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Tips for Playing Pharsa Mobile Legends, Pro Player's Favorite Mage

Mobile Legends players who choose Mage-type fighters can choose Pharsa Mobile Legends as one of the best choices. After going through various updates, Pharsa now offers skills and damage the greatest among the Mages. Her background as a Crow’s daughter who can transform into a crow gave her skills unique and companion animals as one of his attacks.

Want to excel when fighting using Pharsa? Check out the following strategy.

Pharsa’s Best Emblem

Pharsa Emblem

As Mages, Pharsa emblem must support his magical skills. You can use the Custom Mage emblem to upgrade elements like cooldown reduction, magic power, and magic penetration. Here are some of the powers that you can get if you use this emblem.

1. Mastery

Mastery helps Pharsa reduce time cooldown reduction so he can attack again quickly. Use this emblem to reduce cooldown reduction up to 1.50 percent each time your fighter level up.

2. Catastrophe

After lowering cooldown reduction, it’s time for you to upgrade magic power. Catastrophe is able to increase Phrasa’s magical power by 1.50 percent with each level up. The result is damage every time Pharsa launches a magical attack.

3. Impure Rage

Custom Mage Emblem “reward” magic power by 4 percent of the enemy’s HP. You will also get recovery where by 3 percent. Suitable for Pharsa who specializes in high-power long-range magical attacks.

Spell Options for Pharsa

Pharsa's best spells

Spell Be the mainstay of Mage fighters like Pharsa, so make sure your fighter has everything you need to defeat the enemy. Here are some spell Pharsa’s best ranging from standard to strongest.

1. Flicker

Some pro players skip Flicker and think of it as spell most standard. This is because Flicker “only” serves to escape in an instant. However, since Pharsa was relatively easy to kill, having spell this is quite important as a basis.

2. Purify

Purify also helps Pharsa escape, but with some additional abilities. For example, Pharsa can avoid the effects crowd control for 1.2 seconds when ganged up, making it easier for him to escape. The speed is also increased by up to 30 percent.

3. Flame Shot

here spell Pharsa’s flagship attack. With Flame Shot, Pharsa can launch long-range magical attacks. This attack can reduce the opponent’s speed as well as make them bounce.

Ideal Skill Combo

Combo Skill Pharsa

Combo skills Pharsa not very much, but you can take advantage timing so that Pharsa can launch a devastating attack. First, get to know some skills important Pharsa must have:

1. Passive Skills

Skills Pharsa passively uses Verri, a crow who is also the incarnation of her lover. Verri will enter Hunting State to give 160 to 300 magic damage additional (+75 percent of magic power). Verri can also slow down your opponent by 60 percent for one second.

2. Skill 1: Curse of Crow

Curse of Crow is a direct spell attack on the enemy and deals 300 to 453 magic damage (+120 percent of magic power). After being hit, the enemy will be “tagged” for four seconds, indicating the result of the attack is affecting them.

3. Skill 2: Energy Impact

Energy Impact is a larger scale magical attack to attack multiple enemies at once. Pharsa can throw magic power by 452 to 600 (+145 percent of magic power whole).

4. Ultimate Skill: Feathered Air Strike

When doing an ultimate attack, Pharsa will float in the air and spin to cast a magical attack like a meteor. Pharsa will spin four times to release attacks, each inflicting a magic damage 620 to 920 (160 percent of the total magic power).

Combo skills for Pharsa it’s pretty simple: start at Skills 1 and 2, then use his ulti to attack the enemy completely. However, be careful to avoid crowd control because it will cancel ultimate skill-his.

Beware Counter Hero Pharsa!

Counter Hero Pharsa

Like other fighters, Pharsa Mobile Legends also has a weakness if it is pitted against a certain fighter alias counter heroes. If you’re playing Pharsa, be sure to avoid clashing with the fighters below:

1. Franco

Franco is a Tank version of the fighter with considerable parrying power. Franco can be a nightmare for Pharsa who relies on long-range attacks.

2. Jawhead

Jawhead is a Fighter-type fighter who is known as the “protector” of the most superior team. Ability counter-It’s quite large and can even mess up your plans to launch an ultimate attack. If you can’t avoid it, at least you can take cover behind the Tanks of your team members.

3. Chou

Chou is an opponent that will trouble Pharsa because he can almost be anything, except for Mage and Marksman. Pharsa especially can be in trouble when it comes to counters.

4. Khaleed

Khaleed is a relatively new Fighter type fighter but has the potential to beat Pharsa. He can attack and give effect stun when Pharsa paused for a moment to issue ultimate skills-his.

5. Khufra

Do you still remember that Pharsa’s weakness is crowd control? Khufra can launch attacks with effect crowd control so it is quite dangerous for Pharsa. Damage his attack was also quite large against Pharsa even when he just launched Skills 1 and 2.

Additional Tips so that Pharsa is always Superior

Source: Kincir

Already know Pharsa’s strengths and expertise? Now is the time to do some additional strategies so that it is easier for you to win. Here are some additional tips.

1. Focus on Farming and Destroying the Turret First

When you just play, you don’t need to be too crazy in fighting. Just focus on farming and destroy turret opponent’s. You must have capital skills and items many before starting to release attacks.

2. Find a Safe Position

One of Pharsa’s weaknesses is that it is easy to get trapped by functions locking by the opponent. When you are ready to fight, finding a safe position is very important. Apart from taking advantage of spell to escape, make sure you can escape easily.

3. Take advantage of Friend Support

Pharsa shouldn’t fight alone, especially when it comes to launching ultimate skills which required him to pause for a moment. You can take cover behind a Tank-type partner, for example.

Pharsa Mobile Legends is a Mage character with skills and damage quite useful. However, make sure you follow the appropriate game strategy so you don’t get trapped by enemies and die quickly.

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