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Want to know how to play Roblox for beginners? Read This Guide!

Curious about popularity Roblox? It’s time you know how to play Roblox so that you can try various creative games and even make games alone! This creative platform can be quite overwhelming for beginners especially when your goal is to create a game for the first time. However, you can slowly adjust as you follow the tutorials for beginners.

How to play Roblox: Account Register Step

how to play roblox

After downloading the app Roblox for free from the Play Store, you must register (sign up) in order to become a player. Registration Roblox accepts different age ranges as it is a creative platform for beginners and kids. However, applicants under the age of 13 cannot register on their own and require the assistance of a parent or guardian.

This is the registration step before knowing how to play Roblox.

1. Fill in Date of Birth

Although Roblox does not limit age, including full date of birth is still necessary to adjust security measures to the user’s age. Roblox imposes various restrictions on players under 13 years of age.

2. Fill in Personal Data and Password

Enter username (username) and keywords. Make sure the username is not the same as the real name for security reasons. Filter Roblox automatically blocks harsh words or common words that consist of only one word, so make sure the name you choose is well planned. Fill in the keyword twice as a means of confirmation.

3. Account Verification

After filling out the registration form, you will be directed to the front page. Select Settings to get email verification instructions.

How to play Roblox after registering is to download Roblox Studio. This free tool lets you create games for PC and Mac.

How to make Games New

how to play roblox on pc

PC is the ideal device for playing Roblox because you can use the creation program games. The question is, how how to play Roblox on PC if you are still a beginner?

You can get started easily as long as you already have Roblox Studio. Once you open it, you will see an interface page consisting of icons with various choices of game types, for example Suburban, Pirate Island, Combat, Castle, Line Runner, etc. Beginners can try easy options like Obbythe game through obstacles in a 3D arena.

Already chosen Obby? Here’s how to play Roblox as maker games:

1. Change Day and Night Time

For games you are more like the real world by setting the time of day and night. This will change the appearance of the sky. Select Properties in the menu on the right, then select Lighting. Set the time of day and night according to the list of available hours.

2. Change the Color of the Staircase

In Obby, you must pass obstacles on a path that looks like a row of stairs. You can change the color of the steps by selecting one, then using the Color function in the Edit menu. You can also turn the steps into red blocks that indicate obstacles.

3. Add Barriers

In menu Obby, you will find various obstacles such as trees, warriors, robots, and so on. Because it is already available, you just need to add the obstacles at the points you want.

After finishing your game, go to File and select Publish to Roblox. Go to Basic Settings and fill in the title and description of the game. Make it as interesting and clear as possible so that other players are interested in trying it. Don’t forget to select the game type and add an icon (Thumbnails). Once you’re sure, click the Create Place button, and your game will be published on Roblox.

How to Change Game Status to Public/Private

how to play roblox on laptop

After knowing how to play Roblox on laptop or computer, you can try out other functions such as changing the status of the game. Did you know that every game you create is automatically set to Private once it’s finished? This is part of the security and privacy features considering many players Roblox are children and adolescents.

After knowing how to play Roblox and make your own game, make sure you know how to change the game status to public, which are as follows:

  1. Click the Create button at the top of the site Roblox
  2. Select My Creations, then click Games
  3. Select the type of game whose status you want to change
  4. Click the status button under the game title until it says Public on a green background
  5. If you want to change the status from public to private, do the same thing but change the words Public to Private with a gray background

This step applies to games that you create yourself. If the game is the work of several people, changing the game status to private will give access to you and the creator games others on your team who also have access to these settings.

Tips Roblox for Beginners

how to play roblox for beginners

You already know how to play Roblox for beginners use type games easiest on the menu. However, there are some tips that you can apply to enjoy each feature Roblox better while developing your own coding skills.

One of the popular suggestions for novice developers is to give other players a chance to do playtesting. During the creation process, you can ask some trusted friends to play games which you are working on. Make a list containing the following points:

  • Username in Roblox and their age
  • What they like about your game and why
  • What they don’t like about your game and why
  • The part that makes the game too easy or difficult
  • An unexpected or different part of your game, especially when compared to similar games
  • General suggestions to make your game more fun to play

Need currency Robux to buy various important items? You can buy it via UniPin. Choose between packages like Roblox 10 Dollars and 25 Dollars according to your budget, then use them to make your game more interesting.

If you are new to how to play Roblox, don’t rush to make games. Make sure you try a variety of games. Bookmark your favorite games and note the things you find interesting, challenging, or frustrating. This method will give you the knowledge “capital” to make your own game.

What are you waiting for? Download immediately Roblox and start designing games you yourself!

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