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Varied Character Class Choices, Which one to Choose?

The aspect that makes the experience of playing an MMORPG game like Atlantica Online enjoyable is the process character building during the game. You have the freedom to build your character as you wish. order process character build running smoothly, you need to understand Atlantica Online guide in depth.

One of the important guidelines that you need to pay attention to is related to selection character class. There are many choices class that you can use in this MMORPG game. Therefore, you need to thoroughly understand Atlantica Online play character guide to be able to maximize your character.

Election character class in the Atlantica Online game you really have to pay attention. You can indeed switch to class others, it’s just that you have to pay a heavy price for the decision. What’s more, when moving class, you will lose magic skills and have to start over upgrade quest chain level 100 and get skill book appropriate.

Up here, you understand the big losses that result from making a wrong choice character class, right? To avoid these losses, this is Atlantica Online newbie guide what you need to know.

Magic Classes

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Category class the first is magic. class that fall into this category have intelligence and magic high defense. On the other hand, its physical defense is lower. Therefore, the character magic class vulnerable to normal attacks.

There are two options class included in the category magic classthat is:

– Atlantic Battlemage

Choice class first to use magic is the Atlantic Battlemage. This character uses a weapon in the form of a staff. You can increase stats intelligence using orbs. Apart from attacking using magicAtlantic Battlemage also has skills support.

– Mage

Atlantica Online guide class next is mage. This character is characterized by very low vitality and defense capabilities. However, you have the advantage of being able to master many and varied spells.

The mage character can upgrade intelligence and the ability to attack using orbs. Mage becomes a character whose role is very crucial as the level increases, moreover you can act as a healer thanks to skills Blessing of Life.

Mele Classes

For those of you who are used to fighting at close range, the melee category class is the right choice. The melee character has a characteristic on hit points and high physical defense. It’s just, you’re vulnerable to attacks magic. In addition, you have skills Exclusive Guard Dispel.

There are five melee options class that you can play in the Atlantica Online game, namely:

– Atlantic Blademaster

Melee class the first is the Atlantic Blademaster. Atlantica Online newbie guide The important thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing the Atlantian Blademaster is his ability as a damager. Moreover, Atlantic Blademaster has higher strength than melee class other.

Atlantian Blademaster is a character who uses two swords at once. They can also inflict greater damage thanks to the effect of electricity flowing through the sword. You can not only use Atlantian Blademaster to attack one enemy, but all opponents at once thanks to skills The AoE is called Waltz of the Blade.

– Berserker

Next up, there’s melee class Berserker who uses a weapon in the form of a power saw. This weapon gives a high damage advantage and can be used to attack the enemy party as a whole. In addition, a berserker is a character who has magic higher defense than melee class other.

– Dragon

Atlantica Online newbie guide class Next up is the dragons. This character has a weapon in the form of spear or spear. The advantage is, you can use a dragoon to attack two enemies in one column simultaneously. Despite having high damage, dragoons are characters that tend to be weak in defense.

– Knight

If you are looking for a character with strong defense, you can choose a knight. This character has shield as protection. However, the knight didn’t have an AoE attack type.

– Reaver

Atlantica Online guide class next is a reaver armed with an ax or ax. The advantage of the reaver is its ability to attack the enemy together in one line. Reaver is a character who has magic low defense, but offset by high HP.

Range Classes

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Finally, you can find the ranged category class. Characters in the group class It has the ability to attack at long range. In fact, there is also class which you can use to take down flying enemies.

– Bombardier

Range class the first is bombardier. class it uses canonball and has a slow shooting ability. Even so, bombardier has the advantage of being able to stun, reduce defense, and hit the enemy’s hit rate.

– Celestial Hunter

Next is a celestial hunter armed with arrows. Superiority class this is shooting a bow at the main target accompanied by an additional attack on two other enemies.

– Maestro

The use of maestro characters who use instrument weapons are important tips in Atlantica Online leveling guide. The advantage of the maestro is the high Damage over Time (DoT) and the ability to debuff the enemy.

– Marksman

In addition to celestial hunters, you can also find other characters who use arrow weapons, namely marksman. This character is a master sniper who has high damage. You can use marksman to attack enemies in any position.

– Rifleman

There is also a rifleman who has a specialty critical hits. You can use this character to attack all enemies in one column. Rifleman also has skills cool called Summon Machine which you can learn after level 120.

– Stormcaller

Finally, you can use a stormcaller that uses a weapon in the form of a whip. This weapon allows the stormcaller to attack all enemies in a row. In addition, you can use stormcaller to attack flying enemies.

Well, that’s Atlantica Online guide what you need to understand. Use class the right way, so the main key to leveling up quickly and building a strong character. In addition, you can choose a GC topup so that the character becomes GG.

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