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Tight Competition, EVOS Overthrows Alter Ego In MPL Season 9 Day 1 Playoffs Games

EVOS vs Alter Ego was in the second match day 1 of the MPL Season 9 playoffs. EVOS Legends who played fiercely and tightly managed to beat Alter Ego with a score of 3 vs 2.

AE was behind 0 vs 2 and managed to equalize to 2 vs 2. However, the super fierce match in the fifth game forced them to lose to EVOS.

This result gave EVOS the opportunity to secure the remaining slots in the Upper Bracket. Not only that, El Clasico will be held on April 22, considering that EVOS will meet RRQ in the Upper Bracket.

A 0-3 defeat to EVOS forced Alter Ego to stop its pace in the playoffs. This is at the same time repeating the defeat of Alter Ego last season. Celiboy et al currently lost 3 vs. 2 against EVOS, so they had to be eliminated in the Lower Bracket Playoff MPL Season 8.

The roster and heroes from EVOS Legends in the first game are Wann (Kagura), Antimage (Grock), Clover (Wan-Wan), Ferxiic (Fanny), and Rekt (Angela)

While the Alter Ego formation in the first game is Udil (Lylia), Pai (Esmeralda), Nino (Phoveus), Celiboy (Ling), and LeoMurphy (Chou).

The score of 8-7 was created in the 8th minute for a narrow advantage over EVOS. Competing tight up to the mid-game, EVOS is able to suppress Alter Ego when entering the late-game.

The combo between Clover and Rekt with the heroes Wan-Wan and Angela made the Alter Ego formation a mess. Lord’s attack in the 16th minute became a frightening specter for Celiboy et al.

By defeating four heroes, EVOS locked the win in the first game with a final score of 26 vs 10. Clover became the first MVP game with a KDA record of 8/2/7.

The second game is going faster than the previous game. EVOS this time relies on heroes with thick HP like Masha and Baxia. Three other heroes chosen by EVOS are Angela, Melisa and Kagura.

Meanwhile, Alter Ego chose the strategy of Ling Jungler and Beatrix as Gold Laner. They also rely on many heroes such as Esmeralda, Ruby and Lylia. EVOS immediately stepped on the gas and in the early game and managed to lead 5-1 in the sixth minute

Clover’s smooth execution and Ferxiic’s aggressive play made EVOS press from the early game to the mid game. Battles in the mid lane and jungle give EVOS an advantage.

After the three AE heroes fell, they rushed to the base and secured the second game with a score of 14 vs 5 in the 15th minute. Ferxiic became the second MVP in the match after scoring 3 kills and 8 assists without even being taken down.

The third game was fiercer than the previous two matches. Quite Tight, in the eighth minute the score was 5-5. Entering the mid-game, AE was able to suppress EVOS through Nino’s slick game with his Hero WanWan.

The war near the buff that continued to the mid-lane track ended with the fall of five EVOS heroes. attacking the base, Alter Ego won the third game with a score of 14 vs 7 in the 14th minute.

Position 2 vs 1 makes Alter Ego excited in the fourth game. Celiboy’s slick game with his Ling, was able to deliver AE to win 21 versus 10.

This brings the score to 2 vs 2, with the winner to be determined in the fifth match. Alter Ego played aggressively in the next match. Celiboy et al have won with a score of 10 vs 1 in the 11th minute.

The entry of Cr1te made the difference in the fifth game. Combo Cr1te with Cecilion with Clover with Beatrix starts to improve EVOS performance.

The White Tigers started to catch up so the score became 5 vs 11 in the 15th minute. EVOS was able to make a convincing comeback after capturing Lord in the 28th minute. After destroying the base turret, EVOS immediately targeted the Inhibitor.

Nino and Pai were unable to survive, so EVOS was finally able to destroy the main inhibitor of AE. 3 vs 2 victory over AE allows El Clasico to happen again in the Upper Bracket Playoff MPL Season 9. Is this the result of the EVOS vs Alter Ego match, which is your favorite Mobile Legends eSports team?

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