4,800,000 Exp.
  • Grade 1 required 5,120,000 Exp, Grade 2 required 3,440,000 Exp, and Grade 3 required 6,080,000 Exp.
  • Grade 1 required 7,200,000 Exp and Grade 2 required 9,200,000 Exp.

If you want to raise the rank clanthe step that must be done is often follow war clan and win it. Well, here’s a full review of Point Blank rank and the amount of Exp needed to level up. Have a nice play!

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