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Top 7 PUBG Mobile Emulators to Play on Laptops

Want to play PUBG but lazy to use a cellphone? Use PUBG mobile emulator to play on a laptop. This tool is suitable for those of you who are used to playing with keyboards and large screens. The emulator helps bring the game version mobile to a laptop, giving you better graphics quality than the Android version of PUBG.

Currently, PUBG players have a large selection of emulators that are easy to install and lightweight so they won’t burden laptop memory. Here are some emulator options that you can try for a more enjoyable playing experience.

1. Nox Player

pubg mobile emulator online

Nox Player is one of the PUBG emulator mobile best because it really makes it easier for you when playing. The advantage is that you can play immediately after uploading it because Nox Player does not require configuration keyboard. Suitable for players who don’t really like complicated technical procedures.

Nox Player is available for Windows 7, 8, 10, and Vista, complete with Dual Core Intel as CPU. The RAM capacity is only 1.5 GB, while the external storage capacity (HDD) is around 2.5 GB. Although a little limited, this emulator will not burden your laptop too much.

2. KoPlayer

pubg ko player emulator

Your laptop’s RAM capacity is only limited to 2 GB? KoPlayer can be an option light PUBG emulator. Its RAM capacity is only 512 MB so it doesn’t cause your game to falter (lagging). KoPlayer is so light that the menu loading speed is also quite fast.

You can play KoPlayer on OS Windows Vista, 7, 8, up to 10. The HDD capacity is 3 GB, but the light weight can be an alternative to playing at maximum speed even if you are using an old laptop. Consequently, the relatively small RAM capacity can slightly limit your range of motion while playing.

3. XePlayer

pubg mobile xeplayer emulator

XePlayer is not only lightweight, but also offers fairly easy game control for its specs. After uploading the emulator, you will be greeted with an easy-to-access menu display, complete with decent loading speeds. XePlayer is also connected to the Google Play Store so you can shop for various products games favorite.

XePlayer is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. The RAM capacity is 1.5 GB, while the HDD is 2.5 GB. The menu display also supports the Facebook Lite application, File Manager, and even a video camera. This emulator sometimes crash when you play too intense, but other than that, the quality is quite stable.

4. Tencent Gaming Buddy

best pubg mobile emulator

Tencent Gaming Buddy may be one of the PUBG emulator 2022 The most famous. Specially designed for a smooth gaming experience, you can get a PUBG-like look mobile on a laptop if using the Tencent emulator. The features and control configurations are also not much different from the version mobile, so you don’t have to bother with adaptation.

Tencent Gaming Buddy offers extra quality in the form of technical support from Tencent developers. You can expect updates and quick fixes for a smoother gaming experience. The current graphics quality is still slightly lower than the mobile version of PUBG, but the gaming experience remains uninterrupted.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is not only suitable for playing PUBG, but also other Android games. The RAM capacity is a bit large, namely 3 GB, while the HDD is 1 GB. Unlike other emulators, the lowest OS that can bear Tencent Gaming Buddy’s specifications is Windows 7.

5. MEmu Emulator

pubg emulator 2020
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MEmu Emulator combines the convenience of a lightweight emulator with standard RAM capacity. The menu display and navigation is easy enough that novice players will have no trouble using it. MEmu is quite suitable for laptops with low specifications, suitable for those who want to play PUBGM on a computer with limited costs.

Memu Emulator can be a little slow when you first log in. However, the playing process after that was relatively smooth and rarely slowed down (lagging). You can also customize the usage keyboard and mouse easily.

MEmu Emulator only has 1 GB RAM and 2 GB HDD, but it is sufficient for owners of low specification laptops. MEmu is also known for having pretty good security features, and has worked with Norton, McAfee, and ESET.

6. GenyMotion

light pubg emulator

GenyMotion is one of the PUBG laptop emulator with the easiest installation system. You can install several related applications at once with just one click system. You can also play many Android games using this emulator.

GenyMotion has pretty good performance and speed. The RAM and HDD capacities are 2 GB each, so you can load quite a lot of data. The weakness of GenyMotion is the need for a large enough laptop storage capacity. If the capacity of your laptop is too small, the game will often slow down.

GenyMotion also can not be played on a laptop with an OS that is too ancient. Your laptop must have at least Windows 7 to be able to play PUBG with this emulator.

7. BlueStacks 4

pubg laptop emulator

BlueStacks 4 is currently one of the most popular PUBG emulators worldwide. Its advantages include high quality graphics, high speed, and features multiple windows, allows you to play multiple games at once. You can even combine it with other emulators for a more optimal playing experience.

BlueStacks 4 is a new version that fixes various problems in the previous version, such as CPU usage that is too wasteful and the graphics resolution is often “broken” thereby reducing the fun. With 1GB RAM and 2GB HDD, BlueStacks gives you plenty of storage space and doesn’t overwhelm your laptop.

You need a laptop with a minimum OS of Windows 7 to be able to play using BlueStacks 4. Instead, there is the Hyper-G feature for better image quality and ease of control using keyboard and mouse.

PUBG Emulator mobile is a handy solution for transferring your games to your laptop without compromising the fun. These emulators are not only easy to get and install, but they are also relatively light, load quite a lot, and offer easy device control and support.

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