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Tips and Tricks to Use M60 FF, Booyah Immediately

Among the many types of weapons available in the Free Fire game, the name M60 FF certainly not foreign. Included in the category assault riflethe way the M60 works is not much different from the machine gun. His ability to give damage The large size and large magazine capacity make it a game for players.

Based on data compiled from the official website, the M60 has statistics, namely: damage by 56 points and rate of fire with the same value. The range reaches 65 points with reload speed 48, 43 points accuracy and magazine 60.

Although the statistics are quite capable, some players’ playing styles may not match the weapons M60 FF. Because it can’t be installed with add-ons, you can only maximize its performance by magazine just.

Advantages and Disadvantages of M60 FF

m60 ff senjata weapon

When viewed from its ability to provide stable fire, the M60 is powerful enough to be used on the battlefield. Especially with the capacity magazineits quite big. In terms of mobility, this weapon is quite capable. If you play in the middle range, you can knock out enemies quickly using a combination rate of fire and damage-his.

If you are dealing with an enemy who doesn’t use an LMG (Light Machine Gun), you will benefit greatly because the M60’s magazine capacity is quite large. When the enemy runs out of bullets, take this opportunity to reload and counterattack.

In terms of weakness, as already mentioned is the lack of flexibility in using weapons because you can’t install add ons. This is what makes you play the M60 like using an LMG.

Although similar to LMG, in terms of statistics the M60 is still far behind. For example, you are dealing with an enemy who uses AN94 with additional scopethere is a possibility that you will lose because the enemy has been targeting you from a distance before you meet.

Recommendation Skins Best M60 Free Fire

skin m60 free fire

To complete the various shortcomings of the M60, one of the tricks you can do, of course, is to complete it with skin. Skins not only makes your weapon look cooler, but it will also provide additional statistics that benefit you on the battlefield.

In order to hurry up, there are some recommendations skin best for you. Find out more in the following review!

1. Lively Beast

Lively Beast can be considered as one of the skin which has long been available on Free Fire. But in terms of ability, Lively Beast is not inferior to skin The latest M60 FF. Additional rate of fire given by skin this will make you able to finish off the enemy faster than usual. You can get skin This is by buying at the Armory Shop for 35 diamonds.

2. Spirited Overseers

Can be purchased for 30 diamonds, skin this one will provide an additional 1 point of accuracy and armor penetration as much as 2 points. Skins You can also get this with a duration of 1 day, 3 days, 7 days to random via Loot Crate.

Spirit Overseers can reduce the weight of M60 ammunition which tends to be heavy. But in terms of performance this actually does not really affect the performance.

3. Crimson Red

Name skin M60 FF is fairly popular because it is rare and can only be obtained at certain times. First released at the Bullseye event last November 2022, now you have to spin starting from 9 diamonds to be able to get it.

Skins it can raise rate of fire as much as 2 points and range as much as 1 point. It’s just ability reload speed will decrease by 1 level.

4. Santa’s Choice

Skins You can buy this one at the Armory Shop for 30 diamonds. You can also open the Weapon Loot Crate. If you go through the Loot Crate, you have the opportunity to get skin with a duration of use of 1, 3 and 7 days or permanent (random).

Skins it will improve range M60 as much as 2 points, rate of fire as much as 1 point and reduce points magazine as much as 1. With an increase rate of fireyou can finish off the enemy quickly.

Effective Ways to Win Battles with M60 FF

latest m60 ff

One of the advantages of using the M60 is the ability to fire which tends to be stable. With more bullets than other AR weapons, there are a few tips that you can use to get started with the M60 immediately. Anything?

1. Don’t Force Close Combat

The M60 is not recommended for close-range shooting. This is because compared to other ARs, the rate of fire is not very good. Especially when compared to the AK47. If you use M60 but want to attack up close, bring an additional weapon of some kind shotgun or SMG as a backup.

2. Do it Hip-fire close up

With decent accuracy and shooting range, the M60 is actually tough enough to match the XM8 or Scar. If by chance you meet an enemy from close range, there is no need to use binoculars. Take less forceful shots as usual.

3. Do it scope While Squat

Since it has quite good stability, try to stand up as soon as you aim with the binoculars while squatting down. This technique will be very powerful to target the enemy’s head alias headshot accurately.

4. After 2-6 Bullets, Reload Scopehis

The stability possessed by the M60 makes this weapon can be used as a weapon assault rifle normal. But because it can’t be installed with additional attachments like stock and foregrip, you should be better at bullet control. After shooting 3 to 6 bullets, reload scope back for good performance.

Those are the tips and tricks for using the M60 FF. Don’t forget to complete skinby doing top up diamonds on UniPin. Recharge now and have an even more exciting gaming experience.

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