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What are the latest Garena events that you can participate in?

The main attraction of the game on line like Free Fire lies in the challenges that must be faced in each match. However, not only that, you can also get various costumes, skinaccessories, Garena shell and diamonds after completing a match. This equipment can make the next game experience even more exciting.

You can get various items by exchanging it directly with diamonds. However, to get diamonds in large quantities quickly, the most likely way is to buy it with money. Price diamonds proportional to the amount diamonds which will be obtained. So, you must provide enough money to buy diamonds.

Diligently Participate in Events To Get Rewards

Well, if you don’t want to spend money to buy diamondsanother alternative that can be done is to diligently follow Garena’s latest event 2022. Anything events latest you can follow? Come on, check here the list.

  • Booyah Day: Friendly Match

Garena's newest event 2020

Booyah Day is one of events a routine that Garena holds for Survivors. Latest Garena events The theme of this Friendly Match was held on October 25, 2022, from 19.00 WIB to 22.00 WIB. There are 12 teams that will compete on this occasion. You can follow this event directly live streaming on YouTube FF Esports ID.

Specifically for events this time, the system applied was a point system. Participants in first place will get 50 points, second place 40 points, and third place 30 points. One kill counted as one point. Meanwhile, folder used are Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari.

The Survivors who login when Peak Day Booyah Day will get rewards in the form of a Booyah Day UMP weapon skin for free.

  • Friend Callback Booyah Day

Garena free fire latest event

Latest Garena events Another recently held event was Friend Callback Booyah Day. The reward that will be obtained by players who successfully complete the mission is 19,999 diamonds for free. The event will take place on 19-23 October 2022.

How to complete the mission on events this is to invite other friends to come back to play Free Fire. The more friends you invite, the greater the chance to win grand prize provided.

  • Free Fire Royale Combat Season 6

Garena free fire latest event 2020

You can take part in this exciting tournament that has been held several times from 19 October 2022 to 8 November 2022. Royale Combat is a tournament on line national level performed in Battle Royale Squad Mode. Players who want to register for free can go through the FFC Mode feature inside games.

The Royale Combat tournament format has several stages. After passing the preliminary phase, 3 groups of 12 teams will meet in the semifinal match. The best four rankings from all competing teams will win the title in the final round.

If you want to register latest Garena FF event this, make sure you have reached level 30. The minimum rank is Platinum 1 and Rank Points 2038. The team that registers must contain 5 people, 4 people as main players and the rest as reserve players.

latest Garena FF event

As Survivors, you must follow Garena Free Fire’s newest event namely Booyah Day 2022 which will be held on October 16, 2022 to November 1, 2022. There are several programs carried out, namely:

  • Bingo Game is a simple game of opening cards to get “Booyah” or “Defeat”. Every time you get 1 Bingo, you will get 5 Booyah Crown Tokens. Mini games This can only be played once a day.
  • Booyah Go is defeating monsters to get Booyah Crown Token. To start games In this case, you must have the Booyah Candy Token. Mini games can be reset several times a day, but the number of tokens required will continue to increase. Players can collect rewards along the way in folder.
  • The Global Booyah Milestone is achieving milestones certain and get the prizes that have been provided. If you reach the Global Milestone, you can unlock exchange store.
  • Booyah Leaderboard is to get as many Booyah as possible to reach the top 100 ranking. The prizes you can get are Booyah Day Pins and Booyah Day 2022 avatars.
  • Booyah Exchange is to get bundle special by collecting Booyah Crown Token.

Beware of Fake Garena Events!

Who is not interested in the various prizes Garena offers to the participants events? Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many fans. However, it is unavoidable that various fake sites also appear that offer events under the guise of Garena. Turns out, following events This unofficial one is very dangerous.

The risks that can be experienced by players when following events this fake is phishing or data theft such as ID, password, and various other important data related to Free Fire accounts. The site displayed is indeed similar to the original site. One of the signs phishing is loss of control of accounts and misuse of sensitive data.

To recognize events official and events fake, one indication is that the organizers never asked password your account. At most, you only need to provide the user ID.

Indication events official is always published in the official media owned by Garena, alright website as well as social media. You can also find out in games which is played. Thus, you will not be deceived by events fake from irresponsible people.

Latest Garena events you must continue to monitor it so that you get the opportunity to get various rewards for free. more and more rewards obtained, your game will be more exciting. So, there’s no harm in following events held by Garena. Good luck!

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