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Ultimate Knockout, Funny Battle Royale Game for All Ages

Battle royale games are fun, especially for those of you who like to compete and want to show off your skills. In recent years, this game genre is very popular. Therefore, you can find so many choices of games. One that is no less interesting is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Unlike other battle royale games that encourage gamers to fight each other, you will find a different atmosphere when playing Fall Guys PC. This game offers an alternative game that family friendly. Therefore, you can play the game together with the whole family.

Cheerful and Colorful Game Feel

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Fall Guys offers a much different impression when compared to similar battle royal games, such as Point Blank or Free Fire. Here, you will be faced with a choice of characters that are far from fierce. On the other hand, the characters in this battle royale game look cute and cute. You can also use various types of costumes to enhance your appearance.

You can get a cheerful impression not only from the game characters. The battle royale game in this game does not encourage you to act violently like shooting or fighting with other players. Instead, you will compete in various mini games that you can choose from.

The character design in this PC online game is also quite simple. You will find a char that looks like an egg with small arms and legs. Furthermore, you can set the skin color as well outfit character. You have the opportunity to be creative freely in setting the appearance of the character.

When you play this game for the first time, you have options outfit limited. If you want to get outfit more, it’s easy. First, you can unlock outfit certain by continuing to play this game. Alternatively, there is an option to buy outfit through top up Kudos or in-game currency Fall Guys PC.

When downloading Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, there are important points that you need to pay attention to. Use outfit only serves to beautify the appearance. You won’t get an ability upgrade from outfit. So, this game is not a type of game pay to win. You need to use skills to be a winner.

Funny impression and fun not only you can find in the character. You can also find an atmosphere that is no less lively when you enter the game arena. Mediatonic as an online game developer deliberately designed the arena with a lively theme. As a result, you can feel a relaxed atmosphere when playing this game.

Simple and Not Boring Gameplay

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Compared to fps games, Fall Guys PC does offer a much simpler way of playing. You do not need to set a strategy to be able to paralyze the enemy. In addition, you also don’t have to bother choosing the right armor and weapons. Even so, this game offers a game that is no less challenging.

In this game, you need to compete with other gamers in one arena. The maximum capacity of each mini game arena is 60 players. You cannot choose the type of mini game to be played. Instead, the system will select them at random.

Next, you only need to move your character so that you can become one of the qualified players. There are not many motion controls that you can run here. You just need to run, duck, grip, and jump. During the game, you have the freedom to play.

At first glance, the competition through mini games in Fall Guys looks quite easy. However, you will feel another sensation when playing it directly. Not infrequently, other players will try to annoy you. Therefore, you need to be alert and focused during the game. If necessary, you can also choose to annoy other players.

Varied Game Options

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This funny battle royale game is divided into four seasons. The developer promises the release of new seasons on a regular basis accompanied by the addition of themes and content. This is to ensure that players don’t get bored quickly with this game.

In the first season, you can find original mini-games arranged as inspiration from television shows such as Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout, and It’s a Knockout. Furthermore, the second and third seasons are medieval and winter themed respectively.

The last season is the latest update released by Mediatonic in March 2022. This latest season is known as Fall Guys 4041 which carries the theme of the future with a retro style.

Entering the fourth season, there are 43 levels that you can play in this funny game. Each level or mini game is divided into four categories, namely:

1. Race

Mini game race or racing is always the opening game. In addition, you will also find that the second round is also filled with mini game races. The way the game is, you need to reach the finish point faster than other players. In total, there are 16 mini-game races available.

2. Survival

Furthermore, you can also find groups of survival mini games. In this game, players are required to survive until the specified time limit or when the number of players reaches a certain limit. Some of the survival mini games include Perfect Match, Slime Climb, Tail Tag, Ski Fall, and so on.

3. Team Games

Fall Guys isn’t just a game that pushes individual abilities. You also need to cooperate with other players. In order not to be eliminated, make sure your team gets a high score. Several types of team games in this game are Jinx, Hoopsie Day, Egg Scramble, and others.

4. Final

The final game is the round to determine the winner. Some of the final game choices include Hex-A-Gone, Royal Fumble, Fall Mountain, and others.

Well, this battle royale game is very interesting, right? You can get Fall Guys download easily and legally through Steam. You only need to pay Rp108,999 for this game. To make it easy, you can buy UniPin vouchers to top up Steam Wallet and make game purchases.

Furthermore, you can play to your heart’s content. Hopefully useful, yes.

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