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Hobby Playing Free Fire? First Acquaintance With P90, Come On!

In order to create maximum fun playing, Free Fire presents a large selection of weapons to fight. One type of Free Fire weapon that is often played is SMG or Submachine Guns.

Among players, SMG can be relied on to kill enemies at close range. Has high accuracy and is able to provide damage large is another advantage of SMG.

Talk about SMG, P90 is an SMG weapon that is quite popular in the Free Fire game. If you want to know more about this weapon, see the full review below.

stat P90

skin p90 ff
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Before deciding which weapon to play with, learning its status is a must. Likewise for players who want to use P90. Make sure you know the detailed statistics as below.

  • Accuracy: 37
  • Armor Penetration: 0
  • Damage: 48
  • Magazines: 50
  • Movement Speed: 63
  • Range: 27
  • Rate of Fire: 75
  • Reload Speed: 48

In addition to having good accuracy and being able to provide attacks quickly, players also know it as a weapon with a lot of ammunition. That’s why, you can rely on it to attack enemies that suddenly appear in front of you.

One more thing, this weapon is also equipped with scope which can be used to monitor enemy positions accurately. Existence scope also become a means of support so that players can aim right at the target.

Advantages and disadvantages

skin p90 incubator
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After knowing the full specifications, now find out how the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Ability spray and pray quite good
  2. Has high accuracy for close range play
  3. Thanks to excellence rate of fire and magazinethis weapon is so reliable for fighting in a closed room.


  1. Not suitable for open battles in large play locations
  2. Capacity rangeit feels inadequate

Choice Skins Best P90 FF

the latest p90 ff skins

Here are 7 choices skin P90 FF the best that you must have during the game. Anything?

1. Rebel Academy

Rebel Academy is skin cool with color domination pink, White and black. Had appeared in events Bullseye Rebel Academy 2022, currently Rebel Academy is categorized as skin rare.

Usage skin this can increase damage weapons as much as two points at the same time increase capacity range. One drawback is the reduced capacity magazine.

2. Playboy

in appearance, skin Playboy looks unique because it uses the illustration of a fire and a man’s face in the body.

Talk about performance, skin Playboy get extra rate of fire by two points. This specification makes the weapon can attack the enemy quickly. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of skin it’s at capacity magazine which is lowered.

3. Make It Rain

The third recommendation is Make It Rain. Just like Rebel Academy, Make It Rain includes skin rare that you can’t get through the Armory Shop. birth skin Make It Rain cannot be separated from the collaboration between Free Fire and Money Heist in 2022.

Weapons that have skin this will get additional points on the side range and rate of fire. Meanwhile, you have to be patient because skin Make It Rain makes reload speed reduce.

4. The Punisher

Clad in blue and color, The Punisher features skin a picture of a robot in the area body. Regarding specifications, The Punisher is able to improve speed as much as 2 points and damage 1 point.

Not much different from Make It Rain, The Punisher also gets a reduction reload speed. To enjoy skin this, you can buy it for 60 diamonds in the Armory Shop.

5. Swagger Ownage

The combination of yellow and red makes Swagger Ownage stand out. By using skin this, range weapons will be upgraded and reload will be reduced. Skins You can get Swagger Ownage at the Armory Shop for 60 diamonds.

6. Phantom

One more skin for 60 diamonds which can be purchased at the Armory Shop is Phantom. Look charming with gold, black, and white patterns, skin this can increase damage of 2 points and 1 point for reload speed. On the other hand you should be able to save bullets due to reduction magazine.

Tips for Playing Using P90 on Free Fire

Free Fire characters

There are several effective ways to use P90 that you can practice. Among others are:

1. Choose the Right Character

Jota and Joseph are two Free Fire characters who are considered capable of operating this weapon effectively. Jota can heal when he manages to kill his enemy using SMG. As we know, the P90 is an SMG type weapon.

Unlike Jota, Joseph is known to have movement speed high enough to be able to do rush rapidly. In addition, he can also reliably provide dagame in close combat. Movement speedit will increase if he accepts damage from the enemy.

2. Pay attention to the shooting location

The second tip is to pay attention to the shooting position. Own rate of fire His height makes him good at immobilizing enemies from medium to close range in a short time. Therefore, make sure your distance from the enemy is not too far so that the shot can be right on target.

3. Don’t Hold Shot

Lastly, don’t occasionally hold your shot while playing. Just like AK rifles, the shot that is being held makes the accuracy of this type of SMG weapon decrease and even random. If you want to aim at your opponent, you can shoot him once or twice click.

That’s a review about P90 as one of the most popular SMG weapons in Free Fire. Are you ready to play? Don’t forget to check availability first diamondsyou to be able to play using skin on. If there are not many diamonds remaining, it means the player needs to do top-up.

Now diamond top-up Free Fire can be done easily through Unipin. Not only that, the payment options also vary from digital wallets to bank transfers. Well, for those of you who want top-up now please click here.

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