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The Witcher 3, Adventure Game Full of Interesting Stories

Do you like games adventure? The Witcher 3 can be one of the best choices to play. Games It was released on May 18, 2022 on various platforms. Not only on PC, you can also enjoy it on PS4 and Xbox One.

Storyline of The Witcher 3

the witcher 3 wild hunt

An interesting storyline and various challenges that are presented make the game on line this one is never boring. Together with Geralt of Rivia, the main character who dominates the game, you will be taken on a thrill-filled adventure.

On games Recently, Geralt has a mission to find Ciri who is being hunted by Wild Hunt. Hunt is an old enemy of Geralt. In order to save Ciri who had been considered his own son, Geralt decided to go after him.

The Witcher was adventuring in open world which seems dynamic. In the game, the story of the pursuit of Ciri is also associated with several other stories. Nevertheless, overall the game is still interesting to follow.

As a player representing Geralt, you will be asked to participate in making decisions. Whatever decision is taken will change the course of the story. You can follow the ongoing conversation to explore the game. It should be noted, at some moments, Geralt had to make quick decisions.

Uniquely, if the player has played The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and still have the data, the storyline will be more interesting. Data save this will experience synchronization, can even change the characters who are present again in the third series.

Game Advantages

the witcher 3 system requirements

As is the case with every online game, there are always advantages and disadvantages that may be felt by players. Excess The Witcher 3 among others, lies in the concept of an interesting fantasy story as a whole. In the story, you will feel involved and enjoy the adventure without getting bored easily.

With concept open world, players can enjoy the adventure on a very wide map. In addition, there are day and night features that make the game area even more dynamic.

While carrying out the main mission, namely looking for Ciri, players will also be treated to various surprises. There are tons of monsters to get through as well as secret places full of treasure. These things will make players more curious in continuing the game.

Another advantage is the lively and systematic interaction between characters. So, wherever Geralt is, be it town, village, or forest, Geralt doesn’t look alone and lonely.

The third series of this game also has optimal visual quality. Thus, players can enjoy the game on PC with more satisfaction. One of the graphic features that you can enjoy is NVIDIA Hairworks. With this feature, the hair of the characters will look very detailed.

Meanwhile, the lack of this game lies in the technical aspect. The main character is a bit difficult to control to carry out the desired mobility.

How to Play the Game

the witcher 3 steam

To play The Witcher 3 on a PC, first you need to make sure you have adequate devices. After that, you can immediately start the journey to become witcher.

To survive, witcher must have a gun. Geralt will be equipped with weapons in the form of an ordinary sword and a silver sword to kill monsters. There is also the option of using bombs or potions so that the enemy can lose quickly.

Another weapon you can use is crossbow. This weapon does not exist in the previous game series. Its purpose is to carry out attacks when the enemy is in the air or water. Not always in the form of objects, one of Geralt’s mainstay weapons is the Sign, which is a special magic witcher to attack or defend.

Although there are many weapons provided, you have your own task, which is to remember the enemy’s weaknesses. That way, you can choose the right weapon to defeat him. If you forget, you can read it again in the monster dictionary available in the menu.

The game will be even more exciting if you optimize Geralt’s abilities. Moreover, its basic abilities can be strengthened with the mutagen mechanism. This even allows Geralt’s fighting style to be changed at will. For that, on slots available, you can fill it with skills and required mutagens.

Unique Facts About Game

the witcher 3 download

The Witcher 3 provide a sensational gaming experience. In addition, you will be even more amazed by the various unique facts that are inside games. What are some of them?

1. Gwen Mini Games

Gwen is mini games which you can find in the game on line this. It is in the form of a card game. Although the impression is just like a sweetener, the presence of Gwent makes games this is more valuable. Keep in mind, how to play Gwent is fairly simple. You have to do pay-to-win with money in games.

2. Very Long Game Duration

Another interesting fact of this game is the duration of the game which reaches 200 hours. This means that you need a very long time to complete the entire game.

3. Geralt’s beard needs grooming

One of the unique things in this game is the presence of Geralt’s beard. Throughout the game, the main character’s beard will continue to grow. One of your tasks is to take care of the beard so it doesn’t grow thick and annoying. However, you can also use the DLC feature to disable hair and beard growth.

4. Won A Number of Awards

The Witcher 3 has won a number of awards. One of which is 2022 SXSW Gaming Awards by category Game of the Year and excels in several other categories. The same award was received from Game Developers Choice Awards. The technology used is one of the factors that make this game get appreciation.

So, here are the intricacies of the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt what you need to know. Don’t forget, you can prepare to use skills and weapons available to make the game more exciting. Fill in first credit Steam Wallet via UniPin to buy games and various other DLC. What are you waiting for, immediately enjoy an exciting adventure with Geralt.

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