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Want to Know How to Download Point Blank? Follow These Steps!

Did you know that Point Blank has been present in Indonesia since 2009?

Yes, history games This computer is quite long. When it was first released, Point Blank flew under the banner of PT Kreon through Gemscool. After contracting with Sang developers, Zepetto, ended, June 2022 Point Blank is here again through Garena Indonesia.

However, as of January 1 2022, the operation of Point Blank was directly handled by Zepetto through PT Zepetto Interaktif Indonesia. Even though you can be said to be an old player in the world online gamein fact, Point Blank enthusiasts continue to increase.

If you just glanced games this, study first how to play point blank for beginners

Method Download Point Blank

how to download pb zapetto

Point Blank Beyond Limits is the latest title games genre first person shooter this. Since Point Blank has its own server in Indonesia, don’t be surprised if the players are widespread throughout Indonesia. Moreover, Zepetto often organizes events that encourage participants to compete.

Can’t wait to be agile with gamer other? here method download PB Zepetto easily.

Check PC or laptop specifications

Not just carrying the concept gameplay unique, Point Blank is also smooth when played on a low-spec PC. However, you still need to double-check whether the specifications of your PC or laptop are in accordance with the minimum standards below.

Operating systemWindows 7 Minimum
ProcessorAMD Athlon II X2 250 or Intel Dual Core 2.8GHz
Graphics cardRadeon HD5570, NVIDIA 9600GT (512MB), or above
RAMMinimum 2GB

Anyway, if you still rely on internet quota, aka you don’t use WiFi, at least you have to pocket a 2.5GB quota so you can do it download PB to finish. The next step, you can choose one of two options download PB Zepetto PC, that is full client or partial clients. Check out the next step!

Download PB Full Client

Method download PB on laptop This option is perfect for those of you who don’t have internet connection problems. Just download once files 2GB size, you can directly install so process download over. It’s easy to get started.

  1. Open browser and type
  2. Find menu highlights blue and you are free to click Link 1 or 2 because they both contain files similar.
  3. Process download will start automatically and wait for it to finish. After that, you can only install by following the steps.

Download PB Partial Client

Internet quota is tight or connection fluctuates? There are options download PB Partial Client. That means, you can download games in 13 parts with each files 200MB plus 87MB for files final. Just follow this step.

  1. Open browser and go straight to
  2. Search menu highlights yellow. Then, click the button “Download here” to start. Then, you will see a new window with two link download each section. Just click one yes.
  3. Process download usually auto start. When one part is finished, you can continue to another part until all files downloaded. Make sure everything is saved to the same folder before you install games.

Open a Point Blank Account

download pb zapetto pc

Immediately after the installation process games finished, you can immediately run the PB. However, if you are new to playing, you must first create an account. It’s easy.

  1. Access and click “Register”.
  2. A new window appears showing two registration options. You can choose to log in with your Facebook account or register yourself by typing:
    1. ID (5-16 characters)
    2. Password (8-16 characters)
    3. E-mail
    4. E-mail certification (check the OTP code you received via registered email)
  3. Mark the statement “I have agreed to the Terms of service and Privacy Policy” and click the red “Registry” button.

Well, as soon as this step is complete you can immediately play PB. Then, there are some PB players who ask whether it is necessary or not download basecamp PB. This unique feature is indeed present so that players can get more bonuses in the game.

However, actually PB basecamp only must be owned by the owner or manager of the cafe. You can use this feature, but first make sure you have a Zepetto Warnet ID account that is different from your regular PB account.

Obstacles Often Encountered

how to download pb on laptop

After knowing how to download Point Blank, You must also know what obstacles are often encountered when playing. Some of the problems that often arise are specifically summarized and their solutions here.

Xigncode when Play is considered an illegal program

Shows up frequently security alert pop-up, You can solve this problem in the following way.

  1. Try disabling the program third party who walks in backgrounds, for example tools, IP tracker, VPN, up to cheats.
  2. Do not activate the antivirus, but list PB.exe as an exception.
  3. Try to do it full scan use an antivirus on your laptop or PC.
  4. If you still find data Customer Service Threads PB Garena, you only have the option to report it manually via email. Don’t forget to write down your ID number. After the problem is confirmed, you will get some patches additions if necessary or reinstall them.

Can’t enter the game

Usually this problem begins with the PB Client which error. As a result, games can’t walk. Try doing these steps.

  1. Uninstall PB Client that you have.
  2. Wipe folder Zepetto PB in Program Data. Continue with restart PC.
  3. Download the latest version of PB Client again via the official website.
  4. Install repeat. Then sign in and play as usual.

Frequent disconnect

Often sudden disconnect or DC? Here’s how to deal with it.

  1. Open CMD (Run as Administrator).
  2. Type the following command.
    1. ipconfig/release, press enter
    2. ipconfig /all, press enter
    3. ipconfig/flushdns, press enter
    4. ipconfig/renew, press enter
    5. Netsh winsock reset, press enter
    6. Netsh winsock reset catalog, press enter
  3. Now restart computer and run the game as usual.

That’s variety method download Point Blank easy on your PC or laptop. Have a nice play!

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