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WB Games Eliminates Rumors of Selling NetherRealm and TT Games

Recently there has been news that says that Warner Bros. is interested in selling their two studios. These two studios are NetherRealm as owners of Mortal Kombat and TT Games with LEGO.

This news itself comes from Jez Cordon from Windows Central. In a recent shared Podcast with Xbox Two, he said that Warner Bros Interactive saw NetherRealm and TT Games not being in their scope anymore.

NetherRealm and TT Games will not be sold

In a sense, these two studios have not been able to meet WB’s expectations so far. Along with this, Cordon also stated the reasons why Warner Bros. wanted to sell their two studios.

Cordon said that the recent performance of the Mortal Kombat films may have disappointed Warner Bros., and made this IP less attractive to the company. Meanwhile, for TT Games, it is related to the high cost of LEGO licenses.

But now it has been revealed that this news is not true. Where Remi Sklar as SVP of Communication from WB Games denied the rumors that were circulating during an interview with The Gamer.

Still a part of WB Games!

Wb Games Eliminates Rumors of Selling Netherrealm and Tt Games
WB Games | Medcom

Furthermore, Sklar said that developer studio Mortal Kombat (NetherRealm) and Lego games (TTG) are still part of WB Games and there are no plans to sell them to other publishers.

Even so, the fate of WB Games itself is currently not so clear. We all know that there is currently a merging process between Warner Media and Discovery. Which makes all studios held by WB Games reportedly going to be transferred to the new division by AT&T.

With this new division, the fate of the WB Games is now of course questioned by fans. To find out, let’s wait for the latest information from Warner Bros. itself. How do you feel about this / Give your opinion yes.

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