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These 5 PUBG Mobile Modes Are Rarely Played

If you like mobile games, you must be familiar with PUBG. Concept phone game battle royal this is a tough competitor to Free Fire, which is currently at the top of the standings—not only nationally, but also internationally.

When playing this game, you will feel gameplay which is very exciting and thrilling. Each player will attack each other until there is only one person as the winner. How? Curious to try playing too?

PUBG mobile mode is a game that can be called phenomenal. Not without reason, this game has been downloaded by more than 200 million users in just one year after it was officially launched. That is, connoisseur games this is a lot from all over the country.

About Games PUBG

pubg mobile classic mode
Source: The Indian Wire

Games PUBG was created by Brendan Greene and officially launched globally in 2022. This game is divided into three versions when viewed from the game platform.

Initially, PUBG was only available for Windows PC via Steam. Innovations and updates continue to be made until finally this game can be played via Xbox One and aka mobile phones mobile. In fact, the mobile version can really break into the world market, especially in Asia.

Based on the concept of playing, there are about 100 players who attack each other to be a winner. Each player can decide the mode of play: solo or solo, two or two, and four or squad.

Each player will start the game from a war plane. They will free fall using a parachute. After landing, each player will do loot in order to have weapons, armor for battle, and other equipment to support life.

PUBG Mobile Mode Rarely Played

pubg mobile arcade mode
Source: Esportsku

Most PUBG players choose PUBG mobile arena mode that supports them to be able to rank up or rank. However, if you feel bored and bored playing mode rankthere still is mode else you can lyric. Although rarely played, mode it’s still fun and challenging really, you know!

1. Quick Match Arcade Mode

PUBG mobile arcade mode is mode play played by 28 people in one games. Each player will fight in conditions and time which is shorter when compared to PUBG mobile classic fashion.

Playtime in mode quick game or quick match it lasts for 8 minutes only. However, the variety of games in this type of game is quite diverse. Just say it all weapons, pistol only, shotguns only, loot heavens, and melee only.

2. Arcade Sniper Training Mode

Then, there’s also arcade mode sniper training which only 40 players play in each game. The combat mode in this game is not much different from the mode quick match; it’s just time in mode sniper training given for 15 minutes.

When playing this mode, players can train skills long range combat. The reason is, this type of game provides a wide enough arena for players to fight and kill opponents from a long distance. Sniper training mode have two choices, namely sniper rifle bolt action or use a weapon sniper rifles type bolt action and sniper rifles all or you can use all options snipers.

3. Arcade War Mode

PUBG mobile mode arcade war can be said to be a mini game with a playing field that does not shrink when the match is in progress. Mode This game contains only 20 players who will battle to get kill points as much as possible.

When playing in war mode, you don’t have to fear being killed or dying. The reason is, this mode allows each player to do respawn or features to live again.

4. Payload Mode

Payload mode includes a new game mode in the PUBG game mobile. This mode is included in the EvoGround feature and you can only play if you are on the Erangel map. You will find several new types of weapons in this mode; each will have a devastating power that can be considered quite large.

For example, there are MGL, RPG-7, Sawed off, and M3E1-A grenades that have bazooka-like powers. In addition to several new weapon types, the payload mode also provides a choice of several new vehicles; two of them are BDRM and helicopters.

5. Blue Hole Mode

Finally there is a mode blue holewhich belongs to the game type intense hardcore which has been specially designed to prevent players from doing activities “camping” in the area or comfort zone. When mode When this game is played, there are two zones that appear, namely the inner and outer zones.

The inner zone is a new zone that is included in the map and is marked in blue. If a player enters this zone too early, he will receive damage similar to the damage done to the outer zone.

So, players must ensure that the inner zone is ready to become a safe area that can be entered at the right time. This game mode helps to level up spawn. So, the position of the last team that can survive has a chance to win the match or chicken dinner.

More PUBG Mobile Mode Options

pubg mobile arena mode
Source: Youtube

other than five PUBG mobile mode earlier, you can also play many other game modes, such as:

1. Team Deathmatch (TDM)

You can still choose this mode even though the level is still relatively low. TDM will offer a kill-only gaming experience, spawn, killed, and repeat until the target is reached. Every 1 kills, you have a chance to get 1 point, and you have to collect up to 40 points. The playing system in this mode is 4 vs 4.

2. Domination or Domination

Domination is arguably the new mode in the PUBG game mobile. Actually, the type of play is not much different from the TDM mode. It’s just that, the target that you have to fulfill is to be in one zone and must maintain that zone.

The winner is obtained if the player can control two zones. You will also get one fruit lootbox which can later help you win the game. However, be careful because the place spawn You and your opponent are very random.

3. Assault

Different mode assault with TDM is on mapping and place respawn. Location respawn in this mode it can be on your partner. Simply put, this mode will make you have to keep fighting while circling folder.

Come on, play it all PUBG mobile mode earlier! Don’t forget to buy vouchers games PUBG only on UniPin, yes! Easier and certainly many choices!

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