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Want to Win Using a Tank? Choose Uranus Mobile Legends

From various Tank model fighters, Uranus Mobile Legends including the most special in terms of ability. As a Tank, Uranus’ characteristics are actually superior to regen, shield, and speed. Because of ability crowd control low, you need a special strategy in order to excel when playing Uranus.

Read this guide and make sure your Uranus becomes a formidable fighter on the team!

Best Emblem of Uranus

Uranus Emblem

As a Tank with more flexible characteristics, you have quite a lot of choices Uranus emblem, including the Mage emblem. An example is the Support Emblem with the addition of the Avarice effect. With this emblem, Uranus can get an additional 6 percent speed plus recovery abilities (recovery). You can also collect items faster.

Want to increase the attack effect of Uranus in his capacity as a Tank? Choose a Tank Emblem with an additional Concussive Blast Talent effect that creates damage big. If you want to add defense Uranus when his HP is low, you can choose a Tank Emblem but with the effect of Tenacity Talent.

Choice Spell Uranus

Uranus' best spells

Choose spell best of Uranus depending on his fighting status: as a Tank or offlaner? Here are some options spell which you can choose depending on your playing style.

1. Flicker

Flicker is spell recommendations for the role of Tank. Because Uranus tends to be slow and weak in crowd control, Flicker helps him escape or catch up to the opponent.

2. Purify

Purify is suitable for preventing Uranus from dying when surrounded due to ability crowd control the weak. Purify will neutralize the effects of attacks that are aimed at him when surrounded. Perfect for fighting in a crowd.

3. Execute

Use Execute if Uranus is in mode offlaner. Its function is to increase the effect damage when Uranus attacked.

4. Vengeance

Vengeance is suitable for players who use Uranus in Tank mode. Vengeance gave Uranus defense extra as well as reflecting effect damage from attack. Suitable if you want to play aggressively.

Beware of This Counter Hero!

Counter Hero Uranus

Effect regen Uranus can be quite troublesome especially when he activates spell and emblems. This doesn’t mean you can relax! Several types of Heroes have the ability to evade the effects of Uranus’ attacks and break skills-his. Beware of counter hero Uranus this.

1. Gusion

This Hero Assassin can overwhelm Uranus with his ability to launch burst damage. Make sure you don’t approach Gusion during effect regen Uranus is not full yet. Uranus could die if Gusion launched skill combos in that condition.

2. Lunox

Hero Mage Lunox can be dangerous if your Uranus level is still below 3 or 4. Lunox has abilities burst damage which could kill Uranus in an instant. Beware of attacks like Chaos Assault and Starlight Pulse!

3. Karrie

Karrie is a Marksman with the ability to launch burst damage large, something Uranus is weak at. Karrie can be dangerous when Uranus encounters her in the later stages of the game. Attacks like the Light Wheel Mark can make Uranus’ HP drop tremendously.

4. Esmeralda

As a Hero Mage/Tank, Esmeralda is at almost the same level as Uranus. However, apart from burst damage dangerous, Esmeralda can steal shield Uranus and makes him weak against attacks, especially when facing multiple opponents.

Recommended Combo Skill Uranus

Combo Skill Uranus

Just like other heroes, Uranus has several skills what you can make skill combos to kill opponents more effectively. Before knowing skill combos Uranus, first know the list skill-the following.

1. Passive Skill: Radiance

In accordance with his status as a capable Hero regen high, Uranus can absorb damage and turn it into an additional 2 to 10 HP points for a limited time.

2. Skill 1: Ionic Edge

Uranus can produce a kind of energy shield around himself. Ionic Edge will generate magic damage while slowing enemy movement by 30 percent for 2 seconds.

3. Skill 2: Transcendent Ward

Transcendent Ward helps Uranus escape from the crowd while earning magic damage. In addition, Uranus can produce magic power which gives him additional shield.

4. Ultimate Skill: Consecration

If you get ganged up on, it’s time to let it out skills ulti in the form of Consecration. This energy explosion will have an effect regen up to 200 HP and remove effects slow from the enemy. Uranus can also attack through an increase in speed of up to 60 percent for 8 seconds. The additional shield for 8 seconds also helps Uranus dodge the effects crowd control.

Uranus has a recommendation skill combos which is quite easy. Use Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Ultimate Skill, then add spell Execute. Use spell the last one is to finish the enemy after you weaken it.

Additional Tips for Superior Uranus

Hero Uranus Mobile Legend

Now you know everything spells, skills, and the Uranus emblem. This doesn’t mean you can be relieved! Here are some additional tactical recommendations when playing with Uranus.

1. Press and “Disturb” Opponents

Take advantage of Uranus’ status as a “hard to die” Tank by constantly bothering your opponent. Use skills 1 to clear small enemies, clear lane for teammates, and keep your enemies away from the minions so they can’t get XP. Do this tactic in lane and don’t go into the forest too often.

2. Keep the Passive Skill Stack Full

Skills passive Uranus Mobile Legends making it able to continue to regenerate HP throughout the game. However, if left unattended, heaps stack it will continue to diminish and disappear. The solution, approach minions or small monsters that can attack you without killing. You can collect HP from their attacks.

3. Avoid Playing Solo/Roam at the Beginning

While still early in the game with low levels, avoid roam or play solo. Even if you have the ability regen, How to play like this will make you quickly fall into poverty and even die. Make sure to stay in lane so that you are not easily beaten.

Uranus is a Tank-style Hero with unique abilities, especially HP regeneration. However, you have to be good at covering up some of its weaknesses in order to take advantage of its advantages. Use Uranus Mobile Legends correctly and see for yourself how tough the Hero is with this “live again” ability.

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