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This is the Ranking of the Most Updated Mobile Legend in 2022

Those who like challenges in Mobile Legend must try to fight in the Ranked Match event, where seasoned players are ranked based on their flying hours. Mobile Legend Rank The newest one currently consists of eight groups, each of which you can reach by using a specific strategy to earn the required points or stars.

Crawling up in the Mobile Legend ranking list is something to be proud of for competitive players. Here are eight ML rank order which you must try if you claim to be a seasoned player.

1. Warrior

warrior rank

Warrior is the first rank in Mobile Legend. You can get it if you manage to collect five heroes and reach Level 8. This rank still has several layers of levels, namely Warrior I, II, and III. You can win each level when you collect three stars. Luckily, if you lose, your stars won’t be lost, so you can keep trying.

The reward for successfully completing the Warrior level is 1,000 Battle Points, 100 Tickets, and 1x Fragment Skin Premium.

2. Elite

elite rank

Just like Warriors, Mobile Legend ranking order Elite also has three levels. The difference is, you have to collect four stars to move up the rankings instead of three. Elite begins to give players a serious challenge, because every time you lose, your star will decrease. No wonder this ranking is dominated by players who have quite mastered the basics of the game Mobile Legends.

Elite Ranking does start off as a big challenge, but the rewards are also more satisfying. If you successfully complete each level, you will get 2,000 Battle Points, 200 Tickets, and 3x Fragment Skin Premium.

3. Master

master rank

The Master Ranks is where you have to start getting serious! If the Warrior and Elite tiers still give you bots (relatively easy to anticipate), the Master tiers are filled with native players who are mostly good at it. Master has four levels to complete, and each level requires you to collect four stars. If you lose, one star will be reduced.

The Master rank reward was certainly satisfying. In addition to 4,000 Battle Points, you also get 300 Tickets and a rare Exclusive Season Skin.

4. Grandmaster

Grandmaster Rank

Mobile Legend rank level Grandmaster is starting to give you a serious challenge. Most of the players here are not only good and have agile fingers, but they already understand lore behind every Hero. This gives them a tactical advantage in choosing a fighter when playing in any mode.

Grandmaster has five levels that you must complete. Each level requires you to collect five stars, and one star will be lost each time you lose. Be careful when playing in this level; you may encounter players who cheat by using cheat mode.

The Grandmaster rank reward was very tempting. In addition to exclusive Skins, you get 7,000 Battle Points plus 600 Season Tickets.

5. Epic

epic rank

You will start to feel a competitive experience e-sports if you have entered the Epic rating. Here, you can no longer choose the Hero you want. Before competing, each team will go through Draft Picks, where the type of Hero is selected strictly and there are some who are prohibited from playing alias banned. Usually this is because the Hero is too strong so it is unfair to the opposing team. So, make sure you really understand who the Hero you propose is!

The Epic Ranking consists of five levels, and you must earn five stars to pass each level. The reward is 12,000 Battle Points, 1,000 Tickets, and an exclusive Skin.

6. Legend

legend rank
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Legend not only tests your playing skills, but also your mentality. Just choosing the greatest Hero is not enough because you have to increase all their potential. Here, your opponent is a reliable player who will demand that you play often combo just to keep the fight balanced. Legend consists of five levels, and you must win five stars in order to pass each level.

As a difficult rank, the rewards are certainly no joke. You will get 20,000 Battle Points, 1,500 Tickets, and an exclusive Skin.

7. Mythic

mythic rank

Mythic is rank in Mobile Legend which began to pose a different challenge. Consisting of five tiers, the Mythic ranking originally also used a five star system like any other rank. However, since the release of Mobile Legends season 14, the star system has changed to Mythic Points. Each of these points can be reduced if you lose, so the stakes are getting bigger.

You won’t drop to Legend rank even if you lose a lot. However, you can’t breathe a sigh of relief when you finally reach Mythic rank. There is still a rotating battle called Placement Match that determines your rank among players of the same status. You might even be competing against pro ML players! However, you will not rank down to Legend if you lose a lot.

Your reward for completing this level is the same as the previous level, but there is an addition in the form of Mythic Expressions.

8. Mythical Glory

rank mythical glory
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This is the highest ranking in Mobile Legend, where the winners have the opportunity to be registered in Mobile Legend leaderboard and become popular. You can only enter this rank if you already have 600 Mythic Points. To make your status cooler, make sure to increase the Win Rate on each of your fighters. This Win Rate will be displayed on leaderboard and can be a show off to fellow players.

Success in attaining the Mythical Glory rank is a great achievement. Here, you will meet the most pro players and even athletes e-sports. If you often follow the news e-sports and games, you will definitely be familiar with the various nicknames in this ranking. You can also brag to your fellow ML players!

If concluded, list Mobile Legend rank actually consists of seven main ranks and one sublevel. However, they all require you to be adept at choosing heroes, playing combos, strategizing, and learning maps, build items, roles, and other important elements. Make sure to play consistently as well as smart and avoid cheats so that your ranking achievement is more proud!

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