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Want to use AN 94 Free Fire? Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Following!

To be able to master the battles in Free Fire, you don’t just need the right character. Choose a weapon and skin is very important and determines your performance in the game.

Weapons AN 94 FF is one of the options that you can use in Free Fire. This Russian-made weapon has a lot of fans, moreover damage AN94 FF senjata weapon which is called high compared to similar types.

Get to know A94 Free Fire better

an 94 ff

Quoted from the official Free Fire website, AN 94 FF own damage by 60 points. Temporary rangeits 55 with magazine 30. Not only equipped with rate of fire of 58 points, this weapon also has reload speed of 45 and an accuracy rate of 48.

Many senior players recommend using this weapon in close to medium range combat. This is due to the relatively small level of accuracy. If you can’t control its movement, bullets will shoot in any direction. Use at close range will help to shoot more precisely on target.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AN94 Free Fire

gun an 94 ff

Many players may still be confused about choosing what weapon to use. In this review, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages AN94. That way it will be easier for you to make a choice.

One of the advantages of the AN-94 is its medium-range shooting range which is quite lethal. Many enemies will be directly hit headshot. With this advantage, players have more variety of weapons to choose from.

As with other weapons, AN94 also has drawbacks. Compared to weapons assault rifle others such as the AK and M4A1, this weapon is somewhat inferior in terms of range and rate of fire-his. Besides, time reload it takes a long time so it is less efficient. If you have a fast playing style, this weapon is not suitable for you.

because of time reloadthis too, AN94 also should not be used to deal with intense combat. Because if you meet other weapons, time will go faster reloadIt’s guaranteed that you’ll get shot first. In addition, compared to its two competitors, damage produced by this weapon is fairly low.

Recommendation Skins AN94 The Sickest

skin an 94 ff

In Free Fire, skins are included as accessories that can be added to weapons. Not only does it make it look fierce, the skin will also determine your victory. For the AN-94, there are some recommendations for the sickest skin that you can try. Anything?

1. Cataclysm

This skin is included in the category of rare skins that you can’t buy at the Armory Shop. Previously, players could find this skin in Bullseey War AN-94 following the Rampage Event in June 2022.

With addition damage as much as 2 points and 1 point accuracy, the lack of this skin is a decrease range as much as 1 point. Skins AN 94 FF It is also known as the AN-94 Fire because of its ability to produce sparks of light when used on a fire body weapon.

2. Spikey Spine

You can get this skin from the Spikey Spine Weapon Loot Crate and it can be purchased at the Armory Shop for 60 diamonds. Compared to other skins, Spikey Spine is able to increase the best overall stats. Not only fire rate high, the additional set included also lends support to its short-range shooting.

3. Carrot Imp-head

Able to raise damage 2 points and 1 point accuracy, Carrot Imp-head reduces the AN-94’s magazine points by 1 point. Has a yellow appearance with stats similar to Cataclysm, reduction magazine actually does not have much effect on the performance of this weapon. You can get it at the Armory Shop for 60 diamonds.

4. Art of War

Can be purchased at the Armory Shop for 60 diamonds, Art of Wars can afford increase rate of fire as much as 2 points. Unfortunately, at the same time, the accuracy is reduced by 1 point. Also known as skin Geisha, it looks elegant with a mix of red, black and white. The advantages it has allow you to shoot bullets faster.

5. Game Streamer

Attached to the Wolfrahh image, you can buy this skin at the Armory Shop for 35 diamonds. Advantages of skin this is the ability to increase range shot by 2 points but on the other hand decreases accuracy by 1 point. This skin comes in black and gold with a wolf logo in the middle.

Tips for Using AN94 Free Fire

an94 ff weapon damage

As a weapon of choice for many people, assault rifles have different ways of using them. There are several things you should pay attention to when using the AN-94, namely:

1. Pay attention Range The shot

In Free Fire, every weapon has range different shots. Shotgun for example, have close range while SMG and assault rifle own range medium to long range, including the AN-94. Therefore, make sure you keep your distance. Don’t go too far so damageit doesn’t decrease much.

2. Avoid AK47

Compared to the AK47, this weapon is relatively weak. If you meet an enemy who uses an AK47, it’s a good idea to just avoid it because you will definitely be very easy to beat.

3. Install Red Dot Sight

Use attachments this in battle will really help you in doing melee attacks.

That’s some information about AN94. Even though it’s not assault rifle strongest, but if you are good at controlling and exploiting skinthe battle will be easier to control. To buy skindo not forget top up diamonds you first. UniPin provides various nominal options with several payment systems that you can choose from. Come win your battle right now!

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