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Weaknesses and Strengths of Hanzo Mobile Legend, Must Know Before Playing

Mobile Legends fans will know that there are many hero that can be tried in this game. One of them is Hanzo, assassin heroes with special abilities. Hanzo Mobile Legend has the ability to become a shadow when dealing with enemies at a distance.

Skills combination pinned on hero this allows him to destroy the enemy ranks. However, before choosing him as part of the team, know the advantages and disadvantages first. You can also apply the right playing strategy to win the game.

Hanzo’s Strengths and Disadvantages

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hanzo Mobile Legend? The following review will provide a simple overview of that.

Is a Very Slick Hero

One of the advantages of Hanzo is that it is very difficult to catch or very slippery. The reason is, he has a very unique skill, which is to divide his body into two, namely the real body and the shadow. Hanzo can get out of his real body to beat the enemy. If the shadow body is hit by an enemy attack, Hanzo only experiences the effect stun and slowbut not dead.

Conquer Jungle Enemy Easily

Another advantage of hero Hanzo is able to conquer the enemy by taking jungle only have skills Pinnacle Ninja. He can also eat jungle creeps anything while in shadow mode. So, at the start of the match, this hero can get buff easily. In fact, if you are skilled enough, Hanzo has a chance to obtain buff gold.

Easy to Kill Enemies

Superiority hero this one can make the opponent very upset. He can shoot easily Marksman and Mage fight with skill 2 that it has, that is Demon Thorn. Skills this can kill the enemy inside range which is quite wide. When combined with skills 1, Hanzo can reduce up to 15% HP of the enemy.

Have to Wait for Cooldown

However, Hanzo also turned out to have a drawback, namely having to wait cooldown before using skills 1 and skills 2. Especially because skills 2 can only be used after 5 times doing Basic Attacks. If this happens in a waryou have to be careful because it can give your opponent a chance to strike back.

Ultimate Skill Cannot Be Used Immediately

To use his ultimate skill, Hanzo needs Demon Blood. This item can only be obtained near hero or character creeps who died. Well, if by any chance you forget to do this, real body hero will fly into his shadow. This makes hero the easier it is to be killed by the opponent while playing.

Low Health

It’s not just Hanzo, trouble low health it is experienced by all Assassin. However, hero this one has the least HP. This allows the opponent to defeat Hanzo easily, even without using ultimate skills they.

This deficiency makes Hanzo have to wait to get ultimate skills before going to war. Otherwise, he will die first in the hands of the opponent.

Tips for playing Hanzo Mobile Legend

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After knowing the strengths and weaknesses of Hanzo Mobile Legend, including a number of skills it has, you also have to understand how to play it. Some Hanzo Mobile Legends guide The following will help you win the battle.

Last Choice When Drafting

As AssassinHanzo effectively becomes counter for hero opponent. He can aim Marksman heroes and Mage from the other side easily. This is because of its ability to jump deep into the area behind enemy defenses.

On the other hand, Hanzo also needs to be careful with a number of hero others, such as Harley, Hayabusa, and Natalia. All three are powerful to use counter reply to Hanzo.

Now, after knowing this, the strategy that needs to be done is to wait for the opponent’s choice first. Make Hanzo the team’s last resort if possible. Your choice can be the secret weapon that will help the team win the battle.

Fast Farming To Get Rich Quick

As is known, one way to get rich quick in this game is to farming. Interestingly, Hanzo can immediately “devour” characters like forest monsters without needing jungle items others because of his Demon Feast ability. Character creeps it can give buff so that hero get rich quick.

Skills Hanzo’s unique can be optimized at the start of the game. You can steal buff fight so that Hanzo gets extra buff and gold. This strategy can reduce the strength of the opponent as well as make Hanzo level up quickly.

The thing to note, Hanzo’s style of play is easy to anticipate. Therefore, as much as possible try not to get caught while stealing buff enemy. Otherwise, Hanzo can become a burden on the team and difficult to develop. The strategy, ask a friend to escort when stealing buff enemy.

Keep a Safe Distance When Fighting

One of Hanzo’s strengths is that he can leave his original body when fighting with Pinnacle Ninja skills. However, this could also backfire because hero forced in this mode while killing enemies.

In order not to be easily caught by the enemy, pay attention to the right place when issuing the move. Make sure hero within reach turret to prevent the enemy from approaching.

The advantage of this strategy is to separate the enemy troops because they have to fight hero while looking for his real body. So you need to optimize this well.

Make sure to aim for the opponent’s carry

Things Hanzo can do when he takes out Pinnacle Ninja skills is catch carry opponent. In order to achieve that goal, Hanzo needed to fight Marksman and Mage opponents who are usually in the back row.

To help, cast a move Demon Thorn which will cause damage big. If the shot is right on target, the enemy will immediately die. However, keep in mind that Demon Thorn will only be active after hero do five strokes.

Well, here are some things you need to know when playing Mobile Legend with options: hero Hanzo. Don’t forget to do top up diamond first through UniPin to buy diamonds as a provision before starting the game. Have a nice play!

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