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Ways and Tips to Improve Player Skills in PES Mobile

One of the keys to winning matches in PES Mobile is to have good players on our team. So in order to have good players, there are various ways that you can use. Starting from recruiting star players in PES Mobile, to upgrading skills players you have.

So, what is an easy and accurate way to improve the skills of the players on our team? Here are solutions and tips that you can use. By using the following tips and methods, your mainstay players will shine even more and excel in PES Mobile.

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How to: Improve Player Skills Using Trainers

In the PES Mobile game there are trainers features. By using this feature, we can improve the player’s skills using a trainer. You can access this feature through the menu my team > trainers. In the menu you will find various trainers available to improve player skills.

If you are new to playing PES Mobile, the trainers menu will still be empty. You can bring trainers in by converting your players into trainers. Later these trainers can be used to improve skills your main player. Apart from player conversions, you can also get trainers from prizes events on PES Mobile. Here’s how to improve player skills using a trainer.

  1. Open menu myteams, then to trainers.
    go to the trainers menu
  2. If no trainer is available, you can convert unused players into trainers. Just click convert players (player conversion).
    PES player conversion
  3. Next select the player you want to turn into a trainer. Remember, make sure to use players that you don’t use. Don’t make the mistake of using your mainstay player.
    tag players who become trainers
  4. Furthermore, the player is successfully converted into a trainer.
  5. Now you can enter the menu players. Next, just click on the player you want to train. Then select the option training.
    player training
  6. Next, select the trainers that you will use. If so, continue to the next process.
  7. Now the player training process takes place. When finished, your player’s rating and skill will increase. So far, you have succeeded in improving player skills in PES Mobile.

Tips: Turn Unused Players Into Trainers

In order to improve player skills, you need to use a trainer. To be more effective, you can turn unused players in your squad into trainers. Thus, the trainer can be used to improve the skills of other players.

In addition, this method will make your soccer team leaner and more effective. So don’t hesitate to use this method.

Tips: Participate in more Event Mode in PES Mobile

Another tip is that you can follow more event mode on PES Mobile. In the PES Mobile game there are many game modes. One of them is event mode. In event mode, we will compete against other teams driven by bots/COM.

PES event mode
Example of event mode in PES Mobile

Later, from each match we will get a prize. The prizes vary. Starting from special agent, special trainer, to various other interesting items. What’s interesting is special trainer what you get has a big effect. When you use special trainer, the trainer points available are quite large. By wearing special trainer With this, you can improve player skills quickly and easily.

Of course this is much more effective to increase skills players on the team. So make sure you focus and win as many items as possible inside event mode on PES Mobile. This method is very effective, especially for new players in the PES Mobile game.

Tips: Recruit Star Players in PES Mobile

The most practical solution to have great players in PES Mobile is to recruit star players. Call it big names like Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, or others. When the big names are on your team, the team’s strength will increase drastically. Besides that, these star/good players definitely have the best skills.

To recruit targeted players in PES Mobile, you can use GP points or use PES Mobile coins. So if you want to top up PES Mobile coins easily, you can use a Google Play voucher. If you are an Android user, you can use a Google Play voucher to top up PES Mobile. You can buy Google Play vouchers at

Or for you iOS users, you can also use iTunes Gift Cards/Apple Gift Card to top up iOS games. Including PES Mobile games on iOS/App Store. In addition, for other game top up needs, you can also rely on services from UniPin.

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