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This is Misha Free Fire, the Racequeen with Special Abilities

Who would have thought, the character described as a cute and sexy looking girl is a very reliable racer. This great driving ability earned him the nickname “Racequeen“. He became increasingly popular after winning a number of racing competitions. For him, there is no winding road because he can handle everything well.

Misha Free Fire character It’s actually very simple and flexible to use. With Misha, you can optimize the use of vehicles in Free Fire to help team members win battles. Interestingly, Misha can also be played with various role armed with skills which he has.

Misha Free Fire’s Mainstay Skill

misha free fire ability

This 19 year old character has skills which is called Afterburner. With skills With this, it can increase driving speed while reducing impact damage from the enemy while in the vehicle.

Skills Afterburner Misha at level 1 allows her to increase her speed by 2% and reduce damage by 5%. At level 2, it can increase speed by 4% and reduce damage by 10%. At level 3, speed increases by 6% and damage reduced by 15%.

Racequeen Set Misha will unlock at level 5. Furthermore, the speed will continue to increase and damage reduced in later levels. Lastly, at level 8, Misha’s speed increases by 12% and damage reduced by up to 30%.

Misha’s advantage can also benefit the team. This character can invite all team members into the vehicle. While in the vehicle, you can face your opponent and defeat him. If needed, you and your team can also use Misha’s abilities to escape from enemy attacks.

Best Combo For Misha

misha free fire

Misha’s own skill is actually quite profitable in the game. However, to maximize the team’s efforts to win in the battle royale, You can use any combination of the following characters:


Notora is the best character that can be combined with Misha Free Fire. These two characters can support each other, especially when in a vehicle. If Misha can increase speed and reduce damagethen Notora can speed up heal for all characters in the vehicle. So, the team can last longer in battle.


Nikita is a very powerful character when it comes to using SMG. He can do reload with a very fast duration. If they team up with Misha in one battle, the two of them will become a strong team. With Misha Free Fire abilitiesboth can do a lot kill quickly.


Another of Nikita’s best combos is the character Rafael. With skills His flagship Silent Killer, Rafael is very popular among Free Fire players. Because without sound when doing kill, the enemy can’t figure it out. Well, with Misha, you can shoot from behind the vehicle secretly when approaching the enemy.


You can also combine Miguel’s elite squad members with Misha’s character. This character can give maximum advantage because it turns each kill into EP. Together with Misha, you don’t have to do kill with a weapon, simply by hitting it. EP will also increase automatically.

Tips for Playing with Misha’s Character

misha free fire skills

Skills owned by Misha Free Fire is quite unique. However, you can use it to your advantage if you use the best strategy. For that, there are some tips that you can do, which are as follows:

Wherever Possible Using Vehicles

Misha’s weakness is not moving when outside the vehicle. If walking as usual, this character has no more advantages. Therefore, make sure you use a vehicle as much as possible when you are going to beat your opponent. However, if you happen to have to go through an area that is difficult for vehicles to pass, you must be extra careful.

Choose Best Combo

With skills Uniquely, Misha must work together with other characters in order to win the battle. Therefore, choosing the right combo is very important. Make sure you get a partner who can fill Misha’s deficiency. Thus, the opponent’s attack can be dammed.

Get Team Into Vehicle

As previously mentioned, it wasn’t just Misha herself who could get into the vehicle. You can also invite the whole team for a ride and look for enemies. If it encounters an enemy, hit it immediately at the right angle. Then, go out with the team members and use skills each. This strategy will make you do more kill.

Lure Enemies Out

By using a vehicle, you can lure the enemy out of hiding. After that, you just need to hit the enemy, then run to avoid attacks. Move quickly, either when crashing or running away so you don’t get hit damage from backlash.

Interesting Facts of Misha Free Fire

misha free fire character

Trying to use Misha’s character in the Free Fire game is certainly an exciting experience. Well, to get to know this character better, know the following interesting facts.

Close to Maxim and Kelly

Free Fire players definitely know Maxim and Kelly. Maxim is a Free Fire character who is also an automotive hobbyist. As it turned out, Misha was Maxim’s older sister. This explains the reason for the similarities between the two hobbies. Meanwhile, Kelly’s character is described as Misha’s friend.

Can’t Get Rid of Racing Cars

For Misha, racing cars have become an image that sticks closely to her. When someone saw him, he was immediately recognized as a reliable racer. Misha’s connection with the world of racing is a distinct advantage for him when played in battle.

Popular But Cares About His Sister

Misha Free Fire really cares about his sister, Maxim. Although she is a popular girl because she often wins racing matches. Their close relationship with their sister makes them a great team.

Well, that’s a brief review of Misha Free Fire, starting from skills mainstay to playing strategy. May be useful!

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