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Top-Tier Hero with Myriad Powers

My magic flows as freely as the wind.”

The quote above is spoken Vale when I first introduced myself as hero mage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Having a stocky body with a shirtless look, si hero which is often used support This alternative besides Valir, Pharsa, and Selena holds a myriad of supernatural powers for you to rely on.

Come on, get to know more about Vale! Check out the story and the maximum strategy to play it in the fight against the opponent.

Vale Story and History

vale mobile legend

Originally from Wind Fort, Agetla Drylands, Vale is the brother of one hero mage others: Valir. When they were little, Vale and Valir were brothers and inseparable friends. The two often explore the Fire Kingdom, Valley of the Winds, and a number of other exotic lands in their homeland.

However, when the Fire Kingdom was hit by endless floods, Valir decided to leave the land. Vale—who is starting to show his wind-controlling powers—is determined to go on a journey so he can meet Valir again. So far, he has never shown this power to anyone, not even his own family.

At their appointed time, that is the day of The Pact, Vale will display his magical power in controlling the wind. There is only one hope: to re-attract the attention of his brother who controls fire as the main force. Because of this ability, Vale MLBB also has a popular title named Windtalker.

Roles and Skills Vale

vale ml

As a mage, Vale can be used support in the team. Its position is often occupied alternately with mage support others, such as Pharsa, Selena, or her own brother, Valir. However, Vale has role which are more Versatile alias is versatile and can be placed in any position.

One of the advantages that Vale has is its attack distance that can reach enemies from afar. This ability is able to disrupt the rotation and movement of the enemy. At the same time, the level damage generated by sang hero will also like Pharsa growing and getting stronger in the next attack.

Here is a review of four skills the magic owned by Vale:

1. Passive Skill: Windtalk

If Vale is already level 4, 6, or 8, passive skills You can use the Windtalk he has to improve one of these skills others, namely Windstorm, Wind Blade, or Windblow. However, make sure if the choice skills which will be upgraded according to your needs when resisting attacks from the opposing team.

2. Ultimate Skill: Windstorm

Effect Windstorm as ultimate skills Vale’s power is unquestionable. When activated, skills this can be used to summon a huge hurricane that can explode and sweep the battle area for 1.5 seconds.

His supernatural powers don’t end there. Thanks to the effect Windtalkyou canupgrade Windstorm basic Becomes Windstorm Gather blue that attacks a group of enemies or Windstorm Death orange color that can increase damage.

3. Wind Blade

Wind Blade is skills The first is Vale which allows him to issue two dynamic wind blades towards the opponent. Skills this will also improve magical damage with various levels, from 500 to 900 points.

If you choose upgrade skills it’s time Windtalk active on level certain, you can increase the range of the attack area (scatter) or effect damage stronger (sorrow).

4. Windblowing

Skills Another Vale that is no less powerful in resisting the opponent’s attack is Windblowing. With skills this, Vale will issue a tornado, increasing magical damage, and slows down 40% of the opponent’s movement for two seconds. When combined with Windtalk, Windblowing allow the hero to knock the opponent into the air or upgrade damage with additional wind attack.

Recommendation Build Items for Vale

vale skin

Basically, hero mage this one can be improved by installing Vale skin along with a number of items choice. However, there are two recommendations build items the best you can put on Vale before the fight starts.

Build 1


Arcane Boots, Blood Wings Clock of Destiny Genius Wand Holy Crystal Lightning Truncheon


Combination number items above will provide Vale with penetration damage powerful as well magic power the greater one. Build this is also considered as capital survival because it covers Genius Wand which can reduce the effect damage when the shield hero attacked.

Build 2


Clock of Destiny Demon Shoes Fleeting Time Ice Queen Wand Lightning Truncheon, Necklace of Durance


The main focus of the combination build 2nd is reduce damage. Two items of them—namely Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon—can even make Vale appear stronger. Besides that, Ice Queen Wand used can be used to slow down the opponent’s movement when fighting.

Vale Gameplay: Tips for playing Vale in war

vale mlbb

Because having passive skills which can help improve skills more, strategy game Vale ML can focus on choice upgrade as well as a combination of several skills. Here are some tips to play Sang hero wind controller in the battlefield:

  • Make a trick for the opponent to think they can escape the attack Vale. The trick is to Wind Blade Upgrades to upgrade damagethen Windblowing upgrades in the next level to beat the opponent with maximum attack. That way, the opponent who initially thought he could escape would be hit by an unexpected attack that was stronger than before.
  • Focus on improving damage relying on upgrade on ultimate skill Windstorm. This strategy will work well when skills major is already at level 5-6 and above. You can also make it work more optimally with Wind Blade Upgrades when at level 8.
  • Take control hero opponent with a combination of two basic skills and one ultimate skills. This strategy is quite effective when you are surrounded by enemies or are in a state of urgency.

That’s the information about Vale Mobile Legendfrom the profile and the story to the explanation skills, build itemsand strategy to play hero this is in war.

Well, after getting to know Vale more, you can count on hero this as mage support in the next fight. By choice items the best for Vale as well as an optimal strategy arrangement with other team members, winning the battle is no longer a hope. Go on rank will also be easier to obtain. Then, are you ready to play now?

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