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This is the Reason Why Kla Free Fire's Skills Are Worth Considering!

Kla Free Fire often referred to as the One Punch Man. Obviously, the nickname comes from his power that can knock down enemies with one hit. As a skilled Muay Thai fighter, Kla doesn’t have a problem if he has to fight with his bare hands. In fact, it could be said that his fists were earners damage biggest. So, if you want to use this character in Free Fire, you should first know the ins and outs.

Kla Free Fire Character Reviews

free fire cla character

As games Battle Royale, Free Fire is enough to have many and complex characters. Uniquely, these characters can also have different costumes. However, because it is not an MMORPG game, the character’s clothes only serve as packaging, not providing any particular power.

If you like to dress your character with unique clothes, Free Fire has a number of options that you can buy using Diamonds or Gold. While for Buying FF characters When you have to prepare 499 Diamonds. His appearance is typical like a Muay Thai athlete. Even so, at level 5 he can get a jacket that makes him look like an ordinary person.

His strength that is often compared to anime One Man Punch gives its own scary impression. As a Muay Thai athlete, he is used to fighting with his bare hands or without weapons. The good thing is, you still arm Kla in anticipation of facing higher-level enemies.

Advantages of Kla FF

  • The punch that is the mainstay Kla Free Fire can be very effective when used early in the game or early game
  • Suitable for close combat
  • Can be combined with any character

Lack of Characters in FF

  • Not very effective for long range combat
  • Need to have other weapons like shotgun or other melee weapons

Damage Maximum with Combo Kla FF

One hit from Kla Free Fire can cause an increase damage up to 100%. Not surprisingly, Kla is often used to take down enemies early in the game—when the other characters haven’t gotten any weapons yet.

The higher the level Kla Free Fire characterseven bigger damage resulting from

  • At level 1, damage boxing up 100%
  • At level 2, damage boxing up 150%
  • At level 3, damage boxing up 200%
  • At level 4, damage boxing up 250%
  • At level 5, the Avenger Set or Kla jacket is unlocked
  • At level 6, damage boxing up 300%
  • At level 7, get the Kla Banner
  • At level 8, damage boxing up 400%

With damage the big one, skills Kla Free Fire suitable for close combat. However, you also have to pay attention to HP when attacking enemies with your bare hands in the middle to the end of the game. The reason is, if you get too close and meet an enemy who is already at a high level, you might be defeated because you don’t have time to attack back.

How to Play Kla Free Fire

free fire skill

Kla Free Fire is a character that is suitable to be paired with any character because he can be a hero in early game according to his abilities. While other characters are collecting weapons, Kla can cover to attack the enemy. Then, when Kla has started to save HP, the other characters already have weapons to change cover attack the enemy. In order to shine until the end of the game, Kla should be armed with shotgun and armor to make his HP durable and can continue to punch the enemy.

Some characters that are suitable to be combined with Kla are:

  1. Kelly

Kelly’s sprinting ability will save the team with Kla if boxing doesn’t turn out to be very effective. In addition, Kelly’s speed can also help in approaching the enemy quickly to be attacked at close range. The character who just got the Awakening version in the middle of 2022 also has an impact damage strong enough to run. This makes Kelly fit well with the character overpower like Kla.

  1. Andrew

A burly police officer, in Andrew’s story is Kelly’s stepfather. Andrew’s ability as armor specialist will increase resistance Kla Free Fire against enemy attacks. On the other hand, Kla can help Andrew to take down enemies quickly. That’s because Andrew’s specialty is increasing resilience vest to reduce damage, but has no effect or damage which is too much against the enemy.

  1. Wukong

Wukong is a Free Fire character who has unique abilities. It can turn into a bush that makes it invisible to the opponent. For some players, skills this is less useful especially if the weapon used is less lethal. This is why Wukong needs to be combined with a character with great strength at close range like Kla. You can camouflage into a bush and then punch enemies when they get close. For weapons, it’s best to use muffler or silencer to make it more undetectable by the opponent.

Free Fire characters have their own unique strengths and they usually get more and more deadly at high levels. Interestingly, if you combine two or more characters, skills each character can also be used by other characters. So, you just need to determine the right mix between skills the. In fact, in updates latest, you can combine up to four characters.

You know, game Battle Royale inspired by the Japanese novel of the same title? The storyline is also similar, namely a number of players are dropped on an island and they have to kill each other until only one person remains. Such a story has never existed before so it inspires a lot games and one of them is Free Fire.

Basically, Free Fire is a game survival. So you can avoid fighting if you can. However, it seems that this is impossible especially since there are many enemies who want to take you down. This is why you should consider skills and character resilience to survive until the end. If you are looking for a character that has great power, Kla Free Fire is one of them!

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