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Upcoming Skins, Heroes and Events in May 2022 Games

Content that will be present in Mobile Legends!

MOONTON Games always entertains all Mobile Legends players every month with interesting events and skins. Last month, players were surprised by a lot of new skins, including 3 new 515-M world skins with Ling, Wanwan and Yin offering exclusive anime skins for the init event. This coincided with the release of Revamped Akai which had given him a significant change on the battlefield. Therefore, players want to provide interesting leaks about upcoming events, skins, and heroes that will be released at Moonton Games in May 2022 for Mobile Legends players to enjoy.

Mobile Legends: Upcoming Skins for May 2022

Paquito Starlight Skin: Fulgent Punch (1 May 2022)

After Balmond got a chance to get the Starlight skin this month. One of the popular fighters, Paquito will get a turn to get a Starlight skin, namely Fulgent Punch. This one is different from the previous Paquito skins, as this one will have a touch of luxury, as Paquito will be wearing strong gold as well as white armor.

Benedetta Special Skin: Moon Blade (4 May 2022)

Benedetta gets a special skin, namely Moon Blade, which can be purchased by players in early May. This special skin has a calm blue aura, which will make it both beautiful and deadly

Vale Collector Skin: Supernal Tempest (7 May 2022)

Vale will get his collector skin, after his hero skin in the previous season. As players know that each skin collector will represent the luxury and appearance of a god, this time the skin collector Vale will be inspired by Japanese mythology. Actually, Vale is still a popular hero among mid-laners, no doubt his skin collector will be the center of attention.

Aulus Elite Skin: Barren Pioneer (12 May 2022)

Aulus will have his elite skin next month, namely Barren Pioneer. This skin has a cute concept that makes Aulus less scary. On the other hand, he had a friendly appearance that would make Aulus popular among female players.

Skin Bruno 515: Street Hype (May 2022)

Bruno will participate in event 515 , because Moonton will give him a new set of skins. After becoming a famous soccer star with his Green Falcon, Bruno will be back on the streets with a Hypebeast appearance in this upcoming skin. It is known that the skin will become a free skin, through 515 events and every participating player has a great chance to win this skin.

Lolita special skin: Genki Slam (May 2022)

Lolita will have a special skin again in May 2022. This time the Genki Slam skin will have a cute appearance but will attack players in a short time.

Mobile Legends: New heroes and events coming in May 2022

Julian (May 24, 2022)

The fourth and final member of the Forsaken Lights group will come to the Land of Dawn, as Julian arrives. Julian is a Fighter/mage hero who is the son of Terizla. Like his father, Julian was an expert on the Exp path. However, unlike his father, Julian has magic damage.

Oracle’s 2nd Phase Psionic (16 May 2022)

The second stage of the Psionic oracle event will reappear next month when you still have a chance to claim Guinevere’s Legendary Skin. You can check the requirements in the event section, you can do tasks in exchange for tokens that you can use to draw skins, and Psion of Tomorrow as the main prize.

What do you think about the upcoming skins and events for May 2022 in Mobile Legends?

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