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Tips for Using Emergency Pickup on PUBG Mobile

In the 2.0 PUBG Mobile update, a new in-game feature is introduced,  namely Emergency Pickup. This time we will share tips on using Emergency Pickup in the popular battle royale game.

Currently, PUBG Mobile has entered a new season of C2S6 (Cycle 2 Season 6) by bringing various features and content from patch note  2.0.

Exciting features have been in this realistic battle royale game. One of the interesting features that is present in this 2.0 update is the Emergency Pickup.

This item-shaped feature can be used to fly and bring players up to a  full squad to the safe zone area in an ongoing match.

With this tool, of course, it will be very helpful to catch up to the zone before being eliminated due to the fierce damage given by the blue zone.

As for getting it, players just need to look for it in the loot area on the PUBG  Mobile map. That means this item is indeed available as usual supply items.

Tips for Using Emergency Pickup on PUBG Mobile

Although the Emergency Pickup function will indeed help players to go to the safe zone  , the right tips and tricks are needed so that the use of new features becomes more effective in  the PUBG Mobile game.

How to Ride a Hot Air Balloon

When the Emergency Pickup is used, a hot air balloon will come out of  the item  . Players can ride it together with members of one of his team. Then the plane will arrive to take the players connected by hot air balloons.

The way to climb it is to press the shoot button. By pressing the button, the player will be connected with a rope that is connected to the air balloon that comes out.

Know the Duration of Emergency Pickup Working

The next point that players must pay attention to in using the Emergency Pickup feature is knowing how long this item will work.

So Emergency Pickup will take about 7 seconds for the hot air balloon to open perfectly. After that, the player immediately shot flying into the air.

With a duration of 7 seconds which is quite time-consuming, players should pay attention to the surrounding conditions before using this item.

Can only be used in open areas

The third point regarding the use of Emergency Pickup is that this feature can only be used in open areas. Therefore, if the player is in the house or vehicle, the player will not be able to use this feature.

Therefore, when the blue zone approaches you when you are in the house or vehicle, don't panic by opening the Emergency Pickup immediately. But you must first exit to an open area to activate it.

Landing in a Quiet Area

When you have successfully climbed into the air with the hot air balloon using this Emergency Pickup feature, you should pay attention to the area where you will land.

Make sure you land in a quiet area. If you land in an area where the enemy is, then you who will jump can become an easy target for players who are on land near where you land.

Therefore, before pressing the jump button, first make sure that there are no players around where you will land  .

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