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This is Counter Alucard Mobile Legends After getting Buff

Alucard is a Semi Assassin Hero fighter who recently received the Buff update at the end of season 15 by Moonton. Well, the Buff Update that was carried out, of course, would have an impact on the game becoming unbalanced. So that when fighting Alucard, other heroes will be overwhelmed because the damage range is so far.

Besides that, of course this is good news for Alucard users. Because you can feel the glory that has been lost for a long time from the Land of Dawn and its entry back into the Latest Meta Mobile Legend. With the level of Alucard’s power in this buff, then of course the players who fight it will find it difficult.

Meanwhile, Alucard who has a lifesteal ability that quickly regenerates HP when attacking is quite scary and his Basic Attack when he hits an opponent will increase his HP and his Regen will get faster as level increases.

Well, since the latest update on the Hero, many other players feel confused and irritated due to the Rising Power of Alucard and his lifesteal ability. They will lose when they meet him during the match, but don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss how to counter Hero Alucard Mobile Legends after getting an update, what’s going on? Let’s check below.

1. Freya

Even though Alucard is superior to Lifesteal, Freya has more damage. Now, by adding some Lifesteal Items, then he will be like Alucard who can regenerate HP and counter Alucard. Even when Freya has a level above the others, of course she will be a scary hero.

2. Moscow

Moskov With the Marksman Role can be one of the marksman who can counter Alucard, he has high Attack Speed ​​and pretty terrible damage, Besides that he also has a knock-back effect on his 2nd skill when it hits an opponent like Alucard, he will Stun for a long time so that it prevents Alucard from moving. Even when accompanied by a Tank, Alucard will find it even more difficult to fight him.

3. Helcurt

The last one is the Hero with the Assassin Role, namely Helcurt, he has skills with high Crowd Control. You can use the Hero to disable it with his skills.

Moreover, Alucard is known to have Stun, Slow and Knock-Up skill weaknesses, so if he meets another Hero who has high Crowd Control skills, it will certainly make it difficult for Alucard to attack him.

Of course you have to keep your distance using Hero Helcurt to fight Alucard so that it is difficult for him to strike back.

Well, that’s how to counter Hero Alucard in Mobile Legends who got a Buff at the end of season 15. Hopefully it’s useful, guys!

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