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Tricks to Play Dragon Nest Mobile Like Pro Player

One of the reasons that many players are reluctant Download Dragon Nest M is because they think this mobile version will be exactly the same as the PC version. While most other RPG games feature Auto Quest features that are considered boring, this game made by Shanda comes with something different.

In this game, you can only do Auto Quest when you’re looking for quest next time or when hunting NPCs. If you have entered the battle mode, you will not feel like you are in a simulation because the game feels very real.

Another interesting thing about Dragon Nest Mobile is the story presented. Each stage presents cutscene which makes the game even more tense and dramatic. One example is the Rose character kidnapping rescue mission early in the game.

Playing Dragon Nest Mobile PvP vs PvE, What’s the Difference?

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Player vs Player or abbreviated as PvP is an aspect of the game gameplay when a player engages in direct combat with one or more other players. PvP is only possible within the boundaries of the Colosseum and is the only permanent way to earn the Goddess’ Medal and Ladder Points.

Meanwhile, PvE or Player vs Environment is a term used to refer to players who fight with the surrounding environment, namely any entity that is not included in the player.

In Dragon Nest, PvE content is usually in the form of dungeon crawling activities or clearing level-limited content such as nests.

Those of you who are used to playing in PvE mode may have difficulty trying PvP. PvP uses different stats to PvE and the gameplay tends to be fast. Please note that the PvE mode is optional, unlike PvP which you can not play.

Besides knowing the difference between PvP and PvE, you also have to choose Dragon Nest M best class appropriate. You see, these two modes have different levels of difficulty and you need skills different to win it.

For PvP battle, recommendation Dragon Nest M class The best are Warriors with sword skills and Clerics with Paladin abilities. Warriors can issue powerful mid-range attacks, while Clerics have the ability to take a lot of hits. Both are ideal for playing in the arena.

There is one more recommendation that is no less strong, namely Sorceress class with the Elemental Lord specialization. Although it is difficult to master at the beginning, once you understand how, you will easily win the battle.

If you like playing MMOs because of the story, you might prefer to focus on the PvE aspect. For that, recommendations Dragon Nest best class the appropriate one is Warrior. Warrior has a high defense that is suitable for solo play.

Tips for Playing Dragon Nest Mobile Like a Pro Player

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When you download this game for the first time, you may experience some difficulties. However, there’s no need to worry because there are some tips that you can try so you can play like a pro player.

Choose class the most suitable for you

Before entering the game, you will be asked to choose a character. Currently available five class in World of Dragon Nest, namely Warrior, Archer, Cleric, Slayer, and Sorceress. Each class have advantages and disadvantages of each. If you like close combat, class like Warrior, Slayer, or Cleric you should try.

However, if you prefer to play remotely, you can choose Archer or Sorceress as your class. To make it easier for you to choose, first study the advantages and disadvantages of each class which exists.

At certain times, you may need support class. Even though almost all class in Dragon Nest is balanced, you also need partners to complete various missions. One of support the best you can choose is Cleric. Using Cleric to play in a team will lead you to victory.

Finish Quest Main First

In an MMORPG game, quest The main thing is something that must be completed first. By completing the game questyou can get EXP, gold, and various items others to support the game. You can also learn various things about Dragon Nest Mobile by completing the main missions.

If you don’t have time to finish play quests yourself, activate the auto search feature to solve it.

Enter the Dungeon

Dungeons are a useful PvE feature and must be completed. Because, some Dungeons like Abyss and Special Dungeon will drop skills pointEXP and gold you if not resolved. So, make sure you finish it, okay!

Please note there is a daily limit for trying Dungeons and this will be set at 12 o’clock at night. To be stronger, clear the Dungeon every day.

Don’t Forget Nest

Besides Dungeons, there is another feature that can make your character stronger called Nest. In World of Dragon Nest, there are three types of Nest that you should know, namely Normal Nest, Raid Nest, and Hell Nest. You can also get some equipment cool from the Nest, so make sure you enter it, okay!

Sell Equipment unused

If you have equipment unused while you need Green Diamond and Gold in large quantities, you can sell them. You can sell items through the Exchange tab on the main menu. Each equipment have different price tags and their minimum or maximum value is determined by the system.

Those are some tips that you can try to play the Mobile version of Dragon Nest. To make your game more exciting, you can buy diamonds to complete the items you need in the game. How to top up Dragon Nest M It’s also fairly easy and the price is affordable on UniPin. Good luck and I hope you can win the fight!

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