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Tutorial Fast Leveling Seal Online Blade of Destiny

Become one games The best MMORPG make Seal Online Blade of Destiny guide has quite a fan base. Games This was even popular in 2022 because it offered a lot of fun. But different from most gamesSeal Online BoD has 271 levels.

How to Play Seal Online Blade of Destiny

seal online blade of destiny leveling guide

To reach the peak level of BoD is not easy, but with playing and using techniques skills right it is no longer a problem. To be able to play using Seal Blade of Destiny skill, you have to choose the Warrior profession first.

Each Warrior has a status with its own advantages and disadvantages. But if you want to appear as a hero, make sure your Warrior status is STR and AGI. Because skills is benefits a Warrior compared to other professions, you should make the most of it.

Every time you level up, you can take skills Rapid Slice until full. When AGI reaches 60, reset skills you have, then take the Cross Slice up to level 10. This step is done to increase the AGI and STR status. After that, it’s best to stop increasing AGI status for a while.

Continue playing until STR goes up to 70, then start again increasing AGI at each level by at least 1 point. The best AGI number limit is 70 when the game gets to a level above 10. For the record, there is no need to take skills not important like hurricane.

Every level definitely needs skills important. So better take it skills when we are at the current level skills needed. In addition to saving AGI and STR numbers, this strategy is effective enough to be able to fast leveling without wasting much time. How, what is the tutorial about Seal Online Blade of Destiny skills above is quite useful?

How to Level from Level 1 to 271

seal body class guide

For Seal Online Blade of Destiny guide Next, we will discuss how leveling fast. To be able to leveling without wasting time, you don’t need any preparation. Even guide this can be done when we have no Cegel at all. No need to worry, Cegel can still be obtained easily at every leveling.

Leveling 1-10: Beginner Place

Top tip, avoid quest Grandma Flora because it would be a waste of time. Start quest by talking to Eugene then just follow quest available up to level 10. Don’t forget to get items like Madam Feather G+4 and Weapon G that can help fast leveling next.

Leveling 11-45: Outer Wall of Lime

When we reach level 10, we usually get attack skills from job The selected. Use skills as best we can so that we can reach the Outer Wall of Lime. To reach the place, follow folder and don’t hesitate to fight Mage Piya. While in this phase it is highly recommended to collect each equip dropped by the Mage. You can sell equip it is to obtain potion HP or SP.

Leveling 46-77: Travia Mountain

At this point, head to Travia Mountain to fight Meowgician at coordinates E5 to get the Ice Crystal. Items it is useful when we do quest fame in Zaid. Ice Crystals can also be used to increase reputation.

If we reach level 77 we can’t get reputation, try to score fame reach 17,000 so that later you only need to do quest 1+4 hero to achieve greenhorn.

Leveling 78-200: Glassis Plains

Seal Online Blade of Destiny leveling guide next is take equip Yulson at Elim. equip this can be used for leveling from 78 to 200 very easily. When you arrive at the location glassis, it is highly recommended to fight Queen Meroa at coordinates B2. Fight the monster until it reaches level 200. To speed things up levelingUse double exp when at level 150 and take Yulson at level 180.

Leveling 200-230: Esdelron Lake

At this level make sure job has changed to job 2. Use Yulson picked up at level 180 to fight the powerful monsters in Esdelron Lake. To get to Esdelron Lake, use warp. Warp which can lead to the Service can be obtained at C3.

Once you arrive, fight every good monster that frenzied or hot blooded. Each monster will eventually drop equip with 20x levels. equip This is of course very valuable because when sold, we can produce hundreds of thousands of Cegels easily.

Leveling 231-271: Candy Island

Fighting Monsters in previous levels is not easy, this is why there are many Seal BoD job guide who recommends using job warrior from the beginning. Even though every job actually have the same chance of winning, depending on how we take advantage of the situation and skills.

Even though it’s hard, but everything will feel worth it when we can fast leveling without wasting much time. Moreover, in these last levels all you need to do is fight. If you can bring out every strength and equip possessed to fight the monsters on Candy Island.

Our challenge is, the monsters in Candy Island are quite stupid and have levels attack tall. Once all the monsters are defeated, we can end the battle and reach the highest level of 271 quickly.


Seal BoD class guide above is not the only way fast leveling. On the internet, there are still lots of tutorials leveling with various techniques, both requiring large capital in the form of Cegel or not. Every games it should be enjoyable, but there’s nothing wrong with learning new tricks and applying them.

After all, we still pass each level well and every quest existing ones are still being finalized. In the end play games is about self-satisfaction for conquering challenges. In terms of playing Seal Online BoD, reach level 271 quickly with your own abilities and without initial capital.

That’s the review about Seal Online Blade of Destiny guide for fast leveling. To play games easier, don’t hesitate to buy Rohan Points or RPs on UniPin. Good luck.

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